A man who wears a white mask with brown hair and black jumpsuit enters into a movie house. His name is Michael Myers. He recalls the day when the Joker invites him to watch a movie to learn about how they could kill their archenemies. The name of the movie is "How Does a Hero Die in the Hands of His Archenemy?" Michael looks around the seats to look for Joker. He found him seated in the top middle. Silently walking, he made his way to the top and takes a seat to the right.

The Joker turns his attention to Michael, looking at him with his green eyes to have an eye to eye contact with the Devil's Eyes. He laughs his usual laugh and then said, "Hello, Michael, you're here just in time to watch this movie."

Michael turns his eyes away to look at the big screen. He saw the commercials about other movies and other franchises. Right after seeing those, he turns to Joker with his Devil's Eyes.

Joker said, "You want some popcorn?"

The reply didn't come out of Michael. He doesn't speak and rarely takes off his mask.

"Oh well, more for me," Joker took one popcorn from his hand and starts throwing one at his mouth, eating it. Focusing on the big screen, he shouted, "Look, the movie is about to start!"

Joker and Michael, seated to one another, look at the big screen about to watch a movie of how to finally kill their archenemies once and for all. The movie is about 120 minutes and its genre is superhero.

After the movie, they left the movie house looking crazy. Guess they have finally found out how to kill their archenemies once and for all. From the movie they watched, the hero is been pulled into a trap that has no escape and because of that, he dies in the end and his archenemy wins.

"Anyway, Michael," said Joker "I gotta go and kill Batman."

The silent serial killer gives him a nod, having a good time as well in watching the movie together. He's silent, but responsive. Michael then leaves to do the same to Dr. Loomis, his former psychiatrist. He leaves Joker to do this thing.

Joker puts his right hand on his chin and said, "What a good kid. I wish were together in killing our archenemies. That would be great."