Main Chapter Coupling: Eric/Donna

She's the one

The one you've known forever

The one who lives 20 steps away from you

The one you've had a crush on for just as long

The one who took a chance and kissed you the night of the Rundgren concert

The one who wanted to get you the perfect gift for your birthday

The one who thought you were cool just for rebelling against your parents

The one who thinks dancing in your driveway is just as cool as a regular date

The one who could have anyone else, but chose you

The one who patiently waited almost a year for your first date, but ended up ruining it anyway

The one you kissed because you just didn't care

The one who went on the pill not long after that

The one you took to prom

The one who was there for you when you're grandma died

She's the one

The one who could never truly be angry at you

The one you told "I love cake"

The one who needed to be convinced that you really did love her

The one who slept in your bed before you actually slept together

The one who stood up for you, but you got suspended anyway

The one who will always tell you everything, on her own time, of course

The one who will never let you live anything down

The one who, even though she says she hates it, loves when you sing

The one you waited for because you loved her

The one who came to you for advice on how to write vows

The one who "will always love you"

The one who will always be by your side

She's the one

The one who warned you, but you wouldn't listen to anyway

The one who only wants what's best for you

The one who sees a future with you, but not in the way you want it to be

The one you know so much about, even if it wasn't enough to keep the relationship going

The one who will always be stuck in her feminist ways

The one who needs to branch away from her life with you

The one you'll always be chasing after

The one you loved with everything you had

The one who didn't want to promise you something she wouldn't be able to keep

The one you had to give up, so she could be free to live the life she wanted

She's the one

The one you could never live without

The one who can never let you win

The one who knows you're her shoulder to cry on

The one who uses her writing to get rid of her pain

The one who needs her space

The one who will always keep falling in love with you

The one who has a life outside of her relationship with you

The one who has to move on in order to survive

The one who only ever fully gave herself to you

The one you wanted when she didn't want you

The one who wanted you when you didn't want her

She's the one

The one you drove thousands of miles just to see again

The one you trusted with your most private secrets, your fears, your hopes

The one who gave you a ring full of promise for the future that she once thought she didn't want

The one you wanted to share the rest of your life with

The one who you wanted to prove your worth to

The one whose love is realer than anything you could imagine

The one who's a constant reminder in your head to always do the best you can

The one who is always cheering for you on the sidelines

The one you'd do anything to be with, even if it would mean going against your parents

She's the one

The one who stayed with you when the dreams you both shared had to be put aside to help others

The one you only had the best interests for

The one whose jealousy was only out of love

The one who you still like to embarrass, no matter how old you may be

The one you'd go to the moon and back if it meant making her happy

The one you'll always remain faithful to

The one who you'll never leave behind

The one whose amazing future you couldn't, wouldn't ruin

The one whose life you always put in front of your own

The one you will always come back for

She's the one

The one who you continued moving forward with

The one you always entertained with your crazy antics

The one you had to grow up for

The one you impressed with your new-found fighting skills

The one who will always be the most beautiful women to you

The one who you didn't want to be a burden to

The one who tried her best to get you to stay

The one you will forever be your best friend

The one who will always remember where your relationship started

The one who you left to explore your dreams instead of the other way around

She's the one

The one who thought she could survive without you

The one who kept her promise of always loving you

The one whose love for you grew stronger over the long distance

The one who tried her best to live without

The one who had to move on, no matter how hard it was

The one who tried to hide her new crush from her friends

The one who tried her best to convince everyone things between you and her were never going to work out

The one who couldn't be with the person she wanted the most

The one who had to give up on one person after realizing her true feelings lied with someone else

The one who knows things will never be the way they used to

The one you bid "Happy New Year" to when the time was just right

The one who started it all again like she did so long ago: with a kiss

She's the one you've been waiting for