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A/N: Last night I saw an interview with Alejandro's voice actor! He's amazing! He was talking about Alejandro and when asked if he thought Alejandro was evil he responded with "I don't think he's evil, Just misunderstood" He's a pretty funny guy! Not too bad on the eyes either. ;) If anyone wants to see the interview just ask me. =)

Alejandro was sitting at the dock of shame, Tomorrow they would go home and hopefully never have to come back to this place ever again. He looked like himself, The whole robot thing was just a costume for ratings that Chris staged. He lost everything that meant anything to him, the million dollars and of course Heather. Sure he could be greedy but who couldn't? He was just playing a game and everyone else just didn't seem to get that, back at home he was never like that but now he has the nickname "The Latin Liar" dubbed to him by the fans of the show and the rest of the cast really took it personal and still refused to speak to him, he was so lost in thought he didn't even hear the footsteps behind him.

"Sorry, I didn't know anyone else was here" Heather told him "I'll go somewhere else"

"No, you can stay" Alejandro told her "I don't really care"

"Whatever" Heather sat down next to him "What are you doing out here anyway?"

"Killing time until I can get out of here" Alejandro told her

"I thought you would be at the cast party" Heather laughed "Courtney has been looking for you all night!"

"I'll pass" Alejandro rolled his eyes "I never liked her much anyway, why are you here?"

"Do you think I honestly want to party with those losers?" Heather asked

"I guess not" Alejandro laughed "They all take the game way too seriously"

"They're good at that" Heather admitted "I'm still not on good terms with them and I've known them since season 1"

"You know I meant it, right?" Alejandro told her "Everything on the volcano"

"I have my doubts" Heather sighed "You cost me the million!"

"I cost myself the million too" Alejandro told her "Do you think I wanted to let you to distract me from the game? It just happened"

"What about Bridgette, Lashawna and Courtney?" Heather asked him "You let them distract you from the game"

"You don't get it" Alejandro sighed "That was my game! I would have played them all except for you! I wanted an alliance with you right from the beginning!"

"You could have just asked" Heather told him "I would have done it"

"You would have played me like a fiddle" Alejandro laughed "I knew you would never agree"

"So you tried to play me?" Heather rolled her eyes "Great way to impress a girl"

"You know I'm not a player and I'm not a bad guy at all" Alejandro told her "I'm just misunderstood, If you and I were to have met off the show it would have been a different story"

"That's a shame" Heather laughed "I kinda liked you on the show, it just made you more attractive"

Heather leaned in and kissed Alejandro, just a peck on the lips, nothing like the first kiss they had on the volcano. Heather then stood up and started to walk away from him, Alejandro of course instantly stood up and called to her.

"Wait!" Alejandro yelled to her "What does this mean for you and me?"

"Call me" Heather told him "I'd like to meet the Alejandro that's not playing the game"

Alejandro sighed as Heather left him there alone, He wondered if he would ever get to see her again but he was glad that he got to have this little chat with her on the dock of shame.