This was the first time Maura had moved house for at least three years. She'd nearly forgotten the amount of stress it caused. Nearly. Both Jane and Maura had agreed to take Maura's furniture, it was more comfortably for the both of them. Angela would be moving into Jane's apartment. Maura was selling her house to a rich couple with a teenage son.

By 9 o'clock that night, Jane and Maura were boarded onto their flight to Seattle, waiting for take off. They were in a private, CIA jet which held all the furniture they were moving. In a few hours, they would be landing in Seattle, Jane ready to go back to her old life, and Maura ready to get started on her CIA training.

The held hands all through the flight – most of which was spent asleep.

Once they had landed, they were ushered into a black car with black tinted windows. Their furniture would be waiting at their new home in the layout Maura had planned out. Their luggage would be waiting inside the door. Right now, though, they were being taken straight to CIA Headquarters for Maura to be briefed on being an Agent.

They were taken into a large board room, the same room that Cody Banks had met a holographic girl in.

"Babe, I'm gonna go and change." Jane said, leaving Maura to be briefed alone for a little while. Maura smirked as she knew who Jane would be returning as.

"Doctor Isles!" The Director greeted her warmly. He introduced her to the main team she would be working with. After about 10 minutes, the doors slid open to reveal Ronica Miles. Maura's eyes first went to her shoes. Bright red stiletto boots, everything but the foot hidden under bright red trousers, which led up, curved around her hips and then stopped. Above them was a tight, bright red jacket, a jacket that revealed her belly button and emphasised her breasts so that 'Ronica' had excessive cleavage. She had applied some make-up, and her already dark eyes were darkened by mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow.

Maura couldn't take her eyes off of Jane –Ronica – as she strutted down the ten steps and along the length of the room to take her seat next to Maura – between her and the Director.

"It's good to have you back, Ronica." The Director smiled. Some of the Agents that hadn't met her before were in awe around the table. They all wanted to take a shot with Ronica.

"It's good to be back, Director." Jane smiled as she laced her fingers through Maura's and planted a kiss on her cheek. All the men sighed with disappointment.

"There's no room for a gun in there." Maura uttered.

"You'd be surprised, babe." Jane said back. Maura's eyes widened and she quickly scanned Jane's body for any bulge of a gun. She found none. Looking back up at Jane's face, she caught Jane wink at her.

"Well, Ronica is definitely back in business. Maura, you start your training on Monday." The Director handed her a sheet of paper. "This is your week by week schedule for the next two months. Then there'll be an examination to determine if you're ready to be certified as an Agent. Until then, you will not be able to participate in any cases or investigations, is that clear?" Maura nodded as she quickly scanned the eight-week schedule. "Are there any special skills that you have that you think may help in due course?"

Maura nodded. "I'm very skilled with both a bow and arrow and a scalpel."

"Archery. Impressive."

Next, everyone was briefed on the new case.

"A British man," began the Director. "By the name of Dr Henry Essex…" He paused, pressing a button on his remote which projected the image of a man onto the wall behind him. Maura sat bolt upright in her chair. The Director noticed. "Is there a problem, Dr Isles?"

"It's just that…" She tentatively looked around the oval table. Jane squeezed her hand, encouraging her to go on. "I dated him." The room fell completely silent. "He went to the boys boarding school that was paired with the girls school I went to. We would always dance with each other whenever the schools paired for things like prom. We went to the same University together and dated for most of that time. We broke up near the end of the last year, before I went to medical school in the US. He stayed for the same schooling in England."

Jane broke the silence that followed. "Maybe you can be how we get close to him. We keep him under surveillance for two months, and once Maura is certified, she can, I don't know, bump into him in a coffee shop or something."

Maura and Jane retired to their bed for the night.

"Ooh, yay! You get to teach me how to use a gun!" Maura said to Jane, reading her schedule properly before bed.

"We can start with that tomorrow, if you like. I know a shooting range."

"I'd like that." Maura smiled. "This is our first night sleeping in a bed in a home that is both of ours." She thought aloud.

Jane snuggled down under the covers as Maura switched the light out, snuggling down next to her and cuddling into Jane's arms. "It feels no different to usual, sweetheart." Jane kissed Maura softly and held her tighter. The pair drifted off to sleep easily.

The next day, at the shooting range, Jane found that Maura had a knack for aim. "I guess the archery give you a boost in aim. Okay, now, I want you to turn around. Face away from the target." Maura did as instructed. "I'm gonna down from three. On one, you turn and shoot. If you hit the target, you get a kiss." Maura smiled. 'Challenge accepted' she thought. "Three… Two… One!" Maura turned sharply on her heel and hit the dead centre of the target.

Maura turned to Jane with a huge smile. "May I have that kiss?" Jane pulled Maura close and pressed their lips together softly. The kiss lasted until the shooter next to them coughed awkwardly.

"Now, I want to get out of here, take my beautiful girlfriend for lunch, and then I want you to teach me archery. I've always wanted to learn that."

"Great, I'm really hungry. I think I know a place for archery around here. Where shall we go for lunch?" As Maura finished her sentence, a bullet from another shooter ricocheted and Maura yanked Jane down onto the floor. She'd made a good move; the bullet would have gone through Jane's skull. Maura was holding tight onto Jane on the floor.

The man who was the shooter of the bullet rushed over to them. "Oh my God, did I hit you? Oh God… Oh God…"

"No." Jane spoke up, still in shock. "No I'm okay. I'm okay." She clutched Maura's shirt with one hand. "Jesus, Maura, how the hell did you know that was coming my way?"

"I watched him fire it. I knew once he shot it, it would bounce, and calculated it's trajectory as he pulled the trigger." She said simply, as if it was an every day occurrence.

Jane was lost for words. "You are going to be the best thing that ever happened to us."