Very Inappropriate

From the back of the classroom the brunette tried to keep her eyes open for more than five seconds, but her eyelids seemed to be heavier than ever. Staying up late on the previous night watching horror movies didn't seem to have been a good idea anymore.

Izzy was supposed to be paying attention to all those formulas on the blackboard, but that was so boring she couldn't even look at it. Sighing she looked to the side and found Tripp flirting with a girl who sat in front of him; she was looking over shoulder and giggling. Rolling her eyes and exhaling heavily, Izzy placed her arms on her desk and folded them to make a pillow, laying her head on her slender arms allowed herself to fall asleep.

The lights of the stage went off and the four members of Iron Weasel went backstage where she was waiting for them. Ash, Burger and Tripp, oddly, vanished before she could say anything and Derek was the only one left. The British looked at her as if he was surprised she was there.

"Izzy? What are you doing here?"

"I always come to your shows. Biggest fan, remember?" She crossed arms and raised an eyebrow.

He shrugged and turned on his heels walking towards the exit of the place. When he opened the door, the teenager spotted the Band Van on the parking lot and hurried after Derek who had already stepped outside and was walking towards the vehicle.

"Hey! Could you give me a ride? It's kinda late…"

"Sure! To the band van!" He said cheerfully as he reached for keys on his pocket.

Izzy sat beside the leader of Iron Weasel and slammed the door shut. When she turned her head to look at Derek she saw he had his hands on the wheel and was staring blankly at it.

"What is it?" She frowned, studying the wheel and the panel, trying to find out what could possibly be wrong.

"I should have brought a fan! I got the van all for myself for the first time in years!" He exclaimed looking out the windows of the van and trying to find a groupie on the empty parking lot.

"I'm here!" She protested, feeling offended by his lack of consideration for her.

"Izzy, you're right! You're fan!"

"Wait, that's not I meant!"
She barely had time to finish and he had already wrapped his arms around her small waist and dragged her closer to him. Before she had time to react, the rockstar covered her mouth with his. After the initial shock, she closed her eyes slowly and allowed him to deepen the kiss. She
was a fan after all and Derek had always been her favorite Weasel. They got a little carried away and when Izzy realized she was straddling him, his large hands under her skirt stroking her thighs.

"How old are you, again?" He parted, panting, and tugged her shirt up, trying to remove it.

"Eighteen" She lied, breathless. "I'm eighteen…"

The teenager slapped his hands away to remove her shirt herself and then bent down to kiss him enthusiastically, her arms sneaking around his neck as she pressed herself against him, feeling a leathery bulge against her inner thigh.

"Izzy…" He moaned against her lips.

She parted, biting her bottom lip and running her hands down his chest, stopping at his belt buckle.

"Izzy! Wake up!" Tripp shook her by the shoulder and she almost fell off her chair.

"I'm eighteen…!" She mumbled half-asleep, sitting straight.

"What?" The guitarist asked confused.

"Nothing. Let's go, the class is over." She stood up, grabbing her bag and her notebook and walking past him to hide her blushing cheeks.

Now she would have to avoid Iron Weasel for at least a week, especially Derek.