Melody jumped back as the man burst through the door, dripping wet from the rain outside.

"Finnick! What the hell?" She immediately called out in surprise as he crashed into her shoulder and stood beside her in the hall, golden-bronze hair soaked and glued to his temples and forehead.

He just shook his head to remove some of the rain from his hair and grinned for a second when Melody made a disapproving growl. His green eyes immediately found her angered brown as he looked up from his jacket zipper.

"What?" He asked with an arched brow.

Melody just rolled her eyes at him and took his jacket when he removed it from his shoulders. "I know this has kind of been your Safehouse for a couple of weeks, but can't you at least give me a heads up before you decide to practically breach the front door?" She said holding the jacket as she folded her arms, shifting her weight to the other foot.

He just smiled once again and looked into the living room to find Anna still on the couch, unveiling her eyes as she memorized the voice.

Finnick grinned, "Hey, Anne. Looks as though the warden's still keeping you here," He jokingly said stealing a glance towards Melody who just wrinkled her nose sarcastically at him.

"Finn, just tell me why you're here. I thought you were back in Ireland by now," She said stepping into the kitchen as he followed behind her, taking a place at the old wooden table in the middle of the kitchen.

He rolled down the long sleeves of his black and gray sweater and stretched his long arms, "I was kind of compromised on the way out. Looks like I wasn't the only one heading to Ireland that day," He said sighing as he sat in the old wooden chair. He couldn't remember the last time he had actually stopped and relaxed for more than two seconds.

"What do you mean?" Melody asked with her back to him as she began to search for a coffee cup for her sudden guest. She knew that he also had at least one cup when he was at her house.

"I was going to just drive for a while until I was forced to go through air, but when I was heading out to leave this morning, I saw some of Anatoly's men watching me from afar. I had no choice but to turn back. I've been walking and running since like, six this morning," He said holding his temples in his hands, trying to force away angry thoughts.

Melody glanced up to the clock beside her, as she began to pour the steaming black liquid into the cup, "But it's like four in the afternoon. Please don't tell me you've been on your feet since six," She said turning and walking towards the table.

He muttered a thanks as he took the cup in his hands, sighing with relief as the warm drink inside immediately warmed his frozen fingers, then answered her, "It's not like I had much choice. If I had stopped for one minute to get some kind of vehicle they would have most likely found me. I think I lost them about an hour or so ago. I was just going to find some place to stay for a while until I knew the coast was clear, but then I remembered yours and Anatoly's compromise. Your place wasn't guarded or watched, so I thought that since I was so close, I might as well stop by," He said explaining quickly so he could put his lips to the rim of the cup.

Melody's brow furrowed in deep thought as she watched Finnick drink the coffee slowly but hungrily. How could Anatoly possibly know that Finnick was going to Ireland? She knew that she never even thought about it in Anatoly's presence or that of his men. She thought it was ridiculous to even suggest that Finnick let it slip. She was the only one he told. Unless...

"Anna!" Melody immediately called out then jumped out of her seat when she remembered that Anna shouldn't be moving.

When she entered the living room, she found Anna cringing into her blankets and barely kept her head under the blanket.

"Did you let Anatoly know that Finnick was going to Ireland? If you did, how did you know?" Melody asked nearly yelling.

Finnick jumped out of his seat hearing the sudden increase of Melody's voice. He knew that this couldn't be any good.

"I told Anatoly that I thought he'd be going to Ireland, but I had no idea that he was actually going there!" Anna blared back defensively, scared she might've hit a nerve within this new Melody.

"Hey, it's alright! Geez, calm down, Mel," Finnick then said wrapping an arm around Melody's shoulders, pulling her away from Anna.

Something sparked inside Melody when she heard Finnick use the nickname 'Mel'. She couldn't see anybody, but it was like there was someone calling out to her or speaking directly at her, for she heard a man with a Scottish accent. He sounded like he was laughing, but at what?

The shock from the name and the voice made her forget about Anna and her giving away Finnick's location. She tried to shake it off as she returned to the kitchen, Finnick warily following her a second later after exchanging a look with Anna.

She leaned against the kitchen sink, staring off into the misty and rainy window as if it would somehow transport her away from the awkward tension she created in just a matter of seconds.

"Melody, what's with you?" Finnick asked appearing by her side, brow furrowed with concern.

It took her a moment to process an answer. She had no idea what was really with her. This was the first time she had ever really had a moment like this. She didn't know what to think or do about it. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was just some guy she overheard once on her undercover missions for Anatoly. Yeah, maybe, but why would a simple overheard word shock her entire system? She swallowed back her wary thoughts and turned to him.

"It's nothing, I just...had something on my mind. I believe Anna though, I guess. She's not really used to the kind of torture Anatoly will allow to happen. Do you think Anatoly will be tracking you for any longer?" She then asked hoping to get the conversation off of her. She never liked being the topic of a conversation.

He didn't believe her, but decided to just let her think it over in her mind and recover herself, "I'm not sure. I don't know how bad Anatoly really wants me," He said with a sigh and pressed his lower back against the counter beside her.

Melody nodded in agreement, "You're welcome to stay here if you want. Well, you don't really have that much choice right now, no offense," She said with a half-hearted grin, hoping she didn't offend him in anyway.

He just scoffed, "None taken. It's not like I haven't been really getting my way lately anyway," He said sympathetically as he crossed his arms over his chest, looking over at her with a crooked grin.

She grinned, "So, did you get anything on Anatoly or his plans?" She said getting to their usual talk as they both crossed back to the kitchen, not bothering to face Anna again since they knew that she had been listening since they just now heard the TV come back to life.

"Barely. He hasn't really made any plans known. Last I knew he was sending out some agent today to eliminate some target of his. Don't know who the unlucky victim is, but I just send that guy some luck," He stated picking up his cup once again.

Melody nodded once as if making a mental note of Anatoly's recent assassination routine, "What about his newest puppet, Ian Davenport?" She asked tucking a lose strand of brown hair behind her ear.

He took a sip of the coffee before answering her, "The usual. I think Anatoly's one more act of cutting him some slack before he's completely reeled him in. Obviously; he still has his conscience," Finnick added after a soft chuckle.

Melody just grinned and gave him an agreeing scoff, "What about the woman? Gotten to her, yet?" She asked remembering Ian's wife, Jenna.

"Not real sure what's with her, but I know he's sent her on some missions already. Nothing to major, but not exactly minor either. I guess what I'm basically saying is she hasn't killed anyone yet. But, I'm giving her about a couple more successful missions before he hands her a gun to carry around as a 'promotion' present," He said with a hateful glare in his eyes. He hated the way Anatoly made killing innocent people some kind of wonderful event like some kind who just came through puberty.

Melody caught his eye and sighed, "Finnick, simmer down before you erupt," She said trying to snap him out of his dazed expression.

The hateful glare was immediately replaced with his usual soft, joking twinkle. He grinned and muttered an apology, "You can always snap me back to reality, Melody," He said with a friendly smile.

She grinned back, but found it awkward the way he looked at her, she just shrugged it off, "I guess I just have that kind of voice," She said with a sigh.

He chuckled once and put the cup down, now empty. He pressed his spine against the back of the chair, popping out the kinks as he let out a yawn. Melody imagined that he was exhausted and would probably end up falling asleep in the chair, but she wasn't sure if now was the right time since it was still so early.

"I can show you to an extra bedroom, if you want. You look like you're fixing to eat the floor in a minute," She said glancing to the kitchen's exit.

He just waved it off, "Nah, it's fine. I've stayed up this long, might as well wait until it's actually dark out," He said, Irish accent peeking out at some points. Melody always thought it was funny that he tried to hide it. By now, she could tell that when he was tired he'd let it slip every now and then. She wondered what he sounded like when he was exhausted.

"Well, if you start to feel like you're going to fall asleep, let me know before you start drooling on my table like some Saint Bernard, okay?" She said jokingly as she took his cup to get him a refill. She could tell he was going to need it.

He just grinned and watched her as she walked to the coffee pot, "Has anyone ever told you you have a nice ass," He jokingly complimented, wondering how she would react for mere entertainment.

She spun around with a glare on her face, "Excuse me!" She immediately demanded slamming the cup back on the counter behind her.

He arched both eyebrows and tried to hide his smile, but lost, "I was messing with you, Melody. I didn't even look at your ass. You're too uptight. You need to relax," He said proving a point as she just rolled her eyes, still upset with him.

He just scoffed and stood up from his chair, "If I offended you so much, I'm sorry. I won't talk about your ass anymore," He said with a grin.

She still had her back to him when she began giggling at him. He took that as if to say that she forgave him. He just smiled and turned to sit with Anna in the living room.

Kallen parked her car one hundred yards from the park. She could see her target sitting awkwardly in a park bench. She knew why he was alone and why he seemed to be so nervous. She couldn't blame him; he wasn't the only one.

She ran a hand through her long blonde hair, not knowing what she should do. She knew why she was here, but did she really want to do that? Anatoly wanted her to kill him, but she had no idea if she could really do it. She had so much in common with the man she was supposed to kill. Widowed and having one small child to look after.

Could she really kill someone so much like her? It'd be like killing herself! She released an aggravated sigh and placed her forehead against the steering wheel, trying to figure out what to do.

She looked over to the family picture she had and the locked her deceased husband gave her. Her heart tugged in her chest as she felt the contours of the oval locket. It held a small picture of her husband and their young daughter so they would always be close to her heart. She wished she never realized how ironic it was that he gave this to her nearly two days before he was killed, leaving her with their six year old daughter, Kensey.

She placed the locket down and replaced it with the family picture. She could see herself, her husband, and Kensey sitting in between them. She stroked the face of the young man's face and took notice, for the millionth time since he died, how much he and Kensey looked alike.

She had the same curly, jet black hair he had and the same nose. She shared the same green eyes with her daughter but besides that minor detail there wasn't much that showed she was her mother. She smiled lightly at the idea and placed the picture in it's original position.

She knew she was wasting time just sitting there. After forcing herself to take the keys from the ignition, she pushed herself out of her car and made her way to the man waiting for her at the park bench; Simon Riley.

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