"Who the Hell are these Anarchy people anyway? And why are we in some random town off the coast of England? IGGY!"

Arthur huffed a little as he pulled up his black jeans, looking his boyfriend in the eyes. "They've been trying to make various governments look bad, and they're criminals. Their actions are getting out of hand, and if we don't try to take care of this soon, there's going to be chaos everywhere."

Alfred took Arthur's hand as they opened the door to their room; they had found an inn right away upon reaching the town. At the last world conference, the two nations had offered to start their part of the search by investigating the mysterious and numerous kidnappings going on in Brighton. Arthur flopped upon the bed, a gold medallion studded with emeralds forming a dragon flopping out of his shirt.

"What's that?" Alfred asked.

"Old pirate medallion."

"Did you steal it?"

"No, I had it custom made. But I DID steal the money to pay for it," Arthur said with a grin. Alfred laughed, and flopped down onto the bed next to him. They lay there like that for a while, the only sound being their breathing. Alfred rolled over, pulling the smaller nation to him. Arthur tucked his head into the crook of Alfred's neck. Silence continued on in the room. Finally, Arthur spoke.

"Why do you think there have been so many kidnappings here?"

"I'm not sure. Do you really think it's the Anarchy?"

"I don't know, love. We don't even know who these Anarchy people are, or what they want."

"It'll be okay. My military is on it, along with the FBI and the CIA, and then there's everyone else's' governments. It'll be okay Artie."

Silence resumed, and eventually Alfred sat up, pulling Arthur up with him. "Want to go get dinner?"

-Here We Go Again-

Arthur woke up early the next morning, and looked over at the clock. Six in the morning. The Briton got up, and showered. He pulled on skinny jeans, a gray v-neck, and a thin black and white striped zip hoodie. Arthur dried his hair, and combed it out. He glanced in the mirror, taking in the medallion around his neck. Arthur wasn't sure why exactly he still wore it; long ago he had believed that the pirate medallion had been lost in a fight, but it mysteriously turned up again.

He shook his head, and tucked it into his shirt. A voice called out to him from the room. "Iggy?"

"I'm here love."

Alfred sat up in bed, looking around blearily. "You're up early, babe."

"I know. I couldn't fall back asleep. I'm going to go take a walk for a few minutes, okay? I'll be back soon. Go back to sleep."

Arthur headed out of the room, and then left the inn. The morning was misty, and the air was quiet. Too quiet.

The Briton walked by some shops, looking into the windows. Nobody was open yet, but it was still fun to look. A café across the street was getting ready to open up. Maybe he'd get Alfred up and they could go there.

Arthur saw someone out the corner of his eye, a tall, muscular man. The guy was staring at Arthur, his gaze cold and calculating. Arthur didn't like it, especially when the man started toward him.

Arthur turned and ran; he didn't know where he was running to, but he just had a feeling he had to get away from the freaky body builder guy he had just seen. The Brit escaped all the way to the old, ruined little chapel on the edge of the village. As he stopped to regain some energy, Arthur mentally cursed himself for not running back towards the inn where Alfred was probably still safe in bed. He heard the crunching of feet on gravel, but Arthur turned too late; a large, muscular arm caught him around his slim waist, the other pressing a handkerchief to his face. Arthur panicked, and accidentally took in a breath; big mistake. The smell of chemicals was sickly sweet, and it made him feel dizzy and tired. That was when the British nation/angel passed out.

He awoke about an hour later to find himself leaned against the outside wall of a ship's cabin. As Arthur came to, he noticed a man checking his pulse, poking him, feeling his hair and inspecting his skin. As Arthur became fully aware, the man looked him straight in the eyes. Arthur took in the man's clothing, and decided that he had to be the Captain."Hmm, very nice," the man commented. "I'm sure you're just the type of lad someone will be looking for, hmm?"

That was when Arthur realized that this wasn't just a modern-day pirate ship; these pirates specialized in HUMAN treasure. Dammit, where the bloody Hell was Alfred when you needed him?


Alfred never fell back asleep like Arthur had suggested. He got up as well, showered, and then dressed.

He waited for a few minutes, then ten, twenty, half an hour. The American felt anxiety starting to gnaw at him, and he felt worried. He left the room, and went out to find Arthur. He literally had only just stepped outside when a teenage kid ran into him.

"Hey! I was looking for you!"

Alfred took a step back, inspecting the kid with silver eyes and sandy hair. "Who are you?"

"I'm Tori. I was Arthur's first mate in my past life. I rounded up the whole rest of the crew too."

"Wait-WHAT? Past life? I-kid, who are you?"

"Look, I got reincarnated, okay? So did the rest of the crew. We were with him during his pirate days."

"Define reincarnated?"

"Okay, it was more like resurrected. We have to help Arthur, that's our mission."

Alfred cocked an eyebrow. "Your mission?"

"All we know is that our mission is to help Arthur save the world. By the way, I saw some guy take him onto this boat, and-"

"Kid. You should have told me that first! Come on, let's go!"

Author's Note: If you haven't read All Hail The Pirate Empire, you might want to go do that first!