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Juarez's POV:

It was another day at our headquarters, and I was updating my facebook. Blaster and Hurley were playing on their mini wii I knew this as Hurly was complaining that Blaster cheated, and Darwin was checking out his new motorcycle, his pride and joy. Yes, it was all normal indeed, until she came along.

At lunchtime, Ben left, probably getting some equipment for us like he always does. So we didn't think twice about it. We did start to worry, though, at 8p. Normally he isn't out that late. We all started to speculate what he could be up to, when we heard his car come up the driveway. He came in with a silly little grin on his face and a box in his hand. We stared at the box curiously. He came in and placed the box down on the table and started to explain himself.

"Sorry I'm late, but I heard at the last minute from my friend about a guinea pig that, if she wasn't given a home today, was going to be a hairspray tester for suave. As you guys can probably tell, I got to her in time. Without further ado, I present to you: Abby".

And with that, he opened the box. Out stepped a honey-coloured guinea pig, about my age and size. I hate to say it, but she looked cute. And I wasn't the only one to notice. Blaster and Hurley were checking her out. Darwin was also, but in a different way.

"So what can you do, Abby?" He asked, "Do you have any strengths or weaknesses you might want to tell us about?".

So she responds, in an Australian accent, all of the things she could do. It was an annoyingly long list. Only Darwin seemed to pay any attention to it (the list). The other two couldn't seem to get past her accent long enough to know what an ego-maniacal chica she was. Neither could Darwin much, for that matter. He tried, though. You see him and Blaster like me. Hurley does a little bit, but food is much more important to him than any girl could be. Or so I thought. I sighed. Oh well, at least Darwin's trying.

Anyway, so she was droning on and on, and I kept getting more bored by the second. She saw this, and said that maybe we would like to see what she could do instead of tell us. I told her that I'd rather see it tomorrow and get spared from her today. She looked hurt at my words. Blaster, Hurley, and even Darwin looked shocked and mad at what I said. I could see that they were about to say some pretty mean stuff, so I quickly scurried off to my room and shut the door. I was safe in there. They knew better than to enter without my permission, and they also knew that I wouldn't give them my permission. Not tonight, anyway. Sigh. I am so going to get it tomorrow.

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