The Coldness In My Heart

Rachel is possessed and is made to do horrible things.

I own nothing.

My name was Rachel. Who I am any more? I don't know am I Rachel? Or is Rachel gone? Am I just a body with a mind? That is needed by somone else? Am I just a tool? Do I not belong to myself? I was Rachel Berenson now I am no one. I used to be someone but that all changed one day not that long ago. I was walking in the mall. You know spending time with my friends. Normal the others had left leaving Tobias and me alone. Reasons are unknown Tobias was just staring at nothing. As usael he doesn't really pay attention to stuff. I guess that could bug me but it doesn't. So we were just there sitting when I felt something. Something push itself into my mind. If I knew what would happen or what it was I would have fought back. I didn't I thought it was my imagination. I releized too late what it was. I felt controll leave me. I didn't notice in till I moved my hand without meaning too. I was confused so I tried to move my hand. I couldn't that's when I freaked out. I tried to speak I couldn't. I stood up without meaning to. Then I said without meaning too. "I have to go." I left without wanting too. I walked without wanting too I walked away from the mall and from Tobias.

I walked to the woods. I knelt to the dirt. I lifted it to my face and breathed. The smell of soil ingulfed my nose. I wanted to scream I couldn't. What could I do? A smile spread my lips stretching. "The time to act is now. Destroy the gods destroy Olypus! This body can get me to where I want." What was I saying? Gods? Olypus? Wake up wake up! I shouted to myself. I didn't I releized this wasn't a dream. It was reality.

I sat on my branch. Doing absulutly nothing. Except looking, staring, dreaming. Daydreaming that is when I heard a rustle. I tensed up my feathers ruffled. I wanted to fly, fly away. I didn't though I just sat on my branch and watched. Then Rachel came into view. I was still tense something seemed wrong about her. "Hey" she said smiling yep something was wrong. In her voice I don't know what it was. Determenation? No it was hatred I senced it. In fact I was used to it. ((Um what are you doing here?)) I asked "Oh so I can't be here without a reason?" She snapped oh kay? ((Um)) I said trying to think of a way out. ((Nice seeing you I have to go now...)) Her eyes flashed murderessly "Why?" She asked oh boy busted. ((Ummm)) I tried to come up with a reason. I was too busy thinking that I didn't notice the pain in till it was too late. And by then the darkness over whelmed me taking me to a place I could only dream of. Ever since I was old enough to read the difficult words.

I stared in horror as I watched Tobias. He went limp and fell from his branch. He sensed something was wrong. Before he could do anything she did it. She killed him she killed him! She also left me she left me to me. I knew she was gone when I fell to the ground. I knew she was gone when tears flowed down my cheeks. I crawled to him lying on the ground. I touched his silky feathers. "Tobias" I whispered hoping he would say something anything! But I knew it he was gone. I sat criss cross and took him into my lap. I cradled him wishing hoping. That it wasn't true that he wasn't gone. But it was true he was gone. He left leaving me in the wind. I knew that when he died. When his eyes went dim with no more life. I knew then that Rachel died the only thing she left to keep me from dying was her love for Tobias. Her love from the first moment she laid eyes on his.

The End