Maura knocked on Jane's apartment door. Two days before, she'd thought up a cheeky plan. She was going to surprise Jane. As she knocked, she giggled at the thought of herself being completely naked under the knee-length coat she was wearing. The only clothing items on her other than her coat were her dark blue shoes.

Jane answered the door to see Maura, and smiled awkwardly. "Maura… What a surprise! What are you doing here?" Jane reached her hand behind the door and made a shooing motion. Maura heard some scuffling and a door slam. Was Jane with someone? Why didn't she want Maura to meet whoever it was?

"I just thought I'd surprise you, Jane!"

"With what?"

Maura smirked and undid the loose knot in the belt around her coat. She pulled the coat open and Jane's eyes widened. She looked like she was about to melt. Maura simply stood there, coat open, in all her womanly glory.

"Oh, God, Maura. Now is not the time, I'm so sorry. I really am. But something has come up."

Maura quickly closed her coat, doing up all the buttons and tying the belt with an ashamed look on her face. She'd had a gut feeling this would happen. "I see." Her face fell. "I guess I'll just be going then."

"Maura, no, please. Don't go. Come in, and I'll explain. Please." Jane took Maura's hand and pulled her inside.

"I heard someone moving about in here Jane. I know there's someone here. I'm just going to ask…" Maura said as she sat down on Jane's sofa. "Are you having an affair? You seemed very eager to get that person away when you saw me at the door."

Jane sat down next to her and kissed Maura softly on the lips. "No. I promise, sweetheart, I would never ever do that to you. I love you." A tear fell down Maura's cheek and Jane kissed it away.

"You promise?"

"Hey, look at me, okay? I swear it on my life. May God strike me down if I be lying." They both paused for a moment to test God's striking powers. Maura laughed and leant into Jane.

"Okay. Now, can you tell me who you shooed and why?"

Jane sighed. "It's a lot of information to take in, Maura, and I'd rather do it while you're not naked under that coat. It's distracting. Why don't you go into my room and put one of your dresses on? That blue one that I love is hanging in my wardrobe. It'll go with your shoes." Maura nodded and got up.

Five minutes later, Jane was sitting at the kitchen counter, looking over at Maura sitting on the other side. Maura had a glass of wine and Jane had a beer. She'd almost completely forgotten about the person she had sent to hide in her bathroom.

"Listen, Maura. What I'm about to tell you is very complicated and completely confidential. You cannot tell anyone this unless I say you can. Is that clear?" When Maura nodded, Jane continued. "Also, it is very important to me that you do not laugh. I swear on my life that I am not kidding or pulling your leg. This is not part of an episode of Punk'd. This is serious, okay?"

"Jane," Maura put her hand on top of Jane's fidgeting ones. "Whatever you have to say, I will believe you. Please, tell me."

Jane took a deep breath. "I used to work for the CIA, at their headquarters in Seattle." Maura's eyes widened. "I was one of their top agents. Then one day, I was discharged. They gave me no reason, nothing. They took my ID and relocated me back to Boston. It upset me greatly. I loved that job. A few weeks after I'd gotten settled in this apartment, I got a letter from the Director. He'd gotten me a job in BPD. Just because he'd discharged me, he didn't want me to be out of work or not doing something I loved."

"So… I'm guessing… The person you shooed is someone from the CIA?"

Jane nodded. "Yes, but I'm going to finish telling you everything before you meet him." Maura nodded understandingly. "As he has told me, there was no reason for my discharge. It's not that I didn't get one, it's that the reason didn't exist. Someone in the CIA had falsified discharge papers to get rid of me. As it turns out, the guy was a mole. He did this to all to top agents, to weaken the CIA's defences. The guy I shooed is the Director. They want me back in. When you knocked, I was just telling him that I wanted to talk to you about everything first. I wanted to tell you everything and ask if you'd come with me. If you didn't want to, then I wouldn't rejoin."

Maura's backs straightened as she realised the decision she'd have to make a big decision concerning both her and Jane.

"You should know… I changed a lot after I got discharged. Mostly the way I dressed and acted… The old me was much more… sexy and comfortable being feminine. And I swear to God I didn't pick my work name – it's way to porn-starry for my liking."

Maura laughed. "And what was your work name, may I ask?"

Jane blushed. "Ronica Miles. It went well with my image, but it just wasn't me. Stop laughing!"

Maura composed herself. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Maura composed herself. "Please, continue."

"Maura, this is a decision I want you to make. I want you to decide if I stay here, as a Detective with you as Chief Medical Examiner, or, if you'll come with me and work at the CIA. I've told the Director that you coming with me is the only way I'll ever go back."

Jane stood up and knocked on the bathroom door. "You can come out now, sir." Maura watched the door open and a tall, imposing man walked out, followed by several suited guards.

"Doctor Isles. Pleasure to meet you." He had a deep, booming voice that echoed slightly in Jane's small apartment. "It would be an honour to have you join us. I'm sure your talents could be put to excellent use."

"I'm sorry, sir, but what on earth could the CIA need with a forensic pathologist?"

"Sometimes… We need someone like you, and we, more often than not, have to bring in an outsider. They're never as good as we wished they were. But Ronica here – I mean, Jane – informs us that you are the best she's ever seen. Ever. From all the places she's gone under cover, she's never seen anyone better at their job than you."

Maura had been smiling wide but now composed herself and turned to Jane. "Jane… I'm going to have to seriously think about this. It's a huge career change. Not only would I miss Vince and Barry but I'll miss having so much to do. What if I get bored at the CIA? If there's not enough for me to do?"

Jane took Maura's hand. "What about, if there won't be much for you to do that often, we train you as an Agent?" She looked towards the Director and he nodded. "Would you like that? We can be partners and there will always be something to do. God knows being in the CIA was the busiest period of my life."

"I need to think, Jane. Look, it's Wednesday. Why don't we have dinner on Saturday? I'm sure I'll have an answer by then. Well, I hope."

Jane nodded. "Of course, sweetheart. How about I walk you to your car?" Maura smiled and kissed Jane softly. "Director, I'm sure you can find your way out."

One of the guards spoke up. "Sir, your helicopter is waiting on top of the hospital." The Director nodded and Jane showed him to the door, following him out to walk Maura to her car.

When they were stood by the silver Prius, Maura pulled herself close to Jane in the cold. "I've got to do a lot of thinking Jane. I'll see you at work tomorrow?"

"Of course, sweetheart." Jane kissed the beautiful ME and opened the car door for her. "And remember, whatever you pick, I'll be happy with. Whether we stay here or ship up to Seattle, I'll be with you."

Maura smiled and started the engine. "I love you."

"I love you too." Jane smiled as she watched Maura drive off.