Connor remembered the first time Abby had acknowledged his love. A golden moment in the ancient scenery of the Cretaceous. Only the next day she'd said the three words that mattered most, when he needed reassuring. He remembered their first official date. He'd set up a spot just for them on a nearby hill. Connor had spent so much time preparing until one evening they were able to eat their bulbs together, in that very place as the sun went down revealing a gorgeous sunset. He could tell from the smile on her face and gleam in her eye that she was happy and that got him through the day.

They'd believed the anomaly to be a miracle but as soon as they escaped through it Connor was able to recognise it for what it really was. Bad luck. No sooner had they stepped into the present their relationship began to fall apart. Abby acted coldly towards him, was embarrassed by him and even tried to break into his office. Connor didn't know what was happening to them but he knew it was not it used to be.

He started working all-nighters in his Prospero office, not wanting to go home to Abby after the break in incident. If she didn't trust him anymore what was the point? April seemed happy that he was finally throwing himself into work instead of his girlfriend. On the third all-nighter Connor fell asleep on his desk. Abby woke him with the smell of coffee the next morning. She'd arrived early, determined to catch him before April.

"Good morning." she greeted.

"Hi." Connor muttered unsure of what else to say.

Well this is awkward, they thought.

"Drink up." said Abby pushing the hot drink towards him. More silence. Connor drank. "Look I'm sorry! I only did it because I was worried about you. Besides, Matt – " she stopped aware that she'd said too much.

"What has Matt got to do with this?" Connor asked.

"Nothing!" she replied quickly backtracking.

Connor was suspicious. He opened his mouth ready to fire off a question about their latest team leader.

"Are you two –"

"I love you. Let's not let work get in the way." Abby interrupted.

Connor wondered whether she was talking about Matt, Phillip or anomalies when she referred to 'work'. He didn't really know what she did anymore. Connor could see the secrets in her eyes and it hurt him. After New Dawn was explained he'd been made to sign the official secrets act but Abby was doing this by choice. That was different and they both knew it.

"I think it already has." said Connor sadly. "I love you too but now I have to go."

"Oh no you don't! If you love me and I love you then what is the problem?" Abby asked in frustration, beginning to lose her temper.

"Five, four, three, two, one."

As soon as Connor reached one an anomaly flickered to life exactly where he stood. In that instant Connor Temple vanished along with the anomaly. April walked into the room.

"Have you tested it yet Conn - ?" she trailed off mid-sentence as her eyes settled on Abby. "What did he tell you?"

"Absolutely nothing. And now he's gone."

Satisfied by her response April took out her phone.

"Hello Phillip, project New Dawn is ready."

"Where's Connor?" said Abby grabbing April's shoulder.

There was a loud thud outside. Abby turned and there lay a younger version of her boyfriend.

"Abby? Where did the shopping mall go?"

"Where were you last?" asked April, suddenly taking charge.

"In a bin with Matt."


April backed away starting to relate the story to her boss. Abby ran forwards to Connor, he needed helping up because of his leg. It had a fresh cut on it and it looked deep enough to cause problems. She recognised it from the beetle incident not that long ago. That was when Matt first told her who he really was. She was taken by surprise when Connor kissed her. Then again, she hadn't betrayed this Connor, yet. His eyes were so trusting. Maybe she had a chance to start it all over again from the day things went wrong? Connor pulled away reluctantly as Matt turned the corner and saw them.

"Connor what have you done this time?" he asked.

"Matt! B-but you are – were – should be in a bin!"

"What? Never mind answer the question." Connor tried to stand up but fell back to the floor wincing. Abby examined the cut on his leg, it was worse than she remembered. Matt recognised it too. "What's going on?"

"I'll explain after we get Connor checked out." said Abby.

Connor sat in the medical room looking pathetically helpless as Abby explained to Matt what had happened.

"So did the older Connor swap places with this one?" questioned Matt.

"I don't know. Maybe. April seemed to know what was going on."

"Hmm. I'll see what Lester knows." Matt replied as he left the room.

Connor had a feeling that if it was Prospero business Lester wouldn't know a thing but right now he had something else on his mind.



"Did something happen between you and the older me?"

Abby remained silent for a few minutes before replying, careful not to reveal unnecessary emotions.

"What makes you think that?"

Connor almost laughed. Wasn't it obvious?

"Everything. The way you refer to me, the way you react to me…"

"Okay I get your point." Abby snapped.

"How many days has it been since my present?"

"A week at least."

"How can so much have changed?"

Matt returned.

"How's your leg?" he asked Connor.

"Much better thanks."

"Great because we've got a situation. Main room now!"

This time Abby was just as confused as her boyfriend.

Matt lead the way and Connor got to his feet following alongside Abby. He had a slight limp but other than that was fine (not including his newly confused state of mind). They were soon by the ADD. Jess looked worried. Lester approached the team from his office.

"As Matt has probably mentioned already this incident must be seen to as discreetly as possible." He drawled.

"What's going on?" asked Connor.

"Is it an incursion?" added Abby.

"No it's just Barney the dinosaur – what do YOU think it is? You're the supposed experts!" Lester said, his voice oozing sarcasm.

"We've never seen anything like this before!" announced Jess.

Becker was by her side, his hand on her shoulder. He did it subconsciously, like instinct but a smile crept onto her face all the same.

"Show us the CCTV footage." Becker commanded.

Jess obliged. Abby gasped. The anomaly enveloped an entire cinema screen! Yet the creature before it seemed just as big…

"It's the loch ness monster!" Connor laughed in relief.