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The entire town was in high spirits. The city was filled with light and music. Children danced and sang on the streets. Men took a break from their hard labor to enjoy the scenery. Women sang and played instruments. This was one of those days that the city could forget its poverty and the cruelty of their Lords and just enjoy.

It was the day that the entire city celebrated the birthday of their beloved princess.

Said princess slowly opened her eyes as she tried to focus them on her pearl white ceiling. Once her blurry vision was gone, she groggily sat up on the bed. She ran one hand through her pink hair, effectively straightening it out. She looked around her room. The curtains had been pulled back already, letting the sun's rays into her otherwise very dark room. She spotted a tray of food on her study table, the books she left there the night before now placed neatly back on the shelf where they belong. Yawning slightly, she got up and headed for her vanity table, not bothering to make the bed. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, wondering if something had changed. Her bright sapphire eyes and silky pink hair were the same as they were the day before.

'I don't feel older. There's nothing that makes this day special.' Her thoughts were interrupted as she saw the door open slightly and a woman with long silver hair entered, crimson eyes wide with shock as she had not expected for the princess to be awake already.

"Good morning." The princess greets the blushing servant with a small smile on her lips.

"G-Good morning, Hime. I-I thought you were still asleep." The servant humbly says as she places the princess's dress on a chair, careful not to ruffle it, and makes her way to the bed to fix it. "Happy birthday, Hime." She greets with a small smile.

The princess's smile immediately drops. "I see nothing happy of this day, Haku."

Haku, who had just finished the bed, gave the princess a confused look. "It's your eighteenth birthday, Hime. Are you not happy with it?"

The princess shrugs. "It just feels like an ordinary day for me." She gives Haku a small smile. "And Haku, how many times have I told you to call me Luka when we're alone."

Haku blushed deeply at the honor being given to her by the princess. "B-But I am just a servant, Hi-Luka-san." She says.

Luka smiles wider. "You have always been my favorite servant." She says as she grabs a brush and holds it out for Haku. "Brush my hair?"

Haku blushed more and was about to take the brush from the princess's hand when Luka dropped the brush to the floor and grabbed Haku's hand instead, pulling the silver haired girl towards her and connecting their lips in a kiss.


The princess. Everyone in the Kingdom loves her. It seems like with all their problems and hardships, she acts as their beacon of hope. The heir to the Megurine throne was supposedly a gentle and kind princess. How foolish of them to think that. I just refuse to believe it.

"Hatsune-sama. My lady will see you now." A voice called from behind me. I've heard his voice a hundred times say the same words to me, yet even now, I have never looked at his face. As I keep my hood covering more than half of my face, I walk past him and enter the hallway.

Fear is what this place entails. Even I, a trained and cold-blooded assassin, find myself feeling little to the huge hallway that lead to her office. Her. She rules us all. She who gave me a home when all I had was taken from me. She who was the same age as me, maybe even younger, yet held me tightly, cradling me, as I bawled out my final tears. She who had promised me that she would help me extract my revenge. Even after all the time we spent together, even after all the warmth, I still fear her.

Feeling the cold jeweled handle in my grip, I feel my heart rate pick up. Twisting it easily and then walking inside, I quickly feel two eyes bore into me. Taking off my hood and letting my teal hair fall down, I bow lowly to her.

"No need for formalities, Miku." She says, her voice laced with the innocence of her age. It sent shivers of fear down my spine.

Raising my head, my eyes immediately found her electric blue eyes. A wave of fear erupted within me and I found myself bowing my head low again.

"Is there any business you wish for me to carry out, My Lady?" I ask, my voice croaking a little.

I hear her click her tongue. "When will you do as I say, Miku?" She says, emphasizing her usage of my first name.

I sigh before a small smile made its way to my lips. I really don't understand why I'm afraid of my childhood friend. Raising my head again, I meet her eyes with mine, a smile grazed on both our lips. "I understand, Rin."

She nodded, satisfied with my answer. Leaning back on her huge chair, she rested her feet on top of her desk.

"That's bad conduct, Rin." I chastise playfully. She answers with an eye roll and a smirk.

"Conduct is unknown in this building, Miku. I thought you of all people would know that." She says as she watched me sit on the chair in front of her, mimicking her earlier movements.

I roll my eyes too before clearing my throat and taking my feet off the table.

"Back to business so quickly?" She asks, a knowing smirk on her lips.

"You know what day it is. This is my chance." I answer, my voice full of spite.

She nods knowingly. "That's precisely why I called you here. For your revenge."

My eyes widen a bit at her words. As I took in her smirk and that spark in her eyes, I knew she had a plan. I couldn't help my own smirk from appearing.

Rin Kagamine was not given the title of Daughter of Evil for nothing. Of course she had a plan.


Luka sat in one of the library seat as she aimlessly flipped the pages of the book in front of her. Her red-haired tutor watched her warily from her seat across the princess.

"H-Hime." She says quietly, careful not to provoke the pinkette. "Shouldn't you be taking this time to enjoy and have fun?"

Luka gave her a blank stare. "Why would I?"

"It's your birth – "

The princess had stood up so abruptly that her chair screeched across the floor, effectively stopping her tutor's sentence. "That doesn't matter. This is a normal day for me so we'll proceed with our normal activities. You will tutor me like always, Meiko-sensei."

The red-head adjusted her glasses and cleared her throat. "Ah. If that's the case then, H-Luka-san, the King has given me special orders to teach you a particular subject about our kingdom." She says, a look of seriousness evident on her face.

Luka narrowed her eyes at her. "And what would that be?"

Meiko nodded lightly before standing up and taking a book from one of the shelves. She set it down in front of the princess and traced her finger on the title.

"The Kingdom's Heirloom?" Luka asked.

"Yes." Meiko answered, taking a seat again. "You are of proper age now. It is time to do your duty for the Kingdom by marrying a prince and carrying the heir of our Kingdom."

Luka gritted her teeth, her hands forming into fists. "So my father has told you to educate me in doing my duty for the Kingdom? Haven't I done enough already?" She demands, her voice shaking with anger.

"T-That's not what I meant, Luka-san. This… Marrying a prince. It's your role." Meiko answered in a steady voice.

"What do I care about that?" Luka half-shouted, slamming her fist on the table. "I am not interested in any of that! I don't want to marry a prince that I don't love. If father wants an heir then he has me. I am more than fit to rule this country in his wake." Her voice got softer as her eyes fell upon her red-head companion. "Also, the ones I love are Meiko-sensei and Haku."

It was Meiko's turn to slam her hand on the table. "Luka-san! Please understand! This child's play has to end. I care for you. Haku cares for you as well. But understand that this isn't the love you need, Luka-san."

The pinkette bit her lip as she took in the appearance of her usually calm teacher. The red-head's face was flustered and there were tears falling down her cheeks. "Meiko-sensei, do you actually mean any of that? Is this all child's play for you?"

"Love between women isn't real." Meiko answers in a weak voice.

A small smile graced Luka's lips. "You say that while crying at me. Honestly, did you think it was just that?" She paused for a while, waiting for her tutor to answer. When she didn't, the princess sighed and continued. "Haku said the same thing earlier today, in her own way." This made the red-head look up at her. "She didn't do a very convincing job. Much like what you're doing right now. But I understand." Luka smiled again before jumping to the other side of the table and enveloping the other girl in a hug. "If this is what you want me to do, then I will endure and do my duty."


"You can't possibly be serious about this!" I shout at her, my voice echoing around the room.

"I am." Rin answers simply, a knowing smirk on her lips again.

"No way. I am not going to do this." I reject her idea again. It's absurd really. What is she thinking?

"You are. Make her fall in love with you, the handsome prince of the Kagamine kingdom, and you have the entire palace wrapped around your fingers." She states simply, as if it was the easiest thing to do in the world.

Sure, I've used seduction as a way to finish my jobs before but this is just absurd. I thought for sure that her plan would involve an ambush on the night of the ball, but no. She wants me to act as the second prince of the Kagamine Kingdom and make the princess fall in love with me. Not only that, she wants me to cross-dress as a male! Sure the Kagamine Kingdom is pretty small and the fact that it's leader, Rin, is helping me is hidden as well. It's pretty safe to enter the palace under their name. But seriously, a prince?

"You understand right? Ritsu-kun will help you. Kaito-kun will accompany you to the ball tonight." Rin says with a tone that said this was final.

I sigh, succumbing to my fate. "What about my hair?"

"Tie it in a ponytail or whatever." Rin said as she stood up and began pushing me out the door. Sheesh. Is she actually going to help me?


The hall of the palace was filled with beautiful decorations. Nobles and a few blessed commoners danced and drank in glee. The King sat on his throne, watching everything. The princess, clothed elegantly with a black and pink dress, socialized with some. The smile on her face was more of a façade to please the guests. A few prince's from nearby kingdoms had already approached her and asked her for a dance, which she couldn't reject. Truthfully, all of them looked dull to her.

Her boredom with her own birthday party was starting to show on her façade when a trail of teal caught her eye. Suddenly drawn by curiosity, she weaved through the crowd, following the teal person.

I can feel my heart rate pick up as we enter the palace. Kaito-kun said that he would get me to the main part of the ball before he left. The suit and vest I'm wearing make me feel so embarrassed that I don't want him to leave just yet.

Ah. What am I acting all childish for? Still, I'm finally inside the palace. The home of the person I truly loathe the most. And here I am, on a mission to get her daughter to fall in love with me.

"Mikuo-sama." I hear Kaito call out. Ah, I'm Mikuo here. A prince.

"Mikuo-sama." Kaito calls again. "This is as far as I can accompany you. I will stay just outside if you need anything." I nod, knowing full well what he meant. If I'm exposed, there's always a back-up plan. He's ready to fight if necessary. Of course, I disliked the backup plan. That means I just have to be careful then.

"I understand, Kaito-kun. Leave everything to me." I say.

"Good luck." With that, Kaito left me in the party. I suddenly tense up. This is really my first time at a ball. I don't know what to do.

"Excuse me." A voice similar to wind chimes said. As I turn around, I find myself staring at one of the most beautiful girls I have seen in my life. Ugh, no, that's wrong. The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

Her bright sapphire eyes and small smile were filled with gentleness. Her face is perfectly angled. Her skin is so white, it's almost transparent. Her dress outlined her very curvy body. Her assets certainly have grown. Her bright pink hair flowed down her back and shined. I can't help but feel my fingers tingle with the want to run through those beautiful locks.

Before I could say anything, she held out her hand. "I believe we have not been introduced yet." She says with a sultry smile grazing her lips. I can't help the involuntary shiver that made its way down my spine.

"Ah!" I quickly grab her hand. As I did so, I felt a spark of electricity run through me the moment the bare skin of our hand touched. Judging by the slight widening of her eyes, she felt it too. "I am Mikuo Kagamine, second prince of the Kagamine Kingdom in the north." I say that line that Kaito had made me memorize.

Her smile visibly drops at this as she eyes me from head to toe. "You… Are a prince?"

Shit. She thought I was a girl? "Y-Yes. Is something the matter?"

Her eyes narrow at me. "You look a lot like a woman. Your hair is long too."

"Ah. I grew it out because of my mother's wishes." It hurt me inside to say those words. But I have to say it. "She wanted a daughter with long hair and my sister Rin would not agree to it. I was stuck with the role to fulfill her wish."

She nods understandingly. "Kagamine, you say. I take it you take on your mother's genes? Your hair is teal."

I nod. "I do. Ah. I still don't know your name."

Before she could answer, a man with long purple hair approached her and bowed lightly. He took her hand and planted a soft kiss on it.

"Hime. I am Gakupo Kamui of the East Kingdom. Would you grant me the eternal happiness of dancing with me?" He says with starry eyes. Ugh, disgusting.

Ah, wait. Did he just say Hime?

"Of course." She answers with a warm smile. Then she turned to me. "I am Luka Megurine. I'm surprised you aren't aware of that, Prince Mikuo. Farewell."

I stand there dumbfounded. Why did she, the princess, the daughter of that horrible man, seem so nice and kind? And just what was that electricity from earlier?


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