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Chapter 2: Meetings

Satoshi's pov

'Lucky me,' I thought sarcastically 'No matter what school I transfer to it's always the same.' Though, he shouldn't be so surprised, after all it's a lunch break and all females in the class found a chance to flirt with me because they think that I'm gorgeous. But still I was getting annoyed at the barrage of questions from females, such as " Hiwatari –kun do you want to eat lunch with me?", "What is your hobby?", "Do you have a girlfriend?" and so on.

"That is none of your bussines!" I said, in the coldest voice I could muster, to them. Leave me alone! NOW!" The girls had retreated reluctantly, surprised at my harsh tone. 'Really I've only been there for half a day and I already have a fan club. Well, since they are not bothering me anymore I can enjoy lunch break with my innocent red-haired angel.'

"Hey. Daisuke-kun. Are you ready to go to eat lunch?" I asked him.

"Sure. Let's go now" he answered.

"Ah. Hiwatari-kun, Niwa-kun would you like to join me and my friends for lunch?" asked Yuki.

"I don't mind" answered Daisuke.

"Ok" I said.

"Hiwatari-kun, Niwa –kun, these are my friends Murasame Touko-chan and Murasame Tsukumo-kun. They are siblings." Said Yuki.

I looked at them. They looked alike so they must be twins. The girl had a waist-length ash-bronze hair and golden eyes. And her brother had white hair and golden eyes. There was a strange aura coming from the three of them. 'Seems like they have some powers, but I feel that it will not endanger my beloved red-head or me.

"Touko-chan, Tsukumo-kun, they are the new transfer students. This is Hiwatari Satoshi" he said pointing to me "and Niwa Daisuke. You don't mind them joining us for lunch?" Asked Yuki worriedly.

"No. Not at all." Touko reassured him "In fact, The more the merrier." Yuki smiled at her.

"Where did you come from?" Asked Tsukumo.

"We're from Azumano" Answered Daisuke.

"Azumano?" asked curiously Yuki "I haven't heard of such a place."

"It's a small town. Not many know about it." We talked for a while. Thought, most of the talking wasn't made by me as I am still not used to talking much. The school bell had rung indicating the end of lunch break. "Let's go back Daisuke-kun, Yuki-kun. I don't want to be late for the lesson."

"Bye, Tsukumo-kun, Touko-san" I heard my red-haired angel saying.

"Bye. I hope we will meet later" Touko said.

(3 hours later...)

"Satoshi-kun. Do you want to walk home together?" Asked me Daisuke.

"Sorry, Daisuke-kun, but I have some bussines I have to take care off. Maybe some other time?"

"Oh, I see. Ok. Um. Well then, until tomorrow, I guess, Satoshi-kun." He smiled a fake smile, though Satoshi was a little oblivious to it.

"Until tomorrow. Daisuke-kun". 'I'm sure that for a second there I saw hurt flash through his eyes. But… maybe… no, that's just my imagination. He was smiling after all.' While I was thinking that my limo arrived and soon I was driven away from school.

Hotsuma's pov

Yuki, Luka, Shusei, Tsukumo, Touko and I were at the police station. We were waiting for Giou clan's leader – Takashiro, to arrive. Everyone, including me, were quite worried. But that's understandable, after all, it's not often that he wanted to meet all of us and when he does that it's usually when something bad has happened.

"Hello, everyone," Takashiro said "how are you Yuki?" He asked

"Oh. I'm fine" He answered smiling.

"Quit beating around the bush. What did you gather us here for?" I asked angrily.

"No need to be so angry Hotsuma-kun. I wanted all of you to meet someone who will aid us in the investigations. He'll be here any minute now" Everyone in the room sighed a sigh of relief. 'He could have told us about that sooner? And here I was worrying for nothing.' I thought angrily when I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in." Takashiro said.

Satoshi's pov

The limo arrived at the police station where I was supposed to meet a person named Takashiro Giou. After I got out of the car I went inside the building and asked the receptionist in what room I am waited at. I stopped at the door and knocked.

"Come in" I heard a male voice saying. I did as I was told. There were seven people in the room with the strange aura I felt at school. 'So they're the ones fighting duras that Takashiro-san mentioned?'

"Konbanwa Satoshi-kun." Takashiro said.

"Konbanwa Takashiro-san." I answered.

"Why are YOUhere?" Hotsuma asked surprised.

"I'm here to help you with the investigations, Renjo-san." 'Why else would I be there anyway?'

"Takashiro-sama, does he know about us?" asked Touko.

"Yes, he does. He would be of no help if he didn't."

"But aren't you too young for investigations?" She asked again.

"I had already graduated from university and I have an experience with the investigations." I said.

"Are you really capable to do it?" Asked Hotsuma.

"Hotsuma-kun if he wasn't capable I wouldn't have him hired. Sate, now that you have finished questioning him I want to talk about our enemies. They're laying low for now but I'm sure that they are planning something. Everyone, be careful and don't let your guard down. I want you to always be in pairs." Said Giou clan's leader. "Even at school."

"Hai, Takashiro-sama." Almost everyone said that with the exception of me and a tall, black haired male standing in the corner of the room.

Unknown pov

In a far away castle, in the dark room sat a human shaped form whose face was hidden in the shadows. That person was holding a glass of fine red wine. Near it stood two figures, also covered in shadows.

"Have you found it, yet?" Asked a voice, which clearly belonged to male, holding a glass of wine.

"Yes, we did." Answered a woman's voice.

"When will we put the plan into action, my Lord?" Asked another male.

"Soon. Very soon." He said.

Konbanwa – good evening.

Sate – well .

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