At the moment I was lying underneath my table trying to fix my computer since that little witch crashed it. After about fifteen minutes of replacing cables and endless cursing the computer made the comforting whirling noise. So I slide out form underneath the table a sat on my spinning computer chair. I had only just logged into facebook intending to write away my problems when the door swung in and Abby strode in.

I turned round in my chair planning on shouting at her till the middle of next week, but before I could even open my mouth she started talking.

"Right lets get this straight once and for all shall we?" what the hell is she up I thought.

"I only going to say this once do you hear so listen up I'm here now and I always get what I want" oh here we go "and right now I want you gone I don't care where you go but you should never return her and if you do your face won't be pretty anymore" I knew it she's worse than a cat I a bad mood ughh just wait till the boys hear this.

"You what?" I practically screamed.

"Well I would have thought it was obvious that no one wants you here seems and Darwin, Blaster, Hurly and Ben all like me better that well you" I just glared at her like she was the devil herself wait sorry she is.

"Oh and Juarez is you tell the boys about his well they will take my side one way or another so there's no point really". She smirked.

With that she left my room. I collapsed on my bed. She's right they all love her; ever since she came they had being paying attention to her. She said I should leave go far far away but where? Spain yeah I should got there I can speak the language and I have a friends over there they would love to have me right?

That's it I'll ask Adan if they could have me as a member of there team so I e-mailed him saying something came up ad weather I could join there team. His response was almost instant he said sure we'd love you have you on our team I'll arrange a flight so I can come pick you up in 3 days time. I replied back saying that was fine I'd meet him at the airport.