The entire crew sniggered, all 203 of them. All day they had gone around calling Arthur "Captain Iggy" instead of Captain Kirkland, all because of Alfred's nickname for him. So far Arthur hadn't lost his cool yet, but it was obvious he was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

"Yes Alfred?"

"I love you!"

Cheers and laughter broke out everywhere. Arthur couldn't help but smile a little himself.

"I love you too… Git. Now somebody hoist the- oh wait we don't have any sails. Never mind."

"Hey, Captain! We've got incoming ships, only a few knots away." Robert said.

"Aye, and I hacked their radio signal to take a listen. It's the Anarchy."

"There's going to be bloodshed isn't there?" Tori asked Arthur pointedly.

"Of course. When isn't there?"

"Terrorist time?" Alfred asked.

"Oh yeah."

The other two boats approached cautiously, wary of the Britannia Angel II. Arthur gave a signal for the Jolly Roger to be pulled up. Some crew members from the enemy ships began to yell out.

"Shit! Pirates!"

"Let's get 'em!"

"Now now, calm down," the ship's commander of Anarchy X ordered. "Let's see if we can try negotiating-"

It's funny how Arthur didn't feel like negotiating right then. "FIRE!"

The ships cannons began to blast the ships on either side, explosions resounding the evening air. Arthur took in a deep breath; just like old times. Alfred handed him a gun, and they ended up standing back to back, Alfred shooting at the ship on the starboard side, Arthur at the port side.

"Fire the cannons at will!" Arthur yelled as he shot a bloke in the head. His gun ran out of ammunition, and Arthur realized that he was out of rounds. Right then a guy came rushing at him with a machete, the veins bulging in his thick face.


The American turned swiftly, and shot the guy three times in the chest, the machete clattering to the floor alongside the lifeless body. Just then, one of the enemy ships exploded, much to the delight of the Britannia Angel's crew. The other ship began an attempt to retreat, but was taken down after a little more cannon fire. The Britannia Angel II was left undamaged. The same couldn't be said for Arthur, though…

"Babe, your shoulder!" Alfred exclaimed as he grabbed Arthur. "Hey! Someone go get a medical kit!"

"I didn't even notice I got hit, I was so into it," Arthur said. Blood was gushing from his left shoulder, and Alfred was pressing against the wound with both hands. A man named Ryan came running with a kit, just as Alfred forced Arthur to lie down on the deck.

"Okay Artie, this is going to hurt a bit," Alfred said as he was pulling off Arthur's ruined shirt. "The bullet's still in your shoulder, so I have to pull it out without making the wound any messier or deeper than it already is."

Alfred grabbed a pair of forceps, and pulled the bullet out as gently as possible. Arthur gritted his teeth in pain, a wave of dizziness hitting him. How could he have lost so much blood and not even notice?

Alfred pressed down on the wound some more to stop the bleeding, while a few others got bandages ready. Arthur couldn't see straight from the pain and blood loss, and felt someone stick a needle in his arm. He heard something about painkillers, then completely blacked out.

-Break Time-

Arthur awoke to the sound of light chatter in the room. He was wearing different clothes than from before he'd passed out…oh yeah, probably because those ones were covered in blood now. He sat up a little, dizziness hitting him again.

"Arthur, not so fast! You're okay, I've got you," Alfred said. Arthur was perfectly content to be in the other's arms, shoulder wound or not. He didn't notice in his sleepiness that some of the crewmembers had snuck into the cabin to take pictures.

Thanks to Sebastian's Servant Felicia!