Lucy was walking home when she thought someone was following her. It had been a long day, so she dismissed the feeling. Then, the air started to feel like the ozone, getting scared, she started to walk faster, a hand on her keys. It was deathly quiet, like when the world is holding its breath. She saw lightning strike an area ahead of her, then fire. Running to see what had happened, she came upon a battle between two people. Then, she realized that one of them was Laxus, one of the self-proclaimed strongest mages in the guild, and he looked hurt. The other one was pointing something at him, a crystal, and it began to glow.

"Open, Gate to Sagittarius! Shoot the crystal in his hand!"


The arrow shot out of Sagittarius fingers and in seconds, and impales the crystal and knocks it out of the man's hands. At first Laxus and the man look shocked, they turned there heads trying to see who shot the arrow.

"Where are you?" the man yells. He looks around but sees no one, then turns his attention back to Laxus. Lucy sent Sagittarius back and was sneaking around towards the Laxus when the sky thundered and Laxus pointed to the man. He missed and the pain shot up his arm.

"Ha! Are you trying to hit me?" The man laughs and started to come at Laxus. Darkness was overcoming Laxus and he pointed at the man, his aim off, but then through darkness, he saw a hand with the guilds' mark on it help him lift his hand and aim. Lightning struck the man straight on and the man passed out. He smelled honey and vanilla and heard a soft voice.

"Laxus?" it cooed. "Are you alright?" Then he passed out.

"Laxus!" She sighed when she heard his breath, slowly breathing in and out. Summoning Tarus, she had him help her carry him to the hospital to check him in. Waiting to see what the news was she fell asleep and woke up when the doctor said he only needed a few stitches and was now recovering. Smiling she thanked the doctor and went home.

The next day

Walking to the guild, she balanced herself on the ledge and started humming, wondering how Laxus was doing. Walking into the guild to find that everyone was talking about Laxus and how he defeated one of the notorious mage by himself, but had ended up in the hospital. Everyone seemed relieved that he wasn't hurt too much and that he was coming in today. Smiling, she sat down at the bar and ordered a glass of tea with honey in it and a slice of vanilla cake. The doors opened and everyone got quiet, and then started to congratulate the person. Turning around she smiled at the sight of Laxus getting congratulated about the victory, and then turned back to her meal. The bar stool next to her squeaked and was shocked to see that Laxus had sat down next to her. He kept his head low, as in deep thought. Lucy wanted to say something but realized her voice wouldn't work, so she started humming. After finishing her meal, she got up to find some work when she heard Laxus murmur and grab her hand. Looking down at him, he got up and dragged her up to the S-class lounge.

"Um, Laxus?" He stopped dead in his tracks and turned to her. Then he grabbed her head and kissed her, and kissed her, and kissed her.

"I wanted to thank you for last night for your help," and he started kissing her again.

The End

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