Who dares wins sequal!
Morning - annie Morning - jimmy Where are the others - annie I said the could come in later as we dont have a case. All we have to do is finish paper work - jimmy Oh right ... i want a coffie, do you want one? - annie Yh - jimmy 2 hours later!
Hey - marco Whats up - luke This (piont to mound of paper work) - annie Oh right. Where's jimmy? - marco With Boaf - annie (Jimmy come running in)
Have this weeks case - jimmy Go on - annie, luke and marco all say together To mediem risk prisoners from county jail escaped at 6 this morning alsulting 3 oficers - jimmy Oh god - annie These to have just shot to the top of the bitch list - marco (jimmy give marco a nasty look)
Carry on jimmy - annie Well they were arrested two weeks ago after a four years chase for them - jimmy What where they chasing them for - annie Two high end shop robberys - jimmy Do you have names - marco Zopez and Daniels - jimmy Should we know anything about them form prevous times - luke No never been caught before but you might as they are both from washington - jimmy Nope never heard of them. Although my dad mite no something I can give him a ring if you want? - luke Not at the moment we need to try and keep this in texas - annie Why ? - marco Because due to the issue of the prisoners - annie Also so we dont have to try and chase them around 50 states and try and get permission to go into mexico if they have run that way -jimmy You guys need to get to downtown houston - boof