A Terrarian's diary:

A life of the average Terrarian Miner and fighter.

August 25th, ?:

I decided to start a 'diary' of what has happened.

I am Rondal, and I just got warped into this world.

I somehow have a Pickaxe, an axe, and a copper

shortsword. I met a guy named George, and he told me how

to survive, and he told me the date and time. I asked for the

year but he didn't know. I wonder what's going on.

7:30 PM

I have made a small house for me and George, and now, it is night.

There are zombies punding on the door. I hope that they can't get in...

I haven't gotten to mining yet, but it sounds dangerous. George told me of

things like skeletons, and Bats, and slimes. He also told me about Demolisionists

and Merchants and arms dealers. Morning is almost here,and I'm planning

to start mining.

August 31st, ?:

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I got caught up in a skeleton fight,

and I got killed. (seriously, WHAT. I died and then I'm alive again.)

Then I had gotten poisoned by a dart trap. I had to lay in bed for a while.