Second Chance



Lucius walked up the stairs of his Manor and then walked to the North Wing which was his own private wing. The whole wing was decorated in pure white; everything was white, the walls, the furniture's and even the bed.

Lucius walked through his wing and finally reached his favourite room; his bedroom. He pushed open the double doors and noticed the fire was still burning warming the room on this winter night. He closed the door and made his way towards the bathroom.

He quickly showered before bed and then climbed in to see his bed mate already snuggled up asleep. Lucius smiled as he watched his love sleep peacefully cuddling a pillow obviously missing him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back to his naked body.

'Lucius.' She whispered as she felt his body against her own naked body.

'I'm sorry I'm late.' He said as he kissed her neck. 'I had a late meeting.'

'A late meeting with your bit on the side Lucius?' she said as she wiggled her bum into his hardening cock.

'If you think my bit of the side is Severus then yes.' He said as he smirked into her neck. 'It seems Severus has finally found a woman.'

'Really?' She replied as she yawned.

'I believe you know her as well.' He said as he moved his hand to her thigh. 'I believe he said her name was Penelope.'

'Clearwater? She was a few years above me. I think Percy Weasley went out with her for a while.' She said. 'Good for him though, he needs to get laid.'

Lucius laughed and smiled at his loves humour. 'Anyway my love, how are you?'

'I'm fine.' She said as she pulled his hand over to her hard pregnant stomach. 'Active little bugger this one.'

'He's just letting you know he's there.' Lucius said as he rubbed her stomach. 'Hermione, honestly, are you alright?'

'Stop your worrying Lucius, I am fine and so is your son. I am just tired and hormonal and I'm clingy. Never in my life have I been clingy but being pregnant makes me want you to be with me all the time.'

'It's understandable my love.' He said as he kissed her head. 'I promise to try and be around more often.'

'I'd like that.' Hermione said. 'And I'm sure my little man would like you to be around more too.'

'Hermione when he is born I will be working from home for the first six months. I have already told Draco this and he will take over at the office. I want to be there, I wasn't for Draco and for this son I will be and for any future children we have I will be too.' He said.

'You will be a wonderful father Lucius.' She said as she turned around in his arms.

'Your my second chance.' He said as he kissed her.

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