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Worthy of Love: A Furuba Fanfic

He hated it, the rain. Pretty much all water in general. It made his muscles ache, causing them to send out waves of pain that screamed for him to be still. Be still. It sucked all the energy and strength from him, reducing him to nothing more than a limp, wet noddle. He hated being the Cat. Being ostracized, being hated by everyone that was considered his family. Except for that pesky, annoying Boar. Deep down, in his family's heart of hearts, they all had nothing but contempt and disgust for him. Even Shigure and Hatori, who had showed nothing but the utmost patience towards him. Everyone looked down on him and thought:

"Well, at least I'm not the Cat."

Deep down, they all saw him as a monster. A hideous monstrosity to be locked away from the world for the rest of his pathetic and lonely life. A life he once resigned himself to, but no longer. Now, he refused to be locked away from the outside world, refused to be caged and separated from the life he now craved with an unquenchable thirst. Outside. He would live on the outside from now on. He had found a reason for living. To protect her smile, to hear her laugh, and to be her shoulder to cry on. To be the one who held her heart.

Tohru Honda. His Tohru.

He, the Cat, lived for the Riceball.

She made him smile, made him laugh, and . . . made him care again. She gave him strength to control his temper and to take control of how he wanted to live his life. She was everything to him, his heart, his soul . . . his everything. She was what got him up in the morning, got him to face that Damn Rat, to put up with that Perverted Dog, and to handle that Hyperactive, Headache causing, Stupid Rabbit. She changed him, she believed in him, and she cared about him. She loved him!

The Monster.

Why? Why did she care so much for him? Why did she care that he hated leeks or the rain? Why did she go out of her way to buy him cod or salmon? Why did she always add a layer of blankets to his futon when it was getting colder or take a layer off when it was too warm? Just why?

Maybe "why?" wasn't the right word. Maybe it was more of a "how?" How did she love him? How did she find it in within herself to care? How?

Simple, because she's Tohru. She was definitely something else, one of a kind. Always caring about the people around her before herself. She did everything in her power to make everyone she knew happy and content. Except herself. She waited on them hand and foot, yet never took the time to meet her own needs. Not to mention she was always apologizing for something!

"I'm sorry! I'm sooo sorry!"

And yet, that's why he loved her. He loved the fact that she cared, cared enough about him that she would beat herself up over him. That he mattered enough to her. That she didn't see him (or any of them really) as a monster. A freak. She was scared of his True Form, was positively frightened of her wits by it. Yet, she stayed with him. She stayed for him. She had so many opportunities to run away, to flee, but she had stayed. Stayed for his sake.

She pulled him out of the darkness that he had been living in all his life. She took hold of his had and pulled him into the light. The light that was her smiling face. Now, he had something to fight for, something he wanted to protect. Tohru, her smile, her laugh, everything that was her! She reached out and loved him to an extent that he had never felt before. A love he had never thought could ever exist for him. Beating that Damn Rat was now something that no longer matter, something trivial. Non-important. A minor distraction.

All that mattered to him now, was Tohru. Living outside with her. Protecting her and her happiness. He had a reason for living and by the twelve Chinese Zodiac's. . . he would live that life with her.


The End

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