As the night dawned upon us, I knew what would be next.

We were naïve, thinking that our small camp of rebels could withstand the might of the royal family. I warned my husband that we would not win. He didn't listen. He's driven mad by the hatred he kept bottled up inside him, after years under the cruelty of Lord Megurine.

Many more shared that hatred along with him. For who can say that they adored the royal family. They ruled with and iron fist, took from the poor, kidnapped daughters, and forced men into labor and war. They basked in their wealth while leaving others to fall into poverty. People have died of hunger and of the cold because of not having a warm place at night or food to quell their hunger. I pity them.

I gaze around me. My family wasn't poor nor were we rich. We could fend for ourselves, have a warm bed to sleep in, and food. My husband and I had taken pity on those who weren't as lucky as we were. We provided them with what we could. The men whose families we helped vowed to follow us, treating us as their saviors.

Were we their saviors?

I begin to think otherwise now. Leading them to fight against the Megurines when defeat is inevitable. That is not the work of a savior, is it?

I out the window and suddenly feel a chill make its way in my spine. Soldiers of the royal family marched their way to our small abode. I can faintly hear the men downstairs, preparing for the battle. I began to sob.

"Mama. Why are you crying?"

I look up to see the bright sapphire orbs of my only child. I couldn't help but grab her and hold her close to me.

"Nothing sweetheart. It's nothing." I assure her as I rock her back and forth against me.

We stayed like that until the fighting began. War cries and shout rippled through the silent night. The clashing of swords echoed in our ears. I began to feel my daughter shake in my arms.

"Mama." She whimpers against my chest, as I can feel her tears on my clothes.

The door breaks open and several soldiers make their way inside, torches in hand. Following them inside was none other than Lord Megurine himself, in all his glory as the new king.

"Ah. The beautiful wife of Ryuu." He says as he approaches us, laughing maniacally.

"Kill me but let my child live." I plead.

"You're begging for mercy?" He wonders out loud, rubbing his chin. And before I knew it, he forcefully grabbed my toddler from me. I tried to grab her back but soldiers grabbed me.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks as I watched him.

"Hey little girl. Do you know who I am?" He asks my child.

She nods slowly. "You're the evil king."

He laughs again. "That's right, child. I'm evil aren't I?" He says as he stares at her in the eyes and I can see her shaking in fear.

"And I'm the one who killed your father." He says with a smirk as my daughter begins to cry. "Now you're going to watch me kill your mother!"

With that he threw her to the side like a ragdoll. I struggle against their hold to try and make sure that my child is safe but I can't. I saw another soldier grab her and hold her face so that she can see me. I look at her in the eyes, trying to say that everything will be alright.

I didn't like what I saw in her eyes.

Hatred. Hatred that mirrored those of her father.

"Hey." I turn my head to the direction of the voice. Only to see a point of a blade inches from my face. I turn to look at the wielder of the sword, to see the king smirking.

"Ready to die?"

A/N: First story for Vocaloid. This is Miku's mother point of view, in case you were wondering.