It was around two thirty the following day and the cheerleading team was in full practice mode. On the field, the group of young women, in their short skirts and tight tops, animatedly did cartwheels and other aerobic tricks.
Ten feet away, stretched out on the bottom row of the aluminum bleachers, with two book bags filled with beers between them, sat Shane, Mark, and Alice.

"Mmmh, look at Jackie," Purred Mark as he stared at one particular cheerleader, the slim girl stretching out her perfectly toned legs.

"That's nothing," Alice waved off as she pointed to a redhead flawlessly accomplishing a backhanded summersault. "Check out Sarah.

"Guys, they're all hot," Shane mumbled as she cracked open another beer. "No need to argue. Let's just bask in their beauty."

"Come on Shane," Alice waved off as she rolled her eyes at her best friend. "You can't tell me that there isn't one girl on this team that you think is hotter than the rest and you would fuck above all the others."

"I never said that." Shane said nonchalantly. "I think Jackie and Sarah are perfectly hot … and that's why I've already fucked them both."

"What the fuck, Shane!" Alice yelled in anger as she chucked her partially drank can of beer at Shane, the shaggy haired girl's indifference towards hers and Marks feelings truly pissing her off. "Are you fucking serious?"

"Come on, Alice," Shane said in a pleading tone as she removed her aviators and whipped clean her blue button down shirt before looking over at her friends pissed off expression. "It was two years ago. Way before you ever even noticed Sarah."

"What about Jackie?" Mark asked, his voice low as he looked over at Shane with a hurt expression.

"Mark." Shane said, finding it hard to say anything else as he looked at her with sad, pleading eyes. "I'm sorry, Mark."

"I don't know why I'm so disappointed," Mark said honestly as he casted his eyes downward, his feet absentmindedly shuffling back and forth on the grass until they made divots in the dirt. "It's not like I ever have a chance against you with a girl."

"Mark, don't say that." Shane said sympathetically, her hand instantly reaching out to cup his shoulder. "Listen, if Jackie … or Sarah," she looked over at Alice who was still seething in anger, "are willing to give it up to me, a true and utter fuck up, on the first date, they're not good enough for you guys. You guys deserve real, compassionate women who won't fuck you over. And Jackie and Sarah … they aren't them. They're just looking to have fun, like I am. And I'm really, really sorry"

"Shane," Alice said, her anger slowly starting to dissipate. "You're not a complete fuck up. True, you do fuck up sometimes, but you're a flawed person just like everyone else … and I wouldn't have you any other way." Scooting over on the bleacher, Alice removed a beer from her book bag and handed it over to the brunette. "I know you do some stupid shit sometimes Shane, but you would never hurt either of us on purpose."

"I really wouldn't" Shane said honestly as she looked back and forth between her roommates. "If I had known beforehand … I swear, I never would have touched them."

"Thanks," Mark said with a curt nod as he looked back out at the cheerleaders, the girls arranging themselves into a human pyramid. As his eyes landed on Jackie, a small sigh escaped his lips.

"Mark?" Shane tried, her guilt already eating at her knowing she hurt her friends feelings. "I'm really sorry Mark, I didn't know."

"It's fine." He said monotone, his eyes never leaving the girl. "She never gave me the time of day anyhow."

"Hey, why don't we ditch the cheerleaders and go check out the tennis players?" Alice asked as she started kicking the empty beer cans under the bleacher while she zipped up her backpack.

"The tennis team?" Mark asked incredulously, not thinking they'd be as hot as the cheerleaders.

"Yeah, there's this one player I've been scoping for the last few weeks." Alice said with a head nod. "Superhot. She has killer long legs, a tight lean body, and an amazing smile."

"She sounds hot. What's her name?" Shane inquired as she lowered her sunglasses, a mischievous smirk starting to form on her lips as she raised her right eyebrow high onto her forehead.

"Don't you fucking touch her, Shane!" Alice practically yelled, her right index finger pointing venomously in the brunette's face.

Holding up her hands in self-defense, "Hey, I made my mistake once. I ain't going to cross that line again."

"You better not." Alice warned as Mark silently chuckled behind them. "I swear, I will beat the ever loving crap out of you if you do."

"Wooh. No. I'm good on getting my ass kicked." Shane said as she clasped her hands together in front of her chest. "I swear, I'll stay very far away from ALL tennis players. Guys included."

"Good, now let's go." Alice said as she hopped off the bleachers, her book bag slung over one shoulder and clinking as she briskly walked away.

"You heard the lady," Mark said with a shrug as he picked up the other book bag. Pushing Shane off the bleachers in the direction Alice was walking, they both began to follow suit, heading in the direction of the tennis courts.


As they were bypassing the cheerleaders, a high pitch voice caught their attention. Ignoring the person screaming, the trio continued to walk until the voice started calling out to them personally.

"Hey, Robin Cooper and friends!" The shrill voice called out. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" Getting frustrated that the trio were ignoring her; Jenny decided to use a different tactic. "Shane!"

At hearing her name being called, Shane stopped dead in her tracks, turning around to look at who was calling her. Behind her, the waitress from the previous night was vigorously pushing her way through the throngs of cheerleaders, shoving some of them sideways as they energetically went through one of their routines.

"Hey, you guys are about to enter into a world of pain," Jenny shouted out, catching Alice and Mark's attention who were impatiently waiting for Shane to catch up with them.

"What are you talking about, freak?" Alice asked as she stormed over to the dark haired girl, her jaw clenched in aggravation.

Staring up into the unnamed girls eyes, she let out a light chuckle as a smirk overtook her lips. Raising her left hand and pointing it at Shane, which caused Alice's eyesight to shift. "Her. Ya, you. I know what you did."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Shane asked as she took a step closer to the other women, her hands buried deep in the pockets of her worn out jeans as the fingers on her right hand unconsciously played with her zeppo lighter.

"I was there. I saw it." Jenny said smugly, stepping up to be a hairs breath away from Shane. "I saw what you did."

"Move, or you're gonna get hurt." Shane warned as she removed her hands from her pockets, her hands automatically clenching into fists at the other girls close proximity.

"Is that the tweaked bus boy from last night?" Mark asked as he came to stand by Alice, his eyebrows scrunched together as he watched Shane and the mystery girl stand toe to toe.

"I know what you did." Jenny growled out as she looked up into Shane's green, penetrating eyes. "I was sitting right there."

"Hey, shorty." Mark hollered, grabbing Jenny's attention away from Shane. "Why don't you take the freak show somewhere else? We have somewhere to be."

Slowly turning around from Shane, Jenny's eyes narrowed on the tall, semi built man only a few feet away from her. "How's your leg feeling, buddy?" She asked in a condescending voice, her head tilted to the side as she looked at him mockingly. "You're walking awfully well for having a broken leg."

"Seriously, dude," Alice huffed as she rolled her eyes upward. "What's your problem?

"I know about the test," Jenny blurted out, her nostrils flaring as she stared daggers at the three friends.

Mark and Shane share a quick glance before Mark spoke up, "What test?"

"Yesterday's history midterm, smartass." Jenny clarified as she clenched her jaw. "With Professor Philip!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Shane said as she removed her glasses, trying to play it cool.

"I'm not kiddin' around, bitch." Jenny growled out in frustration, jabbing her right index finger in the center of Shane's chest. "You guys are busted. I've caught you all red-handed."

"Don't fucking touch me," Shane growled as she slapped away Jenny's hand. With her blood still boiling, she roughly pushed Jenny backwards by the shoulders, sending the shorter girl toppling into Alice.

"Okay, let's see this so-called proof." Alice said as she grabbed a hold of Jenny by the back of the neck.

"I got the proof." Jenny declared as she struggled out of Alice's grasp. Removing her schoolbag from off of her back, she ripped open the zipper and removed an exam paper and showed it to the blonde women. "See!" Whirling around to show the packet to the tousled hair brunette, "This proves you were there, Shane."

Shane stared at the packet in disbelief. Her messy handwriting scribbled in the corner felt like a slap to the face. Before she could reach for the packet, Mark snatched it out of Jenny's hands. As his eyes quickly scanned over the short conversation, his hand started to crumple the packet in anger.

"Oh, don't worry about ruining that," Jenny said offhandedly as she stared at Mark. "I got plenty of copies."

"This doesn't prove anything," Mark sneered as he continued to crumple up the sheet of paper.

"Yeah, you can't prove anything." Alice chimed in, bobbing her head up and down. "So why don't you just pat yourself on the back, Sherlock, and go on your way."

"Hmmm, let's see... You know, at first I didn't get it. Then it hit me." Jenny said as she stroked her chin in mock contemplation, her grin spreading from ear to ear. "I've got Shane here at an exam for a class she's not enrolled in. And then, I've got you," She pointed at Mark, "taking the test after it's over, and on fake crutches to boot. And what a coincidence …you guys are roommates."

"So what?" Shane said with faux bravado as she looks around the athletic field to see if anyone was watching.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

"So what?" Jenny asked back with her trademark smirk, provoking the desired reaction in the group. "Well, if this were to get out, you guys would probably be expelled. Do you really need a diploma? No, I don't think so." With a casual shrug of her shoulders and a few leisurely steps, she continued on her little tirade, "but, you know, if you wanted to go to a graduate school to advance your film career, for instance... that'd be pretty tough. Or be hired by a prestigious journalism corporation like 'Hamilton, Crawford, & Falck'."

"I'm into that firm." Alice said suddenly, casting an incredulous glance at Jenny.

"I know." Jenny replied cryptically. "I saw your name on the interview list. Good luck getting that job. They don't hire cheaters."

"Hey, wait!" Mark yelled as he noticed Alice's crestfallen face, his own expression diming as he envisioned their futures quickly slipping through their hands. "Wait. Okay, what do you want?"

"You know, that's a good question. And one I've put a lot of thought into." Do I want money? I mean, this information ought to be worth a few grand … "

"No fucking way," Shane bellowed, the arrogant women seriously pissing her off.

"Shane!" Mark chastised, his eyes widening as he stared down his friend. "Shane, come on, help."

"Okay." Shane said, finally budging. "What do you want?"

"Listen, I've got a problem that needs a very creative solution." Jenny said casually, as if she didn't have a care in the world. "It's about a girl."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Shane inquired, her voice low and full of malice.

"I'm talking about you "delivering" a certain woman to me." Jenny said to Shane, putting it bluntly. "You're obviously amoral... but certainly clever in your ways. And you, you may have some... people skills I may lack.

"You want us to help you get laid?" Shane deadpanned, her scowl no closer to disappearing.

"Very good." Jenny praised with a clap of her hands, treating the brunette as if she was a well-behaved dog. "You catch on fast."

"That's the fucking proposition?" Mark snapped, not liking being blackmailed by some little weasel. "Some chick?"

"This isn't a dating service. This is college. Bag your own bitches." Alice replied angrily, not liking the idea of being blackmailed either, never mind the notion of having to play matchmaker for someone jeopardizing her future.

"Carmen's not a bitch!" Jenny flipped, turning bright red and lunging towards Alice, punching her repeatedly in the chest. "She's a very sweet girl! Not a dirty whore like your mother!"

"Wooh! Take it easy!" Mark shouted as he grabbed Jenny off of Alice, lifting her up from her armpits and suspending her in the air at arm length distance so he wouldn't be kicked by her flailing feet. "You gonna be good?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Jenny hollered as she continued to flail her legs.

"You alright, Alice?" Shane asked as she gripped an arm around the blonde's waist, preventing Alice from charging the waitress once Mark put her down. "Mark, back her away."

"I have copies." Jenny reminded everyone once Mark put her down. "I'm not afraid to expel you."

"Take it easy. Relax." Shane said as she released her grip on Alice. Turning her attention back to Jenny, who was standing in a defensive stance, "Can you tell me what this girl even look like, at least?"

"I'll do you one better," Jenny said complacently as she let her book bag slid down her shoulder. Opening the front compartment on the backpack, Jenny removed a worn Polaroid picture of the girl she had a crush on. Handing over the picture to Shane, "You can keep that. I have plenty of others."

Shane stared at the picture intently, taking in the full physical appearance of the women smiling in the picture. "Honestly, what do you expect us to do?"

"I don't know." Jenny replied with a shrug. "And I don't care. All I know is that I want her and you're going to help me get her."

Looking up from the worn-out picture, Shane stared at the neurotic, egoistical woman only a few feet away, "Give me a day? I need to think about this. This is a tough one. Just … just give us the night."

"Fine." Jenny said with a huff as she straightened back out her clothing. "They call me Awesome Jenny." Jenny said arrogantly. "I live in Hannigan Hall"

"All right, whatever." Shane said with a shake of her head, hopping that this conversation would soon be over. "We'll find you."

"You better," Jenny said with a knowing smirk as she quickly started to back away from the three fuming friends. "You have one day, or I play show and tell with the Dean."

Shane casted her eyes back down at the photograph in her hand before shoving it into her pocket. "We'll find you." she said again in confirmation as she looked up at the retreating woman's form.

I didn't like being blackmailed by "Awesome Jenny"... but she sure did have good taste in women.

"So, those tennis player?" Shane said offhandedly, casting a sheepish smile to her friends in an attempt to try and turn the conversation to a lighter topic.

"Fuck you, Shane," Mark snarled as he walked passed his roommate, roughly slamming into her shoulder as he strode by.

"Not cool, Shane." Alice agreed with a nod of her head as she followed behind Mark, planning on heading back to their suite. "Not cool."