Hey, guys here's the re-remake of it the story. I feel like the other one was too lazy, I barely changed anything and had too many plot holes in them. So I went another route. Some elements will remain, others not so much. Ps: If the beginning is similar to Aragon Potter's story Hope of the Senju Clan it's because he and I often exchange ideas, help each other with ones story, and critic one another. It will not be a carbon copy of his story. It will completely deviate into what I had in my original version with a few adjustments.

Just letting you know he is also very busy with work and life but has not given up on his stories.

On another note, I am not bashing characters or anything. I hate bashing, pocking fun, yes, but no bashing. In this story characters will have flaws in personality and skill. No one is a Gary-Stu or Mary-Stu here. Some will have weaknesses more than others and some not as much but still. I'm trying to introduce an element of realism, drama, humour and fantasy in believable ratios from a manga perspective.

On another note, I fucking nailed my University exams at Ryerson! Oh, and I knew the ninja world was over a millennia years old, maybe even two. If not I will still be changing things up a bit.

Thank you for your time.

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