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It was unfortunate, the students noted, that after the two got together, nothing much really seemed to have hanged between the two of them; Or at least that was what they were seeing. They knew it was a different story altogether when the two were alone.

Still, nothing new ever happened when people were close enough to see anymore. Even when Kanda and Allen were always, always together. It was like they suddenly grew eyes in the back of their heads. They seemed to have developed a knack of knowing when people besides the two of them were around.

The students blamed it on the unknown person who had let that small bit of information about them supposedly kissing, leak. They were going to skewer the individual the moment they found out who it was.

Because now there was barely anything to look forward to whenever the two were around.

No one course, was suicidal enough to try listening on them while they were alone in either's room. Not again anyway.

Daisya had tried it, and he ended up in the hospital.

Lavi tried it too, and he almost ended up in the morgue.

So now everyone was stuck looking longingly from afar, seeing as there was nothing else they could do about the matter.

Eventually, time moved, and so did everyone else. The last half of the semester ended, Kanda, Lavi, and the rest of the seniors graduated, and even then the Asian senior and his beansprout disappeared the moment no one was looking.

What a sad sad fate.


For the students of Black Order High, summer had ended far too soon for their liking; Again, nothing they could really stop.

A new semester also meant a new batch of first year students. All of which knew nothing of the local fairy tale that had been happening the year prior to their coming.

So the older students couldn't really blame any of them, specially the the girls, when they started showing obvious signs of interest for a certain Allen Walker who was 'one heck of an eye candy'.

The second years shoke their heads and tutted under their breath.

"He's taken", some of them would say in their passing.

"Sorry, but I don't think he'll be switching relationships anytime soon", some others would say with a snicker.

The older students were intentionally ommitting any hints of Allen being in a relationship with a guy.

Because if there was one thing that hadn't change every since the two had hooked up, it was the fact that they were always together. And the older teens were already betting on how soon the Japanese college student would arrive to fetch his beloved little Beansprout from school and go home.

Oh course, new semester and all, everyone was waiting in utmost glee for something to happen. They were all crossing their fingers.

The new students also noticed the rush...something flying around the place. They just didn't know what.

The oogling of a certain Beansprout continued on for the rest of the day. But like the first couple of groups, the older batches would always put a word or two about the British sophomore being taken.

By the end of the day, all the first year students were wondering just who it was that Allen Walker was in a relationship with.

No one had to wait that long, since even before the last bell rang, signaling the end of classes for the day, a certain Japanese boyfriend was already waiting for his 'dearly beloved' just outside said beloveds classroom door.

'Ohhhh...here it is', the older students thought in anticipation.

'Ohhhh...huva huva', thought the first years after seeing the no doubt, sexiest man on the planet.

And this about the time one Allen Walker came out of the classroom and walk straight for the opposite direction away from one Kanda Yu.

The students only saw the Japanese teen rolled his eyes and click his tongue before addressing the retreating figure.

"Beansprout", Kanda said, startling Allen into turning around to face the older teen.

"Kanda", Allen greeted back with a smile that made several first year hearts melt. The older students knew better than to do the same.

Not with the guys boyfriend right in front of them.

"You're early", Allen gestured at the wall clock and strode over to stand beside the man.

"Doesn't matter. Lets go", the man responded looking around them, or more specifically, the ogling first years.

The older batches didn't miss the look the Asian man was giving. Hech, they were waiting for it. And this time they knew, something really was going to happen.

So they held their breaths while the first years looked on, either drooling, or watching their senpais in utter confusion.

Before anything thrilling was given the chance to happen though, Allen moved and caught the almost exploding Japanese teen by a hand.

Everybody froze.

"Say Kanda", Allen eyed the first years, knowing exactly what could have happened if he had moved any second later. He smiled warmly at the Asian teen.

"Is it alright if I do this?", Allen asked and intertwined their fingers.

First year jaws dropped.

The rest of the student body recovered and never let the two out of their sight.

And Kanda, dear Kanda, smirked and ducked his head forward to give his little

Beansprout a kiss. This time, right on the lips.

Cat calls and wolf whistles burst from the mouths of thier personal band of stalkers. And when Kanda looked up, smirk still in place, voice saying "Mine" for everyone to hear, before tugging his Beansprout by the hand, the hoots only grew louder.

They finally had their desired outcome, the student body thought.

In another hallway a bit further from the scene, Lavi Bookman turned away and shook his head.

"Geez...figured Yu'd get all possessive after hearing about that." The man grinned and turned another corner. He looked up and waved at a familiar face.

"Hey Linalee!" He greeted the woman who looked over at him in surprise.

"Lavi! What are you doing here?", she asked and walked beside him with a questioning look.

"Came to get my yearbook. Yu came to get his boyfriend." Lavi crossed his arms behind his back.

"Oh. Kanda's here too?" She cocked her head.

"He was. But I'm pretty sure he's gotten the Beansprout as far as the parking lot by now. Man that guys overprotective."

Lenalee giggled at the comment.

"Knowing you, you egged him on."

"Naaaaawwww, that guy doesn't need egging. He'd still have come here as soon as could either way. He hasn't left the Beansprouts side ever since they got together, and he would-"


Lavi suddenly stopped, blinked, and started to laugh his ass off. Lenalee stared at him, thoroughly weirded out.

"Um...Lavi?" She asked uncertainly. Lavi stopped clutching at his stomach long enough to wipe a tear from his eye and look at the younger teen in mischevious delight.

"Say Lena...do you know the essential things plants need in order to live?" The red-head asked. Standing straighter, Lenalee decided to humor the guy.

"Oh I dont know Lavi. What do they need?"

"Well, in order to live, plants need sunlight, air, water, soil and space to grow. So far Yu has been giving Allen all of those, save for one." Lenalee blinked.

"You mean space?"

"Yep!" The man said gleefully.

"Space is important, because without it, the plant won't have enough room to grow. And it looks to me like someone wants to keep someone a small little Beansprout for the rest of his life."

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