A tall, older man stood over his desk with a file in his hands. His light, glassy blue eyes read each word in the file of an ex-Marine and who used to be on the Most Wanted list. The same person was also deeply targeted by the now dead terrorist, Vladimir Makarov. As he read each section of the soldiers file, he heard a light knock on his door. He muttered a clearance to enter and continued to stand where he was, back to one of his men as he gave him a report that he had been waiting for hours to hear of.

"Sir… She's here." The private said with a salute.

He slowly looked away and ran a hand through his slightly-graying brown hair and turned to the private showing his face in the dimly lit room. He nodded once and closed the file and placed it on his desk in a neat pile with the other files he had laying around. He watched as the private walked away from the room. He straightened his hair and his clothes as he sat down at his desk chair and waited for the young woman, who he had known for three months. He folded his hands as he waited. Then, his impatient waiting came to an end when he saw the thin, tall figure of his so-called "girlfriend".

"Kallen, it's wonderful to see you." He said standing up with a fake warm smile and went to hug the woman.

Twenty-three year old Kallen Jones just rolled her eyes at the older Russian man as he kissed her cheek. "You can stop the charade, Anatoly. I'm not being watched like last time." She said in an aggravated tone. Her long blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and her light green eyes shown better with the eye make-up she wore. Her thin face showed both youth and maturity while a scar lined her left eye from an inch above her eyebrow down to the left corner of her mouth.

Anatoly sighed in relief and sat back down at his desk. "They think that you're a spy. You haven't been doing anymore missions for Kirill again have you? I barely cleared you last time. I told you when you recovered months ago that you will only be working for me. That was the deal. Weasel out again and I'll have to tell your secret." He said giving her a devious smile.

Kallen tensed as he said that. 'I, uh, I'm sorry, Anatoly. You know how hard it is to resist the thrill of a mission after being with Makarov don't you." She said trying to give him her best forced smile.

He just scoffed and arched an eyebrow. "Indeed. I have a personal mission for you, Kallen." He said standing up and picking up a file in the filing cabinet across the room.

Her eyes followed his footsteps as they trailed back to her. He threw the file on her lap where she could see the opened page he was referring to. She looked down at the face of a slightly older man who looked like he could be in his mid-twenties. He had light, tousled brown hair and bright green eyes. His face was hardened and she could easily tell that he had seen and starred in many rough battles in the military. That and the fact that his information said he was a Lieutenant.

"Well, who is he and what do you want me to do?" She asked looking down at the man's face.

"His name is Simon Riley. He was a Lieutenant a year ago before he had been shot by his own General. Well, some men that owned the estate had come to inspect the house for rent and found both his and another young man's body. Unfortunately, they were unable to save the younger man, considering he was burnt deeply and the shot in the abdomen was too close to the heart. But, they were able to revive Mr. Riley here. He stayed at the hospital for a couple of weeks until he was able to leave. He has a daughter; her name is Avery. She's about two or three now." He began to explain.

Kallen furrowed her eyebrows slightly and continued to look at his face and flipped through the pages. "What happened to the mother? And why do you even want me to go after him?" She asked completely confused.

"Her mother, Anna William-Riley, had married Simon almost five years ago when they were both eighteen. She died in child birth, sadly, and the child has been staying with her grandmother on her mother's side. Once when Anna had passed away was when Simon was so devastated about her death and hoping to make sure his daughter had a safe future; he had read about Zakhaev and his reign, he joined the British Army. Well, you can read the rest about his military career if you want to."

He paused for a moment as Kallen looked at the picture of Anna and Avery Riley. She could clearly see the strong resemblance between the two. Avery had the same green-blue eyes as Anna, along with the same nose and long dark brown hair. She felt a sense of pity deep in her heart; a part where she had forced herself to smash it and destroy its existence if she were to survive with Anatoly's security.

"What I want you to do is kill him. You don't have to touch his daughter if you don't want to, but I want you kill him. He's holding a birthday party for his daughter this Friday at a park in Oregon, where the child and Simon have been living for the past year. I believe you know the consequence of not fulfilling my task." He said striding across the room and sitting back on his desk, hands folded across his chest proudly.

Kallen was dumbfounded. "You want me to kill a little girl's father on her birthday? I've had to do some sick and twisted things for you and your "cause", but I refuse to do this. Kick me out of my "high-class" home and take my money, I don't even care about that anyway. But I will not do this." She said throwing the file from her lap and grabbing her bag as she began to storm out of his office.

Anatoly just chuckled as she tried to open the locked door. "I don't think you are going anywhere, Ms. Jones. Not unless you want that precious group of loved ones to die. If you do, please go on and I'll unlock the door. If not then come back and sit down and listen to my instructions, Kallen." He said standing from his desk and crossing towards her.

As he approached her, he placed both hands on her shoulders and looked into her light green eyes. "You don't want that, now do you." He said in a whisper, daring her to try and leave again.

She stood there, breathless as she tried to think of what she should do. If she left and objected the mission, Anatoly would for sure have his men sent out to kill all those that she loved. She shivered as the image formed in her mind. She couldn't let that happen. She slowly looked up at his face and with tears blurring her vision from thinking of all her friends and family dead she finally made her decision.

"Fine. I'll do it. Lieutenant Riley will be dead in two days. I promise." She said, her conscience yelling and screaming at her decision in protest.

"Good choice." He said patting her cheek. He turned to sit at his desk again as Kallen pulled at the now unlocked door and began her rushed departure from the horrible place. Her mind cloudy as she thought of her previous mission.