"Please?" I begged.


"Pretty please?"

Emmy, Clive, Flora and Luke glared at me. "No!"

I got down on my knees and wailed. "Pleeeeeeeeeease?"

"It's too embarrassing," said Flora.

Emmy nodded in agreement and glanced at her watch. "And I haven't got time for this. I'm needed back at Scotland Yard soon."

"B-But you guys have to do this for me! I need a creative story idea for my English assignment by tomorrow!"

"Why should we care about your bloody English assignment?" Clive muttered.

It was my turn to shoot Clive a dirty look. "'Because I was the one who busted you out of jail to be here, I was the one who stayed up all night long working on this script and because this is my Fanfic.

"I thought you said it was an English assignment," said Luke.

I threw my hands up. "Whatever! The point is, you guys are here and I need you to be characters in the story."

"Out of all the books you could have chosen, why pick this one for us to star in?" Emmy asked.

"I dunno really," I shrugged. "It was one of my favourite children's books. Plus, there are four main characters... and there are four of you."

Emmy sighed in defeat. "Alright, but let's make it quick."

"Yay!" I cheered "Now, off you go to get your hair and makeup and costumes ready. Chop, chop!"

The four of them filed out of the room as I turned to face an imaginary audience.

"Hello, Professor Layton fans; my name is MJ! (That'sshort for Mocking J by the way.) And this is my story... Well, actually it's the Professor Layton version of the story by the amazing author known as C.S. Lewis that I've adapted. All rights for the original story go to C.S. Lewis and I don't own any of the Professor Layton characters... Although I should turn Clive into my personal slave and have him bring me cake everyday on a silver platter... Sorry! I have the tendency to go off on tangent sometimes, but this simply won't do. I'm supposed to be the narrator around here, so I've gotta stay focussed if I'm going to tell it how it is.

So Ladies and Gentlemen without further ado, I give you: