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Chapter 1: A vague introduction

I'm Phantom Shadow. I'm one of the few killjoys that doesn't have a home base. I'm what you call a 'Gypsy Killjoy'; I get missions all over the US. My best friend, Lawbreaker, comes with me. Our last mission was 'Battery City Breakdown'. The Draculoids had taken over and we were to wipe them out. I don't remember much of what happened. I remember that when I got there, others were fighting the Draculoids.

I also remember that I was being chased by the Draculoids. My dog, Thunder, was with me as was Lawbreaker. I told her to go right so she could prepare a trap while I distracted them. After that I didn't see her again. I just kept avoiding bullets and other things that were thrown at me. They were everywhere. Soon I found myself being surrounded by them. I had no escape. No plan I came up with would save me. I avoided as many as I could, but eventually one hit my side making me fall and hit my head against a tall boulder. Thanks to that, and blood loss, I passed out for the first time in my life. I really wasn't expecting what happened next.

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Time passage-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Time passage-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_

I awoke in a… bed? I saw a white light above me and everything was blurry. I felt dizzy and there were voices talking, making me dizzier and also making my head throb. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't move. My limbs felt as if the weighted a ton. Yet most of the pain was radiated from my side. After a little thinking, against my head's wishes, I remembered what had happened until I blacked out. The only question was where the heck am I now? I had the awesome tendency of appearing in the weirdest places at the worst of times. I knew for sure I wasn't dead. If I were dead I would feel no pain.

I couldn't take the pain any longer. It was just too much. I let a loud and painful groan escape my lips. That seemed to make the voices shut up. Good riddance! That made the pain more bearable. My eyes adjusted to the light and although my head was literally screaming at me not to, I lifted my head and looked around. For what I saw I was in some kind of room. I also saw five figures looking at me. Right now, the feeling of needing to know where I was disappeared. Now I needed to know who these people were. I could find out where I was later on. That wasn't as important now. I needed to know where they friends or where they enemies?

"Who are you?" my voice came out raspy and hoarse. Just then I realized I hadn't had water in probably a long time. It may have also been from the heat that my voice sounded like that. "I'm Party Poison. We're friends, killjoys like you actually." It was a man's voice. My vision had cleared and I could see he had red hair and pale skin. He wore a yellow mask so I couldn't see his eyes clearly. I let his name and appearances sink in, trying to figure out if he was lying. I have met killjoys all over the US and nine of them had a name or appearance like his. I must have managed to pull off a skeptical face for one with blond hair talked "Trust him. We are all killjoys. We were fighting against the Draculoids when you showed up. You were a big help. You and your dog. He led us to you." I let my face relax. Right now they weren't threatening me, but I still didn't trust them. Normally when a killjoy goes to another base it is to ask help or take over. The second option was happening quit a lot lately and they probably thought I wanted to take over.

"We already answered your question. It's time you answer ours." The one that spoke had a scorpion tattoo on his neck and black hair. I also noticed he was the shortest one. I really didn't want to give them my trust and answer their question but I didn't want them to grow suspicious of me, so I decided to answer. "Ok I'll answer. Ask away." Urgh, the raspy voice was starting to get pretty annoying, plus my throat felt itchy so I started coughing. "Here, drink this." I saw an outstretched hand with a cold glass of water. I saw it belonged to Party Poison. He indeed has a killjoy patch. The only way of knowing if someone is really a killjoy is through the patch. Every patch has a killjoy reference number. His was 006. That was his code then? Huh learn a little more every day. I mumbled quick thanks before gulping the whole thing down. I felt the cool water trickle down my dry throat. It felt so good.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" the short one asked. I hate it when I can't identify something or rather someone. It's pretty annoying and it mostly gets on my nerves. "I'm Phantom Shadow. I was assigned the Battery City Breakdown mission. No one told me there were others her." If these guys were base killjoys I was in trouble, most likely. "How old are you and where is your base?" the dead serious tone in Party Poison's voice was almost menacing. "I'm 16 and I don't have a base. I'm a Gypsy Killjoy."I was being sincere. I could trust them now. "What? You must be at least 20 to go on a solo mission! Who sent you?" he was flaring. I really don't know why he was suddenly outraged, but I would answer him. As I was about to answer, the blond one spoke. "Calm down! What's your problem?" yeah what's your problem? "You ask what my problem is. She is 16! She can't be alone. Most importantly Gypsy Killjoys have access to anything anywhere. We already lost most of them. She could help us end this war! She is one of the very few Killjoys that can actually be of help!" wow that seemed to make the other ones cringe. I would have too, if I hadn't faced other worse things already. "Were you sent alone?" he asked me, a little more calm. I thought about it for a while. "Actually, I wasn't. I was with Lawbreaker." Lawbreaker! Oh Crap! She was with me! Boss told me to bring her back alive or… well it isn't very pretty what'll happen to me. Not only because of that had I had to save her! She is my greatest friend and she's like a sister to me! "Where is Lawbreaker?" I asked no one in particular. One of replied with a not-so-helpful answer. "Where is who?" this one had an afro and was the tallest of them. Great! I don't have time for this! I know it was stupid of my part and that she probably was ok but I owed her my life. Also, Lawbreaker was the only other Gypsy Killjoy. If she did I would be in more grief and trouble that I could ever imagine.

I ripped of the sheets and stood up. I blocked out everything. I blocked the pain, their screams, everything. Lawbreaker had saved my life and I hadn't even known her at the time. I told her it was stupid because for all she could've known I was the enemy. Now I owed her that much. I got outside and found Thunder sitting down in the shade. "Thunder c'mon here boy!" man was I happy to see that dog then and there. "Find her" I let him sniff the paper with codes she had given me. He instantly took off. I followed close behind but had failed to notice that Party poison and the other unknown ones were following us. We had barely run for 4 minutes and Thunder had already found her fighting against a gang of Draculoids. I instinctively made a go for my ray-gun but where it should be was bare. How come I don't have it with me? I always take that with me! Just then I realized that they had probably taken that away from me. I then remembered I always had a pack of ninja-stars with me. Perfect! This shall do the trick! I threw the stars with deadly precision, taking out most of them. There was one that was fighting against Lawbreaker, and failing miserably I might add. The other one was about to jump on top of her so I threw the last star I had and hit him square in the chest. She heard the thump and realized that they had all been taken out. As she surveyed the area she saw me. I was standing there idly. "If you had prepared the trap I told you to, you wouldn't have been in this mess." She stared at me not really believing I was there. "You know when someone saves your life you normally would say thank you." She ran towards me, a smile plastered on her face. "Last time I did that you called me stupid." Yep, that was Lawbreaker. "I thought that the Draculoids had killed you before you could lure them to the trap!" I saw she wasn't joking about that. "Doubt me much?" she hugged me tightly but stopped when a loud OWW left my mouth. She looked at me strangely "Are you ok?" I saw she was concerned but I didn't want her to panic. "Yeah I'm fine." I tried to lighten the mood, but it clearly didn't work when she saw the bandages around my waist. "So you're fine?" she was getting angry at me for lying about something like this. Her hug had a toll on me. Her talking wasn't exactly helpful either. I clutched my side and fell to my knees. My head started spinning. I heard them telling me to stay conscious, that I was going to be alright and asking if I was ok. I wanted to snap at them so badly. I wanted them to shut up because their yelling didn't help me at all. Does it look like I'm ok to you? I felt myself being dragged into the darkness. I promise I'm not ok. I couldn't find my strength to answer them. I just couldn't. I slowly let myself be dragged to unconsciousness.

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