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For this story, I would like to try a new writing technique. That I'm gonna try writing stories that are sad and dark. I had never attempted something like that before. It's gonna be a challenge for me and I'm a happy person, can't really write sad stuff! But I do want to try! So please give me your support.

REWITTEN: 13/8/2013

"Tsuna…" Hibari Kyoya widened his eyes in shock as he turned to the figure standing behind him.

"Why?" Tsuna asked, his voice was trembling, so was his thin body. Tears started forming around his caramel orbs, threatening to fall. But Tsuna wouldn't allow it, he refused to show weakness in front of this man. He clenched his fists, struggling to keep himself steady.

"Tsuna!" Out of instinct, Hibari had forced his lead-like legs to move towards his young lover. For the first time in his life,Hibari felt fear. Fear of Tsuna's reaction to this mess and more importantly, the fear of losing him…

"Why did you lie to me like that?"

"Tsuna, I…"

"Why do you have to hurt me like this?"


"Kyoya…I loved you…" Tsuna's voice contains hints of desperation and betrayal. " …a lot…" Hibari felt his heart clenched tightly.

"Tsuna! Listen to me!" Hibari approached Tsuna slowly and gently, not wanting to startle the emotionally-unstable brunette.

"Don't touch me!" Tsuna shouted at Hibari and slapped his approaching hands away. Immediately, Hibari withdrew them with unmasked hurt in his steel grey eyes.

"Tsuna…" Hibari whispered the name.

"I never want to see you again!" Tsuna delivered the most painful blow possible to his lover.

With that, Tsuna turned and ran.

The morning streets bustled with life as people rushed for their daily activities and cars on the road driving at high speed.

In a haze, Tsuna had ran across the road, aimlessly. As crystal tears streamed down his face, all he could think about was the hurt from the betrayal and the multiple "whys".

Hibari had took off after his lover the second Tsuna fled from him. His sharp eyes narrowed with panic and annoyance at the crowd on the streets. It was making it hard for him to find his lover.

When Hibari finally located his lover, his cries stopped in mid as he watched the incoming car driving straight to his unaware lover.

The movements seemed to have gone slow-motion but Hibari stood frozen and unresponsive. His eyes getting wider and wider as the car got closer and closer to Tsuna.

A loud screech was heard followed by a loud crash.

"TSUNA!" He screamed.

REWITTEN: 13/8/2013

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