Eri finds herself in a bar at this time of the night. She looks depressed as she started to drink water to drown of her sorrows. Beside her table is glasses of water that are toppled after she drinks too much of them. She recalls the day of how she's responsible for her best friend, Shiki Misaki's death by saying she wasn't meant to be a designer. Even though she talked to Mina about her side of her story, it wasn't good enough for her. She puts her head down in depression. Just then, a man with blond hair just shows up to her side and pokes at her shoulder for attention.

"Hi, you must be Eri," said the man.

"Who are you?"

The man replied, "My name is Johan. Johan Liebert."

Eri looks depressed. She said in a depressing tone. "What do you want, Johan? I lost someone."

"Oh, and who is it?"

"My best friend, Shiki," Eri replied with tears coming out of her eyes.

Johan goes closer to her right ear to say the words that she needed to hear. "I can bring her back."

Eri's face goes from depressed to shock.

You can?

Johan said, "Just follow me and you'll see her again." He holds Eri's hand as they walk out of the bar.

He takes her to a skyscraper of Shibuya. They go to an elevator to take themselves to a rooftop. From there, Johan distances himself from Eri.

"Now," said Johan. "I want you to close your eyes and turn around to this wall." Eri starts to have a suspicious look on her face as she finds something is not right. "Trust me, I'll bring Shiki back."

Eri follows his instructions as she slowly started to close her eyes and turn herself over to the wall. She thinks of Shiki while doing this.

Just then, Johan pulls out his gun from his jacket and points it at the back of Eri's head. He puts his finger on the trigger and presses it. The bullet starts to come out of the gun and hit Eri by the back of her head. She falls from the wall, being dead. Johan walks to her corpse as he puts out a piece of paper and uses her hand to write a note. This is a suicide note and he used to this to make people think she committed suicide.

He left the building, finally accomplishing his plan.