Warning: This story might contain some concepts that you may feel uncomfortable with, usually with my weird ideas. (I will not be warning you again)

It's a fantasy story, the course of events in the human history and the trends in human society are deliberately changed including the name of the places yet some ideas are borrowed from that time including some aspects of religion.

Characters may seem out of character and relationships are changed although it was necessary to fit it in my context of time and place.

Brian Kinney

The name that people feared, the name that made even the most powerful kings quiver and tremble. He really was the emperor of all kings. With his unorthodox tactics, he usually surprised his enemies into defeat. No one could ever match with his intelligence or his insurmountable ego for that matter.

Brian had a voracious appetite for power, the more he had the more he wanted it. It certainly seemed to fill up the emptiness that gnawed at him constantly, it kept him busy.

He was pitiless but was rather fair to the common people. The people feared him but they knew that their king always did the right thing because they always had a roof over their head and food and water in plentiful amounts. They trusted the king with his unusual ways knowing that whatever he did would never cease harm on them.

Although the peasants and the farmers weren't complaining, Brian usually killed other kings and his soldiers callously slashing their throats open without sympathy. Once he had conquered a certain kingdom, Brian would then appoint someone trustworthy from his own kingdom to rule the place but that appointed leader would follow and answer to Brian's orders directly, never daring to make a decision on his own.

The land Azalea was divided into seven kingdoms and over the many years Brian had ruled, he slowly took power over five kingdoms out of the seven. One kingdom had already fallen down in surrender and there was one more in the far south of their land. It was a secluded kingdom shrouded by great forests all around. Some people who had been there even called it the earth's heaven, a paradise, a Garden of Eden? They had told others that it was the most pure place in Azalea itself. That not even shed of blood was dropped in those lands till date.

Brian scoffed at the very idea of such place, he decided it was time he too made this so called "heaven" kingdom his own.

Brian also had another kind of reputation. He fucked men and was proud of it, not that people found it strange that men and men and women and women could fall in love. It was already long accepted in the society and was deemed natural. And even if this sounded somewhat a modern belief not all their traditions were so...

In the 29 years of his existence Brian had gone under eight marriages, all of his husbands had gone under the guillotine. Brian didn't give a rat's ass about marriage but it was believed to be "proper conduct" for two people to get married first before they could have sex. People who didn't practice this were frowned upon and babies born out of wedlock had even a worse fate. Even though Brian hated this tradition that was carried on from generations in their society. His minister and his other advisors forced him to do so, so that their people wouldn't have a sordid reputation of their king. Their motto being fear was far more preferred than disgust.

Currently Brian was off to the southern kingdom to give the Ol'King Taylor a little rattle and push and ask him if he wanted brutal war filled with murder or silent surrender worth their entire treasury. From the rumours he had heard till now, he was sure that the second option seemed to be their kind of choice.

Michael was Brian's minister, very loyal person indeed. He had grown up with the prince and as soon Brian took the crown, Brian made sure to make Michael his minister. Theodore took care of the entire treasury, he was loyal too although Brian was never too certain.

Brian also made sure to be generous with the salaries. He paid all of his entire 'staff' from servants to his soldiers' right till his advisors, double the amount than anywhere in Azalea. The salaries were always more than enough. In a way Brian tried to buy loyalty with his money, another one of his tactics. It usually worked but Brian was always cautious. With the life he lead, he could never be too certain about who was going to stab him in the back.

Brian was riding inside the carriage carried by two horses. Michael sat next to the carriage driver chatting away busily. Brian stared absent-mindedly out the window watching the trees and the dirt road below flash by ever so quickly, just like the time, sneakily blurring away right before his eyes. And that mere thought scared Brian, scared that he too someday was going to crumble away with the soil. And in the end what had he hoped to achieve?

Brian snapped out of those haunting questions, when he realised that they were pretty close to the palace.

After two days of travel they had finally reached the palace. The chauffeur opened the door and Brian stepped outside, his leather boots making a loud clack on the steps of the carriage. Brian wasn't alone, he also had brought with him half his army but Brian, half of his army was enough.

Brian was indeed a gentleman before he was a cold-hearted murderer and so he wanted to give the king his two options before he destroyed his livelihood. After he had conquered this place too, he would be the sole proprietor of Azalea.

He took in the sight of the majestic palace. It nearly reached his standards of living. The palace was made out of snow white marble. The pillars were marked with brilliant carvings of angels on the solid monolithic structure. In front of them two guards stood and bowed instantly as Brian walked in. At the entrance King Craig Taylor stood, looking uncomfortable, wearing a wary smile rubbing his sweaty palms together in unruly anticipation. Brian smirked at the man, who he knew would be begging at his feet soon.

Brian wore a black leather vest over his long sleeved white shirt, the belt hugging his waist. His hair was tied, although it usually was let open. The crown sat on his head proudly as ever. He always wore knee-high boots. (My description of Brian's apparel maybe be hard to imagine, hence I posted an image down below to help you imagine it better)

Craig welcomed Brian, Michael and Ben into his palace. Ben was Brian's personal guard and also the head of his army. He led them up into his private lair that was situated upstairs, so that they could work out a suitable agreement and frantically hoped that the agreement would be in accordance with Brian so that he wouldn't invade their land.

Craig Taylor motioned them to sit down but Brian refused, instead he walked around the room, appreciating and admiring the art that was hung up on the walls. They were simply exquisite. He had never seen such artistic talent in all his life before.

"So Brian, I'll agree to pay you half of the taxes that we get from our people. Would that be enough to satisfy you?" Craig started.

"Hmm...Who's the artist?" Brian asked, completely ignoring Craig's plea.

"What? Oh...that's my son's work" Craig replied slightly dazzled.

Brian quirked a brow at the mention of a son. His curiosity piqued, he wanted to see how this man looked like. Who was the face behind such talent, making such extra ordinary pieces that excited his senses.

"Michael did you know that he had a son?" He asked wondering why his minister had left out that detail.

Michael suddenly became alert who snapped out of staring at the hulk guard.

"Yes Sire, he does have a son although he is of no threat, he's quite young" He reported.

"I see" Brian said in thought. How young? He walked over to the balcony, opened the glass doors and walked till he'd found the ledge.

"So Brian, why don't we settle this first?" Craig asked, growing increasingly uncomfortable at Brian's blasé attitude.

They were already a lot of rumours that Kinney was a little unpredictable and mental. He was slowly beginning to understand why.

Brian looked out the balcony, they weren't that high, they were about a floor high. At that vantage point he couldn't figure where the palace acres ended, it seemed to go on forever, miles of green lawn and rows of beautiful flower beds dominated his view. He definitely needed to make some renovations here and there, this was too 'pretty' and it was blinding his eyes.

Below him, he saw a small pond-like area with tiny ducks swimming around and also with lilies floating on top. Brian soon got bored and was about to turn back to Craig when something caught his eye, something so extraordinarily beautiful.

A beautiful young man, about 16 or 17 years old with hair that looked like it was made out strings of gold, he was walking towards the pond with a paintbrush in his hand wearing a small crown over his head. He instantly realised who the artist was.

His maid had pulled out a stand and was adjusting the canvas on top of it while another one attended to his paints.

Brian had become completely absorbed in watching him, the attraction was unavoidable. He supported his head on his hand, plopped up by an elbow on the balcony wall. He watched the blond flicked his shaggy blond hair back that came up to his shoulder. He started to paint but soon stopped after the first flick of a paintbrush.

He rang a small bell and a servant instantly came to his need. He then told her something and the maid adjusted the canvas for him.
Brian smirked at his attitude and then something unexpected happened. The same brown coloured curly haired maid who had adjusted the canvas suddenly pushed Justin playfully into the pond.

Brian's lips slowly twitched into a smile by watching the antics that was happening below him. He saw the blond push up for air and when the brunette gave him his hand, the blond pulled her in too. They both laughed and gasped for air at the same time.

Brian clicked his finger and Michael came running towards him.

Brian nudged his head towards the boy.

Michael knew that look only too well, his predatory gaze was all too clearly seen.

"He's Taylor's son" Michael said slowly.

"I realise that, what does he like?" Brian asked suggestively.

"Right, he likes men" Michael replied and Brian smiled back in response pleased with the information. Michael frowned and came closer "But Sire, isn't he a bit too young for you"

Brian ignored his Minister's advice and continued watching them play in the water. His cock started to come alive as Justin pulled out the pond, his clothes wet and sticking in all the right places.

When Justin smiled brightly at his friend, his smile had surged in Brian an almost surreal warm feeling inside his chest.

Without further warning Brian declared fervently "I want him"

Craig came over to see what all the fuss was about and his heart dropped when he realised what Brian was eyeing at.

Brian turned around to face Craig.

"I've come to a conclusion Craig"

"And what's that?" Craig asked, feeling a little scared.

"I want you to give me your son's hand in marriage with me and I'll forget about invading the south or..." Brian continued with a nefarious spark in his eye.

Craig should've expected this but now that he was hearing it right out of Brian's mouth that he wanted his son. The reality had hit his head like a concrete brick.
"I'm not giving my son to you, you villain!" Craig raged reflexively.

"Patience Craig make your decisions after I finish talking...I either marry him or I will make sure this place will be wrought with blood, something I heard you men hadn't seen and then I'll take your son as my personal servant. So which one would you rather prefer Taylor, be my father-in-law or be used as meat for the scavengers, your choice" Brian said simply knowing that he was being more than generous with Taylor.

Craig grimaced at his situation. He had heard horrible, ghastly stories about the men he had married. Giving his only beloved son to him would be cold-hearted murder, it would be equal to sending him to the knackers but did he really have a choice about protecting his son? And Brian seemed so adamant about having his son.

Flocks of Brian's soldiers were waiting behind the palace barricades that were double the number of soldiers he had, and that was only half of Brian's army! He would be a fool if he declared war now, especially against Brian's colossal army.

"So Craig what did you decide? I don't have much time. I'm returning back to my palace this evening" Brian said adding even more pressure.

Craig paced around the floor, slick drops of sweat curling down from his hair. He would lose his son either way but if he agreed now for the marriage it would at least be better for the people even though he'll be sacrificing his son.

"I'm sorry Justin" he muttered under his breath.

This would be a sacrifice, but a noble one.

"Fine, I'll hand you my son in marriage..." Craig resigned and then he silently mumbled to himself

"Not that I have any choice"

"So you do promise that you won't invade this kingdom right?" Craig asked making sure he had right.

"Oh I never promise Taylor but if I do I'm not the type to break it" Brian drawled on.

Craig looked at the conniving bastard and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes for a second and walked towards Brian, his eyes watery. He said in a serious tone.

"Brian, I want you to know that I'm giving you something that is worth much more than all the riches I had acquired. I want you to know that I'm giving you something that is invaluable to me, to our family and all I can ask you now is please, Brian, please take care of him" Craig pleaded holding Brian's hand. He was at mercy of Brian now.

Brian patted his shoulder but didn't say anything.

"Michael, we'll be leaving now and the marriage will be conducted in three days time, so appoint someone that is trustworthy to bring the boy back to our palace"

"Yes sire"

With another nudge of his head, Brian was out and gone, Ben leading in the front and Michael tailing right behind him.

Justin changed into his dry clothes, unaware that his marriage was already set, unaware that his fate was already sealed.

"Prince Justin, your father wishes to speak to you right away" an attendant reported before she bowed her head and left.
Justin dried his hair wondering what his father wanted to do with him at this time of the day. He hoped that it be a quick discussion because he had already planned so much for that day that he had to complete.

To say the least, Justin lived in some sort of bubble. He had no idea about the things that happened outside his palace and never wished to either. Justin was more than happy to live at his palace till he died. He had his paint, he had his scenery, he had Daphne, and he had his family. And not to mention Chris Hobbs, a young boy his age that Justin had fallen in love with. He was the minister's son and he had been crushing on him since he had first seen him play Horse Polo with the other men and Chris was more than ready to encourage Justin's interest in him.

He had Money, friends and love too. What more could a person his age want?

Justin swayed gracefully into the courtyard where his father and mother stood with worried faces etched on their faces.

Justin's sanguine countenance soon turned into a frown. What had happened? He wondered maybe his grandparents had died or worse his pet rabbits maybe? Shit, maybe they realised he had used a hundred gold coins on Daphne again, that would piss them off.

"Good morning Father, Mother" Justin greeted as he got their attention.

His mother burst out into tears as soon as she saw Justin. She didn't want to give her son away. She didn't want to lose her son to the butchers.

Justin looked at his father for an explanation while he comforted his mother.

"What's wrong papa?" Justin asked with a congenial tone.

"Justin, Brian Kinney had asked your hand in marriage" Craig said sombrely.

"Brian Kinney? Who's he papa? You said no right?" Justin asked quickly, silently panicking, he had bad feeling that his parents did say yes for the marriage.

"Brian Kinney is a king. He is a ruthless ruler Justin. You probably don't know much about our politics but he's the most powerful king that had ever lived. He had conquered most of these lands. He was going to invade ours too but he decided to stop if we give you in marriage."

"No..." Justin managed to say, his mind whirling around not being able to grasp that his world was being turned upside down. Brian Kinney...marriage...with him? No this wasn't happening.

"Father, I can't, I don't want to get married to this man.

How could you give me away like that? Don't I mean
anything?" Justin asked in utter shock, feeling desperate, feeling anger melt his nerves, anger at his parents, and indescribable anger at this faceless man. How dare he do that without his permission?

"Justin, son please I don't have a choice. He was willing to take you even if we said no. I'm sorry Justin."

"I...I love Chris what about him?" Justin talked to himself.

"I suggest you forget about Chris Justin, you'll be leaving tomorrow morning" Craig said a little sternly, a bit taken aback that a secret love affair was going on behind their back.

"No...No...I don't want to leave. I don't..." Justin said falling down on his knees and he cried, cried until his lungs couldn't hold any more. Jennifer hugged her son as he sobbed on her shoulders, his body shaking in violent bursts of tears as she cried with him. But alas all was in vain.