The Moment My Eyes Laid On Yours

A Rachel and Tobias thingy. Before the war and stuff. When they were in first grade. A prequal to The Coldness In My Heart.

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The first day of first grade. My blonde hair golden in the light in two pigtails. One with more hair then the other. I was wearing jeans with flowers on them. My shirt was pink with ruffled sleeves. I lost those two teeth that make you talk funny if you lose them at the same time. I couldn't wait to show Cassie who had been gone the intire summer. My, My Little Pony bag on my back. My black Mary Janes shiny and I was wearing my ruffled socks. I rushed to the bus stop and waited. The bus came and brought me to school. I skipped in I put my bag in my cubby that I chose at meet the teacher. I sat at the place that had my name. It was a table other kids were in the classroom. My table was a table for two. My stuff in front of me. I opened my fiftyfour crayon box with a built in sharpener. I took all my crayons out and started to organize. I was too busy to notice that other person that just sat down at my table. When I looked at him my heart skipped a beat. He had messy dirty blonde hair. His clothes were ratted. His face was hidden behind a book. I looked at the cover. There was a word I didn't know. I didn't try to read it. The teacher walked to the front. "Hello children" she said smiling I instantly didn't like her. She was too perky and her blond hair? Way too much hairspray. It was like she wanted to look bad. She should have been arrested by the fashion police. She looked at my table then said. "Tobias would you mind paying attention?" I heard a small sigh and the boy set his book down. I looked at his eyes. Their browness to intriging. Sadness, hopfullness, and pain showed in them. I fell in love with him that moment. Five days later he was gone. All he was in my mind was a happy memory lost in the sea of love.

What do you think? Eslemim or Feilds of Punishment? The book Tobias was reading was The Oddissy. Yeah I know first grade he learned to read by watching movies okay? He had the deaf thing-a-mabob on. Much joyfuler then The Coldness In My Heart right? Oh in case you didn't guess the person that possessed her was Geia. And Rachel is a daughter of Aphrodite. The reason Geia wanted Tobias dead was because his mother is Hera.