Insights into a Clockmaker

So long ago you where my friends. In my long search I met all of you and I will always remember my friends.

Loyal, steadfast and stubborn as a brick, because of you I found my determination. So long ago you where my shield and when in doubt I remember you Marama.

Jokes always jokes I never could keep my books away from you but our races always ended in your favour.I would like to presume I can rival your speed but your vigor of life I can only hope to imitate Frisco.

Always one of honour, a love of birds unsurpassed. My fondest memory of you was when you saw one of my creations and you wanted me to build a bird for you, one who could always be with you. You always said that duties are important but that life is not all duty which is how I honour your memory by my actions in life Tartufo.

You may have disliked your name but the way you looked at nature was wondrous. Somtimes I was jeolous but you deserverd everything you had in life with your only allergies holding you back. To look at nature is to look what you have left behind for all of us Weedkillos.

But the time to think has passed and the time for you to aid me has come. So wake once again, Marama defend me once again, show your speed to the Twelve Frisco, Tartufo may this bow serve you well, time to play the puppets one last time Weedkillos, together we will defeat this dragon and finally my mistakes will be undone.

My promise to you all a second chance to meet again, our family's again, for you my friends now is the time to WAKE.