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My first Gundam Wing (and Obernewtyn fanfic)!! Okay, you don't actually have to have read The Obernewtyn Chronicles and I've changed it a lot anyway, but here's a bit of info to help.

Obernewtyn is a planet where misfits (people with telepathic powers) were sent by the council. It was liberated by some misfits who now run it, although it is believed destroyed by the council. Th misfits also have an alliance with the rebels. Sutrium, the head city of the council is also a planet. The other cities are colonies. The Council rules the colonies with an iron hand with help from the Specials (Herders in Obernewtyn) and anyone who fights against them are either burnt or sent to mine a radioactive substance.

Farseeking: The ability to communicate mind to mind and to enter someone's mind and see their thoughts.
Coercion: the ability to manipulate a person's mind.
Empathy: the ability to be able to feel other people's emotions and transmit them
Healing: the ability to heal a person using their mind
Beastspeaking: The ability to communicate mind to mind with certain animals
Futuretelling: Futuretellers go into the depths of their minds to the point where all minds merge near death-the mindstream. This allows them to see snatches of the future.
Teknoguild: Teknoguilders have a machine empathy and can also make machines work using their minds and without knowing how to work them.

Duo is a farseeker/coercer/teknoguilder
Trowa is a farseeker/coercer/beastspeaker
Quatre is a farseeker/empath/healer
Wufei is a farseeker/futureteller

Errm, other GW characters will appear, just not in this chapter. Main pairings......5x2 and 3x4 for now. More later and possibly citrus.

Normal speech
...... Mindspeech
Italics Thoughts

Chapter 1

The spaceport was still busy, even at this late hour of the night. Workers and passengers alike hurried to and fro, interspersed with patrols of soldiers, given a wide berth by everyone. Pots of tropical plants were scattered across the platforms in a sickly parody of life and the stars were blotted out by the bright lights. None of this seemed to bother the people as they arrived and departed, spending money in the fast food stores and tacky boutiques that stood along one side of the area.

Duo hated it. He hated the way people could ignore the truth around them and just get too wrapped up in their own miserable lives to enjoy themselves. He hated the way that the thoughts of all these people, so crowded even at night, pressed in on his own. Even with a mindshield he couldn't block out their constant noise, pointless echoes crushing into his skull making him want to scream in frustration and pain. So claustrophobic. Making his own mind seem too enclosed.

Duo? a soft voice spoke in his mind, breaking him from his thoughts. Are you alright? We're nearly ready to go.
Yeah, sure Trowa, he replied, pulling himself up from the ledge where he had been sitting and staring over the spaceport. I'll be right....... He broke off as a mental scream of anguish passed through his mind, cutting through his mindshield through sheer force of pain and fear.
What was that? a new mindvoice broke in, slightly strangled. It .....it hurt.....
Duo pulled a pair of binoculars from inside a pocket, scanning the area quickly before resorting to probing the area when he found nothing.

Where is that coming from? he asked himself as another scream broke through his senses. He sent his own mindprobe racing to the source of the scream, scanning in quick circles as he neared it. Ah-ha!! There! Trowa, Quatre. I've found it! A little down the platform. A bunch of soldiers have grabbed someone and.... he paused. No! That is evil. How can they?
Duo, what is it? The one named Quatre asked, trying in vain to block the pain from the screams. I'm going after the twisted bastards! was the reply and he could feel Duo leaving swiftly, heading towards the place where the screaming had come from. Should we follow him Trowa? Quatre asked.
Yes, came the muted answer.

Duo charged across the concrete floor his long braid flying behind him, narrowly dodging numerous travellers until he reached a narrow alleyway between two of the shops. Taking a swift glance around him, he slipped along it, forming a coercive cloak over himself as he did. The cloak suggested that he was older than his 16 years and, along with his long hair, made him appear to the crowds like he was young woman. He took a swift glance around the corner and then saw it. A group of five of the Council's soldiers surrounding someone who way laying semi-conscious on the floor, barely reacting to their brutal kicks, his mental shrieks reduced to whimpers.

Stepping back around the corner, Duo carefully slid a coercive probe into the nearest soldier's mind. He delicately slipped a thought into into his mind telling him that he needed to get back to the barracks. Finishing with the first, he repeated this process with three more of the soldier's, so engrossed with the task that he didn't notice when his two friends slipped up behind him. Moving onto the final soldier, he swore softly under his breath. The man was mind sensitive!

Duo? Trowa sent, wondering what was wrong. Duo turned to face his friends, finally realising that they were there. That final one is mind sensitive. I can't get into his mind or he'll know and warn the others. i am not leaving that poor guy to them! Trowa sighed, knowing his friend's stubborn streak.
Well, get rid of the others then. We'll just have to deal with the final one in a less genteel manner.

Duo sniggered quietly and pulled a gun from his jacket, wishing that he were as powerful as Elspeth, their leader or that he knew how to knock someone out with his mind. Noticing the way that Quatre's face twisted with distaste as the sight of the weapon, he fell silent. It's just a tranquilliser gun Quatre. I'll just knock him out and fix it so he'll forget about us. Quatre nodded and Duo let his mind fly once more, releasing the thoughts into the soldier's heads. All they could do now was wait.

one of the soldier's said. Shouldn't we report in now. We don't want to get on the Captain's bad side.
What's wrong Niels? The one named Komak, the mind sensitive one asked. Getting qualms about giving the brat what he deserves?
Another one said, suppressed anger in his voice. We'll go back to the barracks. You stay here and bring the filthy gypsy back when you've finished. Just don't expect us to stand up for you when the Captain finds out about this. And make sure you don't kill the boy, he's wanted by the Council.
Komak snorted. Fine, you leave. I'll finish with the gypsy while you trot off home afraid.

Worried that that comment might provoke the other men into staying, Duo gave each of them a mental nudge and they began to march away back into the crowds of people. Duo glanced at Trowa who gestured for him to finish the job. Silently, Duo rounded the corner and fingering the gun in his hands, took aim.

Unfortunately, the soldier chose that moment to look up from the gypsy boy. well well, what's this? The man asked, leering at Duo , seeing the cloak image of him as a girl. A little slut trying to earn some coin? Come here pretty. I'll give you some. The man moved towards him menacingly and Duo fired. The dart with the sleeping drug in it hit the man in the chest but he still came forwards, this time his face clouded with rage. You little bitch! he swore, backing Duo up against a wall. What were you going to do? Rob me? I'll show you what you get for treating a council soldier like that you little whore!

Viciously he hit Duo across the mouth, cracking his head to one side and eliciting a gasp of pain from the boy. Hearing this, Quatre rushed to his aid. Hey you! he cried, stepping out from the shadows while at the same time trying to speed up the drug in the soldier's system. The man turned. Ganging up on me are you, well I'll show you! He dragged Duo in front of him as a shield.

Trowa watched this silently, preparing to reveal himself when, due to Quatre's intervention, the drug took effect and the man dropped to the floor, a look of shock on his face. Thanks Quatre, Duo said. I though he'd never go down. He rubbed his jaw and winced, then knelt down next to the soldier. he called. Could you grab the boy? I think he's unconscious. Trowa stepped out from around the corner and nodded, walking over to the boy lying on the ground. Gently he picked him up, surprised at how light he was.

Duo in the meantime, reached into the soldier's mind and wiped all the memories of himself and Quatre from his mind, inserting instead, a memory of a street urchin and his gang attacking him and leaving him unconscious. Are you finished Duo? Quatre asked, looking at him in concern. Yeah, he replied. Let's go home.


The Sandrock left the spaceport, blissfully free from inspections and questions. Trowa piloted them into open space and then set the autopilot to take them towards the outer colonies while Quatre and Duo settled the still unconscious gypsy that they had rescued. He was covered in bruises and cuts from the beating as well as on his arms from where the soldiers must have grabbed him. Poor guy, Duo sent. How can people do that to another person? Can you heal him Quatre? The blond knelt next to the unconscious boy and closed his eyes, making sure that Duo's feelings didn't reach his mind. I should be able to I think, but could you get some of the ointment for the bruises? Oh, and bandages please.

Duo wandered off to the cupboards where they kept the medical supplies and pulled out the things that Quatre had requested. When he came back he saw that Quatre had gone off into a trance, his hands resting lightly against the gypsy's temples as he attempted to heal him with his Talent. Sighing, Duo set to work bandaging the boy's wounds and spreading ointment over the worst of the bruises.

We should reach home in about four days, unless you want to stop off at Tor on the way Duo. Trowa stood, leaning against the hatchway to the cabin. Duo glanced up at him, finishing treating the boy's injuries. Nah, that's okay. Unless you want to. Trowa shook his head, eyes fixed on the blond boy as he worked. Okay. Duo stood and brushed past him through the door. I'm getting something to eat. You want anything? Another shake of his head. Duo shrugged and headed towards the small kitchen of the ship.


Twelve hours since they had left the spaceport of Murmoth colony and the gypsy boy was sleeping now, rather than just being unconcious. Quatre sighed as he watched him. He'd placed him under a light sleepseal to help him heal. The thought of what must have been done to him to cause such injuries made him shiver in disgust. The wounds which had at first seemed mainly superficial had turned out to be internal as well, and healing them had been tiring. He walked over to the bed to check on the boy once more. Outside the cabin he could hear Duo humming a snatch of song.

He knelt by the boy and settled himself, laying pale hands on the boy's temples. Closing his eyes, he let out a mindprobe, gliding quickly into the boy's mind and sinking into his subconcious to make sure that he was healing. Finding everything as it should be, he began to withdraw carefully so as not to disturb the boy only to be jolted painfully back to himself by someone throwing him to the floor roughly.

He opened his eyes to find himself confronted with the gypsy boy glaring down at him, dark eyes piercing and fear tinged with anger radiating from him so much that it hurt. Keep out of my mind! The boy hissed, his hand reaching for Quatre's throat. Almost panicked, Quatre began trying to send feelings of peace and calm to the boy, only to find that he was too scared to sense them. The boys fear was burning through Quatre's mind, so frightened! Have to escape! Feeling the hand tighten around his neck he screamed mentally. TROWA!! DUO!! HELP! It was becoming hard to breath now, painful....

Suddenly the gypsy boy screamed in pain and pulled backwards, throwing himself against the bed and clutching his hands to his head. It's not nice to try and kill someone who was trying to save you you know, Duo's voice came from the hatchway and he ran ove to check on Quatre. You okay? Quatre nodded, lying still and waiting for his breath to return. Duo turned slightly to glare at the gypsy who was staring at them, fear in his eyes. Quatre was trying to help you. Quatre's touch on his arm made him look down at the blond who shook his head. Its okay Duo. He didn't mean to. He was just scared. Duo was still looking sceptical when Quatre turned to face to door, sensing rather than hearing that Trowa was there.

Are you alright Quatre? he sent, worry plain in the thought along with guilt at not arrivng sooner. I was asleep or I'd have been here faster. Quatre smiled and Duo couldn't help but grin at the way Quatre's face lit up at Trowa's arrival. I'm fine Trowa. Don't worry.
But I do worry, came the reply as he moved towards them.

Quatre turned towards the gypsy who was huddled against the bed, knees drawn up to his chin. Slowly, he crept forwards until he was just in front of the boy. It's okay, Quatre said wuietly, as if talking to a child, empathising calm to him. We aren't going to harm you.
the boy said, his voice a hoarse whisper. Quatre glanced at Duo. What did you do to him? he sent and Duo looked slightly guilty.
I jabbed him a bit, thats all. I was too worried to do something more subtle. To the boy he said I'm sorry I hurt you, but I was scared fro Quatre. If you let him, Quatre will stop it hurting. He's a healer.

The boy looked at them for a moment, mistrust in his face, but finally he nodded. Quatre reached out to him. Just relax. This should only take a moment. He closed his eyes once more and dipped into the boy's mind, smoothing over the place that Duo had hurt, then withdrawing quickly. Is that better? he asked, stifling a yawn. He hadn't slept since they'd left the spaceport and using a lot of his Talent was tiring. The boy nodded, uncurling. Thank you.

So, what's your name? Duo asked. I'm Duo and these are Quatre and Trowa. The boy looked worried for a moment and then relaxed, realising that these people wouldn't hurt him.
Pleased to meet you, Quatre said and then yawned hugely. Sorry. I'm exhausted. Trowa pulled him to his feet and Duo looked up at him from the floor where he sat. Why don't you go to bed? It's still my shift and you should rest.

But nothing Quatre. You said that you've done as much as you can for Wufei and the rest will heal in time. Now get some rest.
Quatre sighed, admitting defeat. Fine. But if anything happens you will tell me.
Of course. Quatre took one final look at Wufei and Duo and then let himself be led away by Trowa to the room they shared.

Duo said, standing and offering a hand to Wufei who took it gingerly. Do you want anything? I could get you some food or something if you'd like. Wufei nodded. Food would be pleasant.
Duo brightened. Sure! Do you want to come to the kitchen cause I could bring some food here if you'd prefer.
I am not an invalid, Wufei growled and Duo laughed.
Fine, kitchen it is.