I don't own Batman or anything else, except my OC.

I love TDK Joker so much, and came across this series just out of boredom. I knew of it as a kid, but I was girly-girl and always changed the station so I could never fully appreciate it. :-S

I instantly fell in love with Harley in the series. I think she's just about the most adorable animated character ever, and I wanted to explore a kinder side of her, because I do think it's in there...somewhere.

I appreciate every reader I have, but I appreciate reviews even more! I love having feedback, especially detailed ones! ;) Oh, and if there are any of you on deviantART who would like to make a sketch of my OC, that'd be pretty cool, too, because Lord knows I write a heck of a lot better than I draw. ;)

Harley Quinn drove recklessly down the road, weaving in and out of traffic with ease. The Joker sat in the backseat, his feet propped up as if he was the passenger during a quiet, Sunday drive down the coast. Harley had learned the hard way how to drive without hitting other people or objects, given the amount of time she'd been with the Joker. This particular day was a scenario Harley was all too familiar with - after all, the Joker said Harley always drove him...crazy, that is. Not that she meant to, exactly. Most of the time she couldn't help how insanely furious she made him, but she was quite skilled with it, as everyone knew. As they sped down the winding road, she glanced into the rearview mirror just to make sure their other henchmen were still following close behind them. Harley knew in case their men lost track of them, her puddin' would have found some way to blame it on her, and most likely punish her with a fist to the face. So, Harley was relieved to see their tattered old brown car behind them, although not nearly driving as careless as she was. In a meeting as big as the one they were about to have, they could use the little extra back-up they could get, just in case. You could never tell what could happen with the Gotham Rogues.

Harley's mind wandered (as it was prone to do) even as she controlled their vehicle. She wondered what her darling Ivy was up to. The last Harley had heard, Ivy had been recently caught by the police and had taken up residence in Arkham Asylum...again. Harley knew deep down it was only a matter of time before she too was caught and placed there once more. This was something she wasn't at all looking forward to. Sure, she'd been there more times than she could count and it was almost, in a way, like a twisted second home, (not to mention she had the Asylum to thank for introducing her to the love of her life,) but she intended to stay a free woman for as long as she could. Still, she thought, sadly, it gets so lonely without another girl around here. At least with Ivy out and about, it calmed Harley, somewhat, to know there was always a girl nearby she could talk to about anything. There was no doubt she loved the Joker and her two precious animal babies, Bud and Lou, but it just was wasn't the same to be surrounded by men all the time. Often times, Harley even wanted to suggest having a tryout for an expansion of their team, namely a woman (although not blonde, and certainly one who wasn't as attractive as Harley... after all, even she had her limits) but, Harley knew full well the Joker was already fed up with her alone, so he'd never let another female into the gang - no way, no how.

"Harley girl, for the love of Pete, will you watch where you're going?" Joker's shrill voice shrieked in her ear, snapping her out of her daydream. "Are you trying to kill somebody, or what?"

Harley giggled in spite of herself. "Not yet, Mister J!"

Joker rolled his eyes and sighed, hitting her on the back of her head with a clipboard. "There's only room for one comedian here, Harl. And it sure isn't you. Now, shut your trap and drive more carefully before I put a bullet in your head."

Harley frowned but did as she was told, slowing her driving down to what was considered normal. Even if she knew...or hoped she knew the Joker wouldn't actually shoot her, she certainly didn't want to take any chances.

As they drove up to the docks and parked their cars, Harley gulped, nervously looking around at their surroundings. The darkness and smelly sea-air just made the scene all the more eerie. To take her mind off her slight nervousness, Harley tried for the umpteenth time to close the trunk of their ratty old car, which had the knack for opening at will and staying that way. When she didn't succeed in closing it, she angrily kicked the bumper with her foot out of frustration. The impact was much more than Harley expected, and she yelped in pain as her foot throbbed from the force of her kick. The Joker and his henchmen just shook their heads in annoyance. Even the two henchmen, (who weren't exactly the brightest bulbs in the tanning beds) were embarrassed of Harley's behavior sometimes.

"Ew, what a horribly dreadful place this is," Harley mumbled after a moment, after managing to ease her agonizing foot pain. "Are you sure we're in the right place, Puddin? Who in their right mind would wanna come here, anyway? It's so dark, dank, and dreary."

Joker shoved Harley out of the way as he made his way towards the old, rundown building. "We're in the right place, you moron. Now, shut up and let me talk business. If you so much as open your mouth an inch without permission, I'll throw you into the bay. You got that?"

Harley clamped her mouth shut, "zipped" it closed, and nodded.

The henchmen opened the doors, and Joker and Harley walked inside the old, dusty building. Scarecrow sat at a table, his dark eyes even darker of impatience after having to wait longer than he had originally intended to. Harley squealed when she saw her "friend," and attempted to greet him, but with one stern look from Joker, she clamped her mouth shut, again.

"It's lovely to see you again, old friend," said Joker, sitting down at the table and glancing over the pile of blue papers which were strewn across it. "It's been way too long."

"You know, Joker," said the masked fiend sternly, his voice sharp with annoyance. "I do expect my business partners to arrive at our agreed time." His coal black eyes narrowed. "Otherwise, what's the point of arranging a specific time...if both parties are not willing to follow through?"

The Joker sighed, heavily. He wanted to talk business, not about his tardiness. "Come now, come now. I'm here, aren't I? We're alone, not a soul in Gotham knows what we're up to. Let's just get on with it!"

Unbeknownst to them, a Gothamite was watching, but probably not one they would have been expecting. The petite, feisty, just barely eleven-year-old girl crouched behind a couple of boxes and peeked inside the warehouse through a foggy window. She was almost too cute for her own good, with her huge ocean-blue eyes and sprinkling of freckles across her rosey cheeks and button nose. Her blonde hair, which had been pulled into two tiny half-pigtails on the top of her head, anime-style, blew in the wind as she took in a deep breath, taking in the entire scene. She shivered a little, as her multi-colored striped tights, long-sleeved light pink dress and funky vest covered in button badges did nothing to shield her from the damp and chilly sea air around her.

The girl had no idea who those people were, and she could barely see them through the cloudy windows, but she knew they had to be up to no good. She had first noticed some commotion as she had been walking down the street, and her gut instinct had insisted she bring the authorities into it. She had called to tell the police about a "super freaky" disturbance, and then decided to stake out the place until they arrived. Her heart beat wildly in her chest as she glanced around, nervously. So far, luck had been on her side and no one had spotted her, but she didn't want to take any huge risks that might end badly for her. One thing she knew for sure, the docks gave her the creeps, and she knew it was completely crazy of her to be there in the first place. She knew she should leave and let the police handle the situation. She knew all of that, but in the end, curiosity got the better of her, and she dashed across to the other side of the building, just hoping for a chance to see a little more and get a little closer to the action.

She managed to climb on top of the warehouse and maneuver her way across the roof with ease. She moved with such flexibility, almost like a gymnast. Almost like Harley moved. Unfortunately for the girl, she didn't have much luck up on the roof, either. She almost groaned out loud after she saw the state of the roof window. It was in just as bad a shape as the ones on the ground level where she had started from. She sighed and shook her head, looking out across the streets for signs of police sirens.

"Boy, I sure hope the cops get here soon. I bet if I told them a donut shop was being robbed, they'd already be here," she mumbled to herself, then brought her attention back to the scene under her. "Aw, this stinks! I wish I could see what's going on down there. I bet it's something juicy...and all I can see from up here are the tops of their heads!"

The girl pressed her face to the window, hoping for a better peek. Harley, who had been easily distracted from the all-work-no-play business talk her puddin' was engaged in, caught something out of the corner of her eye. On the roof. The girl gasped in horror when she noticed she'd been discovered, and jerked her head back as quickly as she could. She felt all the color drain from her face and she thought her heart would jump out of her chest.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" Harley loudly cried out, startling everyone in the room with her sudden outburst.

"Harley, will you shut up?" cried one of the henchmen, Rock. He wasn't in the mood to have the Joker yelling at any one of them, tonight. His nerves were already shot as it was.

"No!" Harley cried, pointing to the roof. "There's a little creep up there on the roof! I saw someone with my own two eyes!"

The Joker leapt from the table, his face boiling mad. "I'll give you to the count of one to shut your annoying trout mouth before I shut it for you, you stupid, useless little twit!"

The girl's heart raced as she carefully but quickly began to climb off the roof. She knew someone had seen her and she had to get out of there, fast. She knew if she was caught, she might not see the light of day again. As she climbed down, she somehow lost her footing, and with a shriek, slid down the side of the building and smack into the open truck of Harley and Joker's car. Before she had time to react, she heard the sounds of running feet as they came nearer. The girl carefull pulled the lid of the trunk down to help hide herself as best she could.

"Hey, I know I heard something out here," cried Bugs, one of the Joker's other henchmen. "It sounded like a scream or something."

"Now do you clowns believe me when I said I saw something?" Harley cried, running towards the cars. "I knew it!"

The girl gasped quietly, thanking her lucky stars she was hidden within the shadows and no one could see her, even if they stood next to her. Her only concern was getting out of the trunk before they did. She had managed to pull the trunk of the car down just enough to where she could still see what was going on around her, but no one noticed a difference, seeing as they already knew the trunk was broken.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are!" Harley sang out, waving the pistol she held in her hand. "We're not gonna hurt ya...we're just gonna feed little teeny-weeny pieces of you to the fishies!" Not a moment after Harley spoke, they heard police sirens approaching in the distance. They all gasped in shock. They'd been found out. "Rats!" Harley mumbled. "Somebody snitched on us!" Harley tossed the pistol into the backseat of their car with a huff, and cupped her hands over her mouth. "Hey Mister J, hurry it up, will ya? We gotta go, now! The cops are coming!"

Rock and Bugs made a beeline for their car, followed by an angry-faced Joker, livid that his business party was crashed before having actually discussed anything. The girl knew she had no chance of escaping once the Joker angrily slammed the trunk door shut as he walked past. The girl gulped from inside the dark trunk, completely petrified. The only place she was going was with these dangerous criminals, and she had no idea what was in store for her once they found her.