A rainbow of party streamers exploded out of the cannon. Clive's eyes slowly opened. I'm still... alive? He gaped over at MJ, who was whooping ecstatically.

"How'd you like the party cannon, Clive?"

"P-party cannon...?" the ex-convict echoed.

"You totally stole that from MLP Friendship Is Magic!" Don Paolo protested (being a big MLP himself).

Ignoring him, MJ patted the device lovingly. "Yeah, didn't I tell you I'd bought a party cannon for the Black Market? We've finally reached the epilogue of my longest ever multi-chapter story. This calls for celebration!"

Clive continued to blink in bemusement as the other cast members shouted out suggestions:

Anton requested, "May we commemorate the occasion with fine music and dancing?"

"Sure!" MJ grinned.

"Can I let the animals out?" Luke pleaded.

The authoress sighed, "If you must."

"Are we allowed to exchange puzzles?" Layton asked.

"Of course."

"We should have refreshments!" Emmy declared.
"Hell yeah!"

Descole shuffled over to MJ and muttered something in her ear. "What's that, Descole?" MJ said too loudly. "OF COURSE WE CAN WEAR FANCY DRESS! BETTER GO GET YOUR MAID COSTUME READY!"

As a mortified Descole sulked off, Flora added, "Please can I bake a cake?"

"No," everyone responded flatly.


Once there were four humans who entered a hidden world beyond their wildest dreams. On their journey they faced many dangers and sacrifices. The ties of family and friendship were tested, broken and mended stronger than ever.

Now, the Chosen Ones stood before four ivory thrones in the pearlescent castle of Cair Puzzlevelle, which subsisted as a timeless paradise beside the ocean. The edifice's gleaming walls, adorned with Larnian flags and fresh flowers, were said to be impenetrable, but the marvellous doors welcomed all those who were worthy.

A regal fanfare of trumpets echoed throughout the Great Hall. Larnians, free at long last, watched as Anton approached the Sons of Adam and Daughters of Eve, followed by the Rabbits carrying a purple pillow of beautiful crowns.

Anton commenced the Coronation in a voice that reverberated across the huge chamber:

"To the Shining Western Sea, I give you King Luke the Curious."

Luke, clad in royal blue tunic and cape, beamed as Anton placed the smallest silver crown on his head.

"To the Flourishing Eastern Forest, I give you Queen Flora the Gentle."

Flora's face flushed with joy. She received an emerald tiara to match her elegant dress.

"To the Clear Northern Sky, I give you King Clive the Crazy..."

Clive stared at Anton in shock.

"My apologies— that was a mistake..." Anton cleared his throat. "To the Clear Northern Sky, I give you King Clive the Just."

The older boy sighed in relief as Anton presented him with his bronze crown. (Clive didn't care if it wasn't as grand as Emmy's golden one.)

"And to the Burning Southern Sun, I give you Queen Emmy the Unbreakable."

The high queen looked up, proud, strong and tall. But when the siblings were seated, the heights of their thrones were equal.

With that, everyone chanted and applauded, "Long live Queen Emmy! Long live King Clive! Long live Queen Flora! Long live King Luke!"


After the Coronation there was a glorious feast fit for the new Kings and Queens. Entertainment, music and dancing ensued. Laughter rang out through the Great Hall.

Emmy cleared a space and challenged her bravest subjects to a dual (play fighting, of course). General Clamp gladly accepted this challenge. Mrs Rabbit romantically fed Mr Rabbit chocolate covered strawberries on the purple pillow. The recently restored Catanova glared at the pair jealously. Clive and Mr Paolo got completely hammered off the remaining Metholodite (the rest of the Witch's supplies had been burned). Flora twirled round and around the room, giggling. Janice the Dryad and Sammy Thunder performed a rockin' duet together. Beasley kept reciting the news that puzzles were finally returning to Larnia. Meanwhile, Sabre the leopard slunk away from the celebration; he was still mourning for his lost friend, Pania the Faun.

Luke had never felt so happy in his life. But he was sure somebody was missing...The young king ran out onto a balcony to see three figures walking across the beach away from Cair Puzzlevelle. Anton's golden profile was accented against the evening sunset. However, his companions, a Goblin and a Dwarf, were indistinct next to him. Luke gazed after them sadly.

"You know, I never believed in that Anton guy before all this," someone hiccupped behind him.

Luke was surprised when Mr Paolo bumbled out onto the balcony. (He was too drunk to even care that he was talking to Luke.)

"Will we ever see him again?" Luke sniffed.

The Faun shrugged unhelpfully. "No idea, kid. Some folks say he'll show up whenever Larnia needs him— apparently he's immortal... I don't give a damn personally."

"Of course he's immortal!" Beasley flew out to join them, followed by Emmy.

"Yeah... I think I'll head back inside," Mr Paolo frowned. "It's getting a little crowded by here."

"Whatever you say, Paolo," Emmy laughed, slapping Mr Paolo on the back. Unfortunately she slapped him a bit too hard... well, hard enough to accidently knock him off the balcony.

"I HATE YOUR FAMILY!" They heard Mr Paolo scream as he fell. The three of them peered over the edge.

Luke worried, "D'you think he'll be okay?"

"I'm sure he landed on the soft sand..." Emmy winced.

Thankfully, someone had been waiting to catch Mr Paolo. Luke gave a relieved grin when Granny Riddleton's sleigh rose above their heads.

"I think you dropped something," the Puzzle Master hollered as Puzzlette chucked a trembling Mr Paolo onto the balcony. The Goat-man scrambled back into the Great Hall, cursing humans everywhere.

Beasley snorted before turning to Emmy and Luke with a wan smile. "Looks like its time for me to leave as well..." He bowed. "It's been a pleasure serving ya."

Emmy held out her hand for Beasley to land on. "Thanks for everything, Beasley," she kissed his head lightly. "Be a good puzzle keeper."

"Promise you'll send us lots of puzzles?" Luke asked excitedly.

"Of course!" Beasley vowed, blushing and grinning. He whizzed around their heads twice and flew up to sit on Granny Riddleton's shoulder. Puzzlette just folded her arms, pouting sulkily. (She was never going to get used to that icky bug!)

"Ready?" Granny Riddleton cracked her reins. "Wherever there are lost puzzles, we will be there!"

"See ya!" Beasley called.

Luke and Emmy waved to them until the sleigh disappeared over the horizon. Then, Emmy put her hand on her brother's shoulder and they watched the sun go down.


Major time-skip...

Larnia thrived for a number years under the happy rein of the two Kings and two Queens. Though it took time to track down the remnants of the Witch's Army, there was overall peace throughout the land. Puzzles were shared by all. Many Christmases came and went.

As Larnia changed, so did the four humans. Emmy became even more unbreakable with age; she was the most fearless warrior Larnia had ever known, with wild dark hair down to her toes. Clive taught his subjects that (in most cases) revenge is never the answer and we must face decisions with a level head. In recent years, he'd started getting grey hairs. (But his siblings tried not to tease him about that.) Flora was not only revered for her gentleness to all creatures, but for her astounding beauty (she'd certainly grown in the chest area). She was against the killing of the Witch's minions, despite their crimes, insisting they should be imprisoned instead. And then there was Luke. He would've been the spitting image of his older brother except Luke was slightly... plumper than Clive had been due to eating too many banquets. Luke's horse sometimes struggled to carry him, which was a shame because the curious King loved exploring the uncharted territories of Larnia.

One fine day, rumours reached Cair Puzzlevelle that the Golden Squirrel had been sighted in the Eastern Forest. This mythical creature would grant wishes to whoever managed to catch him.

So, the two Kings and Queens travelled to the forest on horseback. None of the members of their court accompanied them, for the four were determined to succeed in this task alone. It didn't take them long to spot the Squirrel. But the wily rascal darted away from them as if he was playing hide and seek. The game of chase continued for hours until Luke suggested they stop to let their horses rest for a while. All in agreement, they dismounted from their steeds and sat in a clearing.

Clive arched an eyebrow when he noticed the hefty sized lunch Luke had unpacked. "I hope you brought enough for everyone, Luke."

"Oh, leave him be, Clive," Emmy chuckled at Luke's mortified expression.

Flora said, "You could give some food to the horses though."

"Of course," Luke smiled, standing up to offer an apple to each of the animals. As he turned back to his siblings, Luke's gaze landed on some sort of iron tree. "Good Grosky, what is that...?" he uttered. The others looked up when he pointed it out to them.

"Ooh, it's so pretty," Flora breathed, bewitched by the dancing flame encased at the top of the iron tree.

Emmy murmured, "I think that's a lamb... post."

"Don't you mean lamppost?" Clive corrected.

"The lamppost..." Luke whispered thoughtfully. His siblings regarded him with confusion as he rummaged around, peering into bushes and under leaf piles. He seemed to be searching for something...

"Look what I found!" Luke cried, pulling an item out of a thicket.

"Is that a... top hat?" Flora wondered as her younger brother tried on the very dirty and dented hat (it didn't fit him).

But Luke didn't answer her. He narrowed his eyes and suddenly dived into the thicket. "This way!"

"Luke, get back here!" Emmy yelled. She, Clive and Flora ran after him.

"Luke..." Clive said in a warning tone, whacking leaves out of his path.

"C'mon!" They heard Luke call, sounding like an excited child. "There're coats here! Remember coats?"

Sure enough, now they could feel fluffy coats rather than tree branches, and the stench of moth balls invaded their noses. They were also running out of space to move...

"Luke, get off my foot!"

"Move already—!"

"Please, stop pushing me...!"


The four children tumbled out of the wardrobe, landing in the spare room, in the professor's house. They studied their younger selves and plain clothes in amazement, before perceiving their surroundings. It was as if they had never left. Had it all just been... a dream?

At that moment, the door opened and the professor entered the room, holding a cricket ball.

"Ah, there you all are," the professor greeted them.

"Professah!" Luke instantly recognised their carer and leapt up to hug him.

"What were you four doing in the wardrobe?" The professor asked quizzically as he lifted the top hat (which now looked in good condition) and patted the small boy's head.

"Where do we begin...?" Flora breathed.

"You'd never believe us if we explained," Clive sighed.

"It was all very puzzling," Emmy added.

"Well..." With a flick of his wrist, the professor returned the top hat to his head. He winked at them, smiling. "Doesn't every puzzle have an answer?"


"Time for the Credits," MJ declared. "And the Ending Theme..."

Clive growled, "Don't you dare—"

"Cue the Raise Your Glass Parody!"

Ending Credits

Characters Belonging to Level 5:

Professor- Professor Hershel Layton

Luke- Luke Triton

Flora- Flora Layton Reinhold
Emmy- Emmy Altava

Clive- Clive Dove

Mr Paolo the Faun- Paul/ Don Paolo

Dark Witch- Jean Descole

Raymond the Dwarf- Raymond

Witch's wolves- Descole's wolves from The Eternal Diva

Rosa- Rosa Grimes

Parrot- The Parrot from The Unwound Future

Mr Rabbit- Subject Three

Mrs Rabbit- Claudia the cat

Anton- Anthony Herzen

Third Eye Jakes the Ogre- Levin Jakes

Catanova- Catanova from The Unwound Future

Beasley- Beasley

Granny Riddleton the Puzzle Master- Elizabeth Riddleton

Puzzlette the Elf- Puzzlette

General Clamp the Centaur- Clamp Grosky

Crow the Raven Boy- Crow

Sammy Thunder the Faun- Samuel "Sammy" Thunder

Nigel the Goblin- Nigel

Little dog- Tom from The Diabolical Box

Golden Squirrel- The Squirrel from The Azran Legacy

Stachenscarfen- Stachenscarfen

Janice the Dryad- Janice Quatlane

Deke the Centaur- Deke from The Curious Village

Jarvis the Faun- Jarvis from The Curious Village

Natalia the Dryad- Natalia from The Unwound Future

Original Characters:

Sabre the leopard

Pania the Faun

Philippe Beauregard Belle Kesem Zelda Van Trottingham II the Unicorn

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe written by:

C. S. Lewis

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A fanfiction adaption written/directed by:

The Mocking J

The teacher finished reading the sheet of paper with an unimpressed frown. She lowered her judgmental gaze upon the student waiting hopefully by her desk.

"Young lady, what do you call this?" the teacher demanded.

The brunette girl attempted a weak grin. "It's my English assignment, Miss."

"The assignment I set for you over a year ago?"

"Yep," the girl nodded cheerfully. "So... Whatcha think?"

Truthfully, the teacher was wondering what the young authoress had been smoking when she wrote this. But she simply sighed, pushing her glasses up her nose. "Your story is clearly meant to be a parody— of what I'm not quite certain..."

"Oh, that's easy. A bunch of characters from a puzzle solving game series helped me make an adaption of a children's story book. I have the whole thing on film if you want to watch it."

"Alright, then," said the woman, deeply disturbed now and wanting to end this conversation ASAP. "I give is a C+."

"YES! Thank you Miss!" The girl beamed and skipped out of the classroom, where her friends were waiting for her. "Guess who just got a C+!"

"Well done, MJ," Professor Layton congratulated her with a smile.

"Is that it?" Don Paolo scoffed. "All that work for a stinking grade?"

"So...Are we finally free now?" Clive inquired hopefully.

MJ laughed at him pitifully, resting her hand on his arm. "Oh, Clive. Clive, Clive, Clive... We've still got a whole chapter of bonus features ahead of us. (And a possible sequel.) But I guess I could let you have a small holiday..."


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