Late night encounter

So this is in response to 'Coldhearted'. I loved the episode. Especially when Artemis told Wally Megann and Conner are a couple. Expression, priceless! It was so sweet when Robin went up to Zatanna. So cute! So this is what I thought should happen that night. Enjoy and please Review!

'It's too late. She passed twelve minutes ago.' Guilt weighed me down as I realized that this little girl was dead because of my pride. I hung my head, shameful. Then Count Vertigo stepped out from the shadows.

'Thank you for killing my niece' He used the Vertigo affect and blackness met my eyes.

I gasped and sat bolt upright in a cold sweat. I tried to calm my racing pulse. I tuned to see that my alarm clock read two am. My stomach growled with hunger, and I sighed. Pushing off my yellow comforter, I stood up. I shivered as I remembered the close call.

I entered the kitchen and started to sort through the things in the refrigerator. I took an apple and thoughtfully ate it. ' She almost died! If I hadn't stopped to fight Vandal none of this would have ever happened. I was almost too late. I was almost too slow. At least Vertigo no longer has immunity.' I polished off the apple with record speed.

I ambled back down the hall. The sound of grunts reached my ears. Changing course, I was brought to the gym. Artemis was the source of the noise. Her hands were bloody as she repeatedly tormented a training dummy. She delivered a roundhouse kick, rendering the dummy headless. She took heavy breaths. I heard some muttered words that sounded a lot like,

"Such...idiot..can't...see...I... feel..for him. Blind...only...sees...Megann." She straightened up and said louder,

"Why would he like me any ways? He is so nice, caring, and funny. I'm not. What am I saying? How in the world could I like Wally? I shouldn't!" Artemis kicked another dummy. It collapsed under her anger. She sank to the ground and shook with sobs. I rushed over beside her. She turned to look at me, terror and fear etched on her tear stained face.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I used a soft tone. She turned away and said tightly,

"Nothing." She started to get up, but she wobbled and toppled back to the floor. She took a deep breath and just lied there. She curled into a ball. I was stilled by shock. I never thought I would see her cry. I picked her up bridal style and rushed to the med room. I set her on a bed and got a first aid kit. She looked at me, surprise evident.

"Now, how why are you up? What are you doing? And how did you get blood on your hands?" I washed her hands and wrapped them in cotton gauze.

"I couldn't sleep. I train to get better. I don't have any powers, which renders me useless, mostly. And I first use the Terra cotta dummies. That answer your question?" I looked into her gray eyes. She pulled away, again. I tilted her face back to face mine.

"Why couldn't you sleep?" She turned her eyes down.

"What is with you and questions?" she asked, avoiding something.

"I deserve to know," I said," consider it a birthday present." She glared at me.

" I was jealous. You are so caught up in Megann. I hoped that you may open your eyes now, but it doesn't matter. You could never like me." She yanked away and slid off the table. I thought about what she just said. 'I guess Rob was right.' She was almost out the door when I grabbed her hand and tugged her into a kiss. She was obviously shocked, but she didn't slap me away. We pulled away. Her wide gray eyes were brimming with happiness. Turns out I got my birthday kiss after all.

Stupid ending, but oh well. Like? Hate? Please do not be shy.