Four months earlier Erex had entered the Capital hive, aboard the personal shuttle of the planetary governor. The Herald of Mutation was stationed two days under warp travel from the system and so a luxury liner was sent to pick up Erex and Barbas, his Executor. When he arrived in the palace spire Erex learned the Governor was dead, and his Steward a member of a Tzeencthian cult, had told the hive that the Governor was merely ill. But most of the hives rulers had been caught under the sway of Selunax and so met the mutated Astartes with open arms. Erex had immediately executed the Steward, and appointed one of the nobles in his place. He gazed up and saw the two headed Aquila marking the Governors personal Church, and he grinned at the thought of such a place playing host to the event that was about to unfold. Inside the main hall of the church the pews were shattered and removed, the figures of angels and saints were covered in blood and had iron spikes rammed into their eyes. At the centre of the room now lay an altar covered in blood and cultist willingly stepped forward to have their blood drained to the floor as Erex chanted carving cursed symbols into the stone floor and covering the walls with sigils painted in blood. The power of the warp started throbbing within the church and the bestial nature of Barbas started to become more pronounced. He too chanted along with Erex, as was his duty to carry out such sacred rituals. After three solids months of sacrifices and chanting the desecrated statue of the Emperor shattered and standing in its place was a statue of Selunax. As suddenly as the statue appeared the air above the altar ripped open and Selunax stepped out, followed by his Legates and Praetorian Terminators.

Barbas and Erex dropped to their knees and lowered their heads, 'My lord Selunax,' Erex started;' you honour us with your presence.'

'And our souls shall be forfeit,' chanted Barbas.

'Rise blessed Legate, graced with His sight you are.'

Erex rose to his full height and stood proudly before his lord, 'not as much as you are favoured in His light my lord.'

Selunax smiled, his face disturbingly human, although he seemed to fill the church with the power radiating from him. No cultist remained alive, the last lay on the altar, his chest carved open by the Executors Blade. Several hundred were required to reach the critical mass as their souls were weak but each stepped forward to die willingly. The corruption had grown deep within the hive and the planet and now that Selunax walked on the world its doom was all but sealed. Selunax paused, closing his eyes, though they still glowed dimly from within, and started to sniff the air. Erex too sniffed the air. Not so much to smell the air within the temple but the scents of the ether and he noticed that an astropath had sent a hymnal of warning before his brain started to melt and run from his ears. The Astropath was stationed at Fort Greenpeak, the local guard garrison there started to prepare for the coming war.

'The Herald started its approach as soon as I left.'

'The guard stationed at the fort will be moving against us before it arrives my lord.'

'That is of little importance Legate Erex, you shall attend to the masses, purge the followers of the Corpse God,' Selunax turned to face one of his legates, 'Legate Reasul, you will rally the cultists of the mine workings between here and the fort to hamper the advance of the enemy. Legate Uiol,' Selunax continued, ' Ensure that the cultist's here are prepared to move out and shatter what resistance the other Hives may hold.'

'As you command Prince Selunax,' the three Legates chanted slamming their right vambraces against their chest plates, 'and our souls shall be forfeit.'