Main Chapter Coupling: Eric/Donna

POV: Eric

Time Frame: That '70s Finale

The taxi pulls up to the same old driveway

In the same old yard

Off the same old house

On the same old street

In the same old town

The same old car is still in the driveway

I take a step down it

It's all too familiar

It's haunting right now,

Echoing back all those old memories

It sighs as my feet hit the pavement

Has it forgotten me already?

I look up and see her,

She's sitting in our favorite place.

She doesn't notice me,

She's deep in thought.

I have to think:

Maybe she's forgetting me

Maybe she already has.

A few more steps.

I can hear the noises from inside

A party.

They're celebrating the New Year in style

One I would have been forced to help at.

I used to not want to do it

But, now that I'm back,

I'd give anything to be needed

A few more steps.

I can see her better now

She's beautiful

More than she's ever been

There are so many things I want to tell her

So many things she needs to know

I bet she wants to tell me things too.

But so much has changed

Sometimes it feels like we're just too different now

A few more steps.

I take a deep breath,

I open my mouth and say…

"Happy New Year."

One more step toward her

That's all it takes

For us to fall in love again.