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Kakashi and Naruto sped through the forest with all of their senses on high alert. In the distance they could feel other shinobi battling with the white Zetsus and if they concentrated they could feel the Kages' chakra flare.

Naruto had already entered the sage mode and was frantically searching for the masked man's signature.

"I got him!" He screamed and increased his speed, getting in front of his sensei.

"I can also feel teme running towards Madara…" His voice darkened.

"Don't worry about him, focus on our 'Madara'" The voice of the jonin held a tone of finality, but at the same time it was comforting.

Their speed increased even more as they headed for their enemy.


The Uchiha was running as well, while thinking of a way to make the Kages understand that he was on their side before they try to kill him.

'I'll just have to deal with it when I get there…'


Katon: Gokakyou no jutsu

Suiton: Suijinch

The Mizukage took a deep breath and released the jutsu, effectively protecting herself and the Kazekage from Madara's technique.

Meanwhile the oldest of the Kage's prepared his own attack. Once the attack was ready he nodded to the Hokage, who rushed forward with her fist loaded with chakra.

Madara activated susanoo and extended the monster's fist in order to collide with that of the woman's.

A second before the collision the blond woman jumped up, causing the monster's fist to hit the ground. Before Madara could react, the woman smashed her hand against the deadly creature's head. The force behind that single hit buried the lowest ribs of the susanoo in the ground.

The Kazekage found the chance to bind the monster's arms by commanding the sand to cover them. Madara easily broke the sand's hold and went after the blond woman that had just delivered a kick to the monster's head, making it lean backwards.

The Hokage used the monster's forehead to jump away just as the older Kage released his destructive jutsu.

Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no jutsu

Dust covered the torn clearing, and Madara emerged from the brown cloud looking unfazed.

Summoning his susanoo once again he aimed for the blue clad woman and as she jump to avoid the incoming fist, he used susanoo's othe hand to grab her.

"Mizukage!" The Raikage cried and tried to free the brown haired woman only to be slapped back into the ground by the susanoo's other fist.

The Mizukage tried to free herself, but only the monstrous strength of the Hokage could open the cage of bones.

Seemingly out of nowhere a purple arrow hit the monster's elbow, breaking its arm in two.

The Mizukage was freed and she landed gracefully to the balls of her feet.

As soon as the other Kage's made sure Mei was alright, they turned to face the one that fired the arrow and there, right in front of their eyes the last Uchiha stood arms crossed in front of his chest and face as stoic as ever.

Madara stood there measuring the boy's abilities, he obviously possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan and he was talented enough to inflict damage to his susanoo. He was young but obviously strong.

"Who are you?" He spoke calmly, expecting the young man to show at least a sign of discomfort.

But there was none, the face of the young Uchiha remained the same.

"Uchiha Sasuke"

"An Uchiha? Why are you helping them?"He was curious to hear the answer, from the expressions of the Kage's that man's arrival was unexpected.

"I'm not helping them, I'm finishing what my brother started!" And with that he charged forward, the chidori chirping in his palm.

The other Uchiha did a katon and he was forced to jump back to avoid the raging flames.

Behind the curtain of red flames shone the black flames of Amaterasu. Knowing there was no way he could evade that jutsu, he activated the Mangekyo sharingan. Before he could try to absorb the flames, a cloud of sand raised in front of him, preventing the black flames from reaching him.

He turned to stare at the man that commanded the sand and found him wearing an almost invisible smirk.

"So, your eyes have opened." He spoke and the young Uchiha smirked back.

"Gaara-" He was interrupted by a loud voice that came from no other than the Raikage.

"You have some nerve showing up before us Uchiha!"

"Raikage! I would appreciate it if you stopped talking to one of my shinobi like that." Everyone turned to stare dumfounded at the Hokage and she in turn glared at the dark haired boy.

"I'll give him hell about everything later, now we have more important problems" The Raikage gritted his teeth as he gazed at the blond woman, but he knew she was right. Nevertheless that didn't mean she could order him around.

The Kazekage landed next to the young Uchiha and readied his sand.

"We can get rid of the susanoo, but our greatest problem is his clones." Sand flew up and covered his mouth from view, he leaned and whispered.

"Your Mangekyo enables you to tell the real one, right?" The Uchiha nodded. All of the sudden sand flew up and into his pockets dragging along a red piece of paper.

"We will force him to use his clones and you will go after the real Madara, I will use the sand in your pocket to immobilize him and then seal him" The black haired boy nodded once again, it sounded like a good plan, yet he was not sure it would work.

The Kazekage nodded to the other Kage's and they all got into fighting positions. The oldest man concentrated his chakra to form the jutsu that would make the susanoo disappear.

The Kazekage on the other hand covered the beast with sand, effectively cutting Madara's view of the battlefield. Madara smirked although it was not seen by his enemies.

Onoki released his jutsu and he was forced to drop susanoo, seconds later he jumped up to avoid getting hit by raikage's fist. He breathed a huge fireball that was countered by the mizukage's water ninjutsu.

Even before he landed sand attempted to smash him into pieces and a huge rock was sent his way. He managed to free himself of the sand and avoid the rock, but he was forced to use Kamui to dodge an orb of lava coming from the Mizukage.

"Time to end this!" He spoke and with that he summoned thirty clones.

"I'm bored of that thing you call a fight, so I will end you all right now." The clones scattered and surrounded the Kage's.

Sasuke seeing his cue scanned the battlefield for the form of the true Madara and he found him in the group of clones that took up the Hokage. He was slowly approaching her, the killing intent dominant in his aura.

Meeting the Kazekage's eyes he sent him a silent message. Then he run, he sprinted across the field in his top speed. Halfway to his target he activated his chidori, at the same time Madara realized that the younger Uchiha could probably see him.

The revived Uchiha sent a couple of clones his way, thinking that they would be enough to quickly finish him off. What he didn't expect was for the Raikage to jump in front of the younger Uchiha and open his way by punching the clones.

Jumping away from the Hokage and fired a fireball at the black haired boy, but it never met its target as a wall of sand stopped it.

As Sasuke neared Madara he activated Amaterasu, knowing that the elder Uchiha would face no trouble dodging it.

He did dodge it and the black haired boy jumped through the black flames, with the susanoo's ribs protecting him and his glowing hand stretched in front of him.

His hand pierced the man's shoulder and the same man, looking unfazed grabbed his wrist and pulled out a kunai with his other hand.

"You are a disgrace for all Uchiha's" He spoke calmly and raised his hand to kill the boy, only to find himself unable to move.

"No, you are." He replied with equal calm as sand wrapped around his form, quickly moving him away from the scene, while another cloud of sand, carrying red tags, wrapped around the older Uchiha.

Feeling the end, the first Uchiha ordered one of his clones to get rid of the damn brat. Moving with unimaginable speed the clone found himself behind the black haired teen. Sasuke unable to completely evade the attack, brought his hands up to prevent much damage from being done.

Madara's eyes widen as the blade of his clone went through the body of the female Hokage. From the looks of it the other Kages, as well as the younger Uchiha, were just as surprised.

She removed the blade and the wound closed after mere seconds.

"Listen Uchiha, I am Senju Tsunade, granddaughter of the first Hokage. And out of respect for my grandfather and for my fallen comrades I shall never allow any harm come to my friends or the ones I am supposed to protect!" Her strong voice boomed at the field.

No one was sure to exactly whom of the Uchihas she was addressing, but no one asked.

The Kazekage quickly finished the sealing and everyone stopped breathing, half expecting the revived man to pop out of nowhere and attack them.

The first one to react was the tsuchikage, who clutched his back and sat to the ground, mumbling something along the lines of 'I'm getting to old for this stuff'

"Is it over?" The Mizukage asked, still keeping her guard up.

"Yes, we got him." The Kazekage confirmed that Madara was gone once and for all.

The black haired male turned around and begun to walk away.

"Where do you think you are going, brat?" The Raikage grabbed his sleeve and brought him up to his level.

"I have things to take care of." He spoke, still as stoic as ever.

"What do you think you are doing Raikage?" Tsunade walked towards the raging man.

"Madara is gone, so nothing can stop me from dealing with this brat." The woman put her hand to the Raikage's chest and using a little bit of chakra she pushed him away from the last Uchiha.

"I told you I will deal with him once this war was over, now let him go."

"Are you telling me to just let a criminal walk away?" The male's anger reached a new high.

"He did help us get rid of Madara!" She abswered back feeling her own anger flare.

"Let him go, Raikage. We own him and besides, I think you saw for yourself that he isn't the same as he was back then." The Kazekage joined in, earning a death glare from the enraged Kage.

"He is a Konoha shinobi and if the Hokage vouches for him I'm willing to let him go." The oldest of the Kages called from his spot on the ground.

The Raikage glared at the Hokage, who smirked in satisfaction.

"I am taking full responsibility for his actions." The Raikage turned his head to the other female of the group, hoping for a reaction.

She just nodded to the group, letting them know that she had no objections at letting the Uchiha go.

"Very well." The Raikage mumbled and sighed.

The Uchiha turned around to stare one last time at the Kages and then he disappeared from their sight.


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