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Kanda Yu loved gardening. There was no secret there.

It showed in the way the teen, aside from being the president of the kendo club, was also the president of the gardening committee that worked on the schools' vast gardens. All the time the man spent that was not related to school, kendo, and (grudgingly) friends was spent lounging around in the garden and looking after plants. When he was in the library on free time, the students always spotted him reading books that were somehow related to the very same topic.

The students around him left him to his own devices of course. For it was something the majority found surprising in a usually cold and indifferent human being. Not to mention the hostility that came when the man was annoyed. But it was a pleasant change to the schools environment, so nobody voiced a word against it.

When a new semester came and the single word "Beansprout" wrung very loud and clear all over the cafeteria, heads turned and mouths dropped open.

The schools most handsome and cold student had just addressed a freshman as a plant and punched him square on the face before quickly storming out.

Said teen shot up to his feet as soon as he could and shouted a "Who the bloody hell are you calling a beansprout?" indignantly across the room.

Oh yes. Who indeed, thought the student body.

It was going to be one interesting school year for all of them.


Rumors had flown all over the school after that first faithful encounter. The word had spread, especially since students and faculty alike were more than a little curious about the "beansprout" as Kanda Yu had called. For all of the four years the Asian man had been in Black Order Academy, he'd only every called a few people by nickname. One being the principal whom he called "Sister Complex", and the smartest boy in school, Lavi Bookman who he called a "Stupid Rabbit".

Kanda Yu as most knew by word and well, some by experience, was an anti-social person who was as good looking as a person could ever get. Most of the female population had a crush on him; Something the male population couldn't do anything about. He was also very harsh and straight to the point. His words were biting when he was angry. Cold or simply indifferent the rest of the time. He hardly paid attention to people around him, and the most he would was during school work and club activities.

The only time people ever saw him marginally gentle with anything was during the rare moments people saw him around the garden in the Orders courtyard.

That was why it was such a big deal to everyone in the school that he'd just called someone a plant.

So the rumors spread like wildfire. Among gossiping girls, class bullies, jocks and geeks. Faculty and staff. Everyone in the school knew...

Save for Kanda Yu himself whom they were careful off, and well, Allen Walker. The freshman that became the source of half the gossip.

Looking at Allen Walker, a lot of the people found the word "beansprout" to be rather appropriate for him.

One, he had strange white hair, a scar on the left side of his face, and an overall scrawny outlook.

Definitely appropriate.

And for the first quarter of the school year. The students silently watched as the two interacted with each other. Mainly through verbal banters and all out fist fights, depending on the situation. And it was always a funny thing to watch.

Kanda usually called Allen an "old man hair beansprout", and Allen would say " at least I don't look like a woman BaKanda" or something along the lines in return. They'd call each other names for a few more minutes, before either turning away from each outher, or going for each others throats.

It wasn't until the beginnings of the second quarter that things started to move up a notch.

His guardian had been reported missing, that was how the rumors went.

Cross Marian, a well known army general and Allen's guardian had been confirmed to have gone M.I.A. after 2 months of no contact with the army and government. As far as words went around the school, that was that. It was more the effects of the matter that had gotten the people's attention.

Allen had stopped smiling. It had never happened until then.

Now a days, they saw him aimlessly wondering around school with a distant look in his eyes. He was even distracted during classes, which said a great deal. The people closer to him, mainly the principal's younger sister Lenalee Lee and Lavi Bookman were constantly fretting for his well being.

"Allen, are you sure you're alright?" Lenalee would ask. Her brows knitting in concern.

"I'm fine.", Allen would say with a smile.

"Are you sure Al? You don't look so good." Lavi would say.

"I'm fine really. But thanks for worrying." Allen would say with finality.

It went on for a few days ever since the news, and that's when it started happening.

Allen started appearing in the usual places he went to, like his classroom for classes, the cafeteria, the gym and the hallways, soaking wet and almost livid in anger. He'd go around like he was chasing someone, and it wasn't until it happened in the middle of the busy hallway that the students started to get what was going on.

Allen was looking down again looking lost and out of it. Those he passed by didn't bother him and just moved out of his way. Kanda had just emerged out of the door leading to the gym with a towel over his shoulders and a water bottle in his hand. The Asian teen was drinking from it and minding his own business up until thee moment the "beansrpout" passed by him without so much as noticing his presence. Those who were curious enough to look saw the indifferent Asian teen pause in his movements and eye the younger boy.

That was before he emptied the remains of his water bottle up and over the unsuspecting first years head.

"What the bloody- why you-" And Allen didn't hesitate to lunge at the older teen who simply dodged his movements.

"Tch", Kanda responded and stopped the boys movements with a hand to his face. "I already told you sprout, quit spacing out. You look stupid.", He said.

It turns out, all those other times Allen had been going around wet was due to Kanda getting him wet one way or another.

Sources had born witness to Kanda pushing Allen into the pool, splashing water on his face from a glass inside the cafeteria, turning the sprinkler on in the rare times that Allen was outside school, hitting him head on with a hose...and the epic watering Kanda's did using his favorite sprinkler that he'd only used for the flower beds behind school.

"Yu's been rather attentive lately. His been watering Allen nonstop all week." Lavi laughed one time when he was sure neither of the two were in earshot.

"It's been pissing Allen a lot though. But I honestly thing it's been doing him good. He's been spacing out a lot less since he's getting paranoid with the rate Kanda's going." Lenalee quipped in, more amused than was appropriate for the situation.

And it was true. Lately, Allen seemed more alive now that he wasn't staring blankly at nothing at all. Not even Lavi and Lenalee seemed to be able to snap him out of it before, so it was either this, or nothing at all.

Everyone agreed that the methods were rather harsh, though amusingly so. The point remained. It was working, and it was doing the "Beansprout" some good. It kept him grounded in the here and now.

They dismissed the methods and chalked it up to Kanda providing Allen with two of the most essential factors plants needed to grow. Water and soil.

They couldn't wait to see what happened next.

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