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"Alright, everyone grab a flashlight," Phineas instructed. He was already holding one, and so was Ferb. They had gathered a large pile of them and now Isabella, Buford and Baljeet all bent and grabbed one.

"Now, I should let you know, sometimes the basement can be really dark," Phineas said, looking a bit over to Buford, who was tossing his flashlight around like a baton.

"What are you exactly sayin', Dinnerbell?" Buford growled, and his flashlight hit the floor.

Phineas watched him bend over and retrieve it, saying, "Just thought you all should know. Now, ready?"

"Ready, Phineas!" Baljeet and Isabella said at the same time. Ferb gave a thumb's up and they traveled back to the garage.

In their dark cell, Stacy sighed, very bored.

"Chicka chicka choo wop, never gonna stop," she muttered under her breath. She sighed and slouched, groaning. "Are your brothers going to bring the power back soon?"

Candace replied with a giggle and, "Ducky Momo is my friend. . . ."

"Oh, brother," Stacy groaned, and she slouched even more.

She sat up quickly after a moment and looked to the ceiling. What was that sound?

"Candace," she said urgently, "does anyone else know about the Panic Room?"

Candace came out of her girly stupor a moment and said, "Well, my brothers and parents do. I think so does silly billy Jeremy and funny bunny Jenny."

"Well, whoever it is, they're coming down!" Stacy said, and the two of them listened to the people take off the top of the box and come down the ladder into the Panic Room.

"Phineas? Ferb? Isabella? Brutish kid? Baljeet?" Stacy asked as they one by one made their way into the now crowded Panic Room.

"Name's Buford, doll," Buford said, nearly squashing Baljeet's face in the crowded quarters in an attempt to sit down.

"Name's Stacy, stinky," Stacy retorted.

"Hey, guys, how are you doing down here?" Phineas asked Stacy pleasantly.

"Candace is dying, as all -"

"I'm not dying!"

"Candace . . . . . . anyway, Phineas, how much longer until the power comes back on?" Stacy wanted to know.

Phineas frowned slightly. "Ferb and I are not exactly sure. Until we get a response, however, we're going to build this," and he drew out a blueprint. Ferb flashed his flashlight on it, showing off a complicated chalk drawn piece of metal.

"What is it?" Stacy asked.

"It's a device that Ferb and I designed as we were walking through the house looking for you two. When its three wires are connected to the circuit breaker, the battery power will zip through the power lines and therefore give it an electrical shock. It's like on a human body: when the heart stops, the doctors bring it back to life, and that's what Ferb and I are going to do with the circuit breaker."

"Phineas, I don't speak engineer."

"That's alright, we didn't need you to help with it or anything, we just came looking for you to see if you were alright," Phineas smiled.

"And to inquire about the scream," said Ferb.

"Yeah, that too," Phineas said.

"Oh, that was just Candace overreacting as usual," Stacy said with a wave of her hand. "Now, can we get out of here please?"

"Sure," and one by one, (Stacy holding Candace's wrist to get her away from her corner), they made their way up the ladder, out of the box, through the basement, up the stairs and to the ground floor of the house.

Perry closed his eyes as the wind caught hold of the PSI's propeller and swerved them toward the beach. They passed through the light blue sky, over the gate and parking lot and over spectators in their bathing suits.

Perry opened his eyes quickly enough to notice that they were about to crash into the sand. A fierce look in his eye, he straightened up as people ran, screaming, away from the incoming machine.

Just as it was about to hit the sand, Perry jumped off of it and his parachute went off ("Agent P!"), allowing him to float gently to the ground as the PSI made a small explosion as it lay in a heap, utterly crushed.

Just then, Doof pulled up in the parking lot to the beach.

"Let's go, Vanessa!" Doof yelled as he leapt out of his seat and ran down the stairs to the sand. Upon impact, his feet began to sizzle and he yelled, "OW!" He began to skip toward Perry the Platypus, alternating walking his feet.

"Perry the Platypus, you're okay!" Doof said, jumping up and down, the bottoms of his feet red. Perry nodded as he landed. He shoved the parachute off of his head to see Doof looking forlornly at his PSI.

"And you destroyed my Inator, as usual," Doofenshmirtz sighed. "Oh, well."

The two of them looked from each other to the broken Inator for a moment before Vanessa's call of, "DAD!" turned their heads.

Vanessa was standing at the top of the stairs. She was wearing a sunhat and dark sunglasses and had a picnic blanket and basket and toys and suntan lotion strewn all about her.

"Yes, sweetheart?" Doofenshmirtz called innocently.

"DAD! I cannot carry all of this by myself!" Vanessa yelled. "Can you come and HELP ME?"

Doofenshmirtz turned to Perry and sighed. "Yeah, she's right." He brightened suddenly and said to Perry, "Hey, you want to help me and have fun at the beach with me and Vanessa?"

Perry raised an eyebrow as Doof continued, "C'mon, you've already foiled my evil scheme and you're already here, I mean, it's not like you need swimming trunks or anything, right?"

Perry shrugged and bobbed his head, not sure.

"Oh, c'mon! We can make huge sandcastles! Please, please please, PLEASE?"

Perry nodded slowly after a moment and Doofenshmirtz clasped his hands together in excitement.

"Oh, thank you, Perry the Platypus, let's go help my daughter, c'mon," and the two of them headed back to Norm and Vanessa, who was looking a bit better at the prospect of them helping her.

"Ugh, are you two done with your experimenty stuff yet?" Candace groaned from the counter in the garage. She and Stacy and Isabella were fanning themselves with homemade fans that Isabella had made ("What do you think I made to get my Made a Cultural Craft patch?"). Baljeet and Buford were leaning against the wall. Buford was gulping down a giant cup of lemonade without a care in the world while Baljeet drank his quietly from a straw.

Phineas and Ferb were assembling their thingy McJiggy next to Candace. Ferb's fingers moved very faster as Phineas turned to Candace, "We're almost done."

At that moment, Ferb held up the completed gadget.

"Great job, Ferb!" Phineas said proudly. He turned to everyone, getting their attention. "Ladies and gentlemen, friends and sister of different ages, Ferb and I are proud to present the coolest" - Ferb made an electric guitar noise - "GADGET" - Ferb held it up - "EVER!"

They all oohed and ahhed. It looked like a mini computer with a remote attached to it.

"I give you THE POWER-INVOKING-GADGET! Or P.I.G. for short," Phineas shrugged.

Candace rolled her eyes. "Brilliant name. Are you going to bring the power back or what?"

"Patience, Can-DACE," Phineas said, and he and Ferb turned to the circuit breaker. Isabella joined them as they began hooking it up.

Just as they started, Candace heard the honk of Linda's horn. She giggled excitedly as she instantly stood up.

"Mom's home! OHHH, YOU TWO ARE SO BUSTED!" and Candace ran out of the open garage.

"For what? Ugh, CANDACE!" Stacy scrambled down and ran after her.

Giggling hysterically, Candace turned sharply around the corner and ran to her mom. Linda was wearing a sunhat and tank and shorts as she began to unload her groceries.

"Oh, hi, Candace, Stacy," she said pleasantly as they came beside her.

Candace instantly grabbed her arm and said, pulling, "Mom, Mom, Phineas and Ferb somehow made the entire city's power go out and now they're trying to bring it back and the fans aren't working and you have to bust them, Mom!"

"Candace," Linda turned and felt her daughter's forehead. "You're a bit warm. Is the heat getting to you, sweetie? Do you want to sit down?"

"No, I want you to BUST THE BOYS!" Candace pleaded.

Linda, not nonplussed at all, looking to Stacy and asked, "Did she have to go to the Panic Room?"

"Yes, yes she did," Stacy said, sighing.

Linda sighed and said, "Alright, Candace, let me just get my purse and then I'll go bust the boys."

Candace stopped pulling on her arm and her head went straight back and she yelled, "YAY!"

She let go of Linda and rushed around to the garage. Phineas and Ferb were still hooking up the P.I.G..

"And this is the last . . . . one!" Phineas said. At that moment, the light that Isabella had switched on earlier turned on, making them all gasp excitedly.

"It worked, my friends!" Baljeet said excitedly.

"No kiddin'," Buford said casually, chewing on his ice.

Isabella ran out and then came running back in.

"My mom's sprinklers are on! It worked for ALL the houses!" Isabella said.

Ferb switched on a radio and the voice inside said, "Sudden news, folks. The electricity and phone are back on in Danville!"

"YES!" they all pumped their fists, and then suddenly, just as Candace came back hopping around in front of Linda and Stacy and the P.I.G. disintegrated in Ferb's hands.

"See Mom, see? Ferb, give me it!" Candace said.

Ferb dusted off his hands and held them up in innocence.

"AHHHHH!" Candace screamed.

"Calm down now, Candace," Linda advised her.

"We seem to have a malfunction," Phineas said, looking at the pile of distengrated P.I.G. on the ground.

"Well, the power's still on," Isabella pointed out, shrugging her shoulder.

"Yeah. Heh, go figure. Hey Mom, the power's back," Phineas said, smiling.

"That's great, Phineas, now, I bought ice cream. Who wants a snack?"

"ME!" Phineas and Isabella and Baljeet and Buford and Stacy yelled. Ferb raised his hand.

"Candace," Linda said, turning to her slouching teenager, "would you like some ice cream too?"

Candace looked bleak for a moment before she nodded her head. "Yes, yes I would."

And with that, they all went into the house.

Back at the beach, Doof and Vanessa and Perry and Norm had a lovely time. They set up their picnic blanket with an umbrella and had a fabulous time. While Norm kept watch over their stuff, Perry went floating on his back and Doofenshmirtz tried teaching Vanessa how to surf board. In demonstrating how to do it, he fell off.

They used the Sand-Castle-Create-Inator to have a sandcastle making contest. Norm sat and surrounded himself in the sand up to his hips. Perry had constructed a lovely large castle while Vanessa had made a nice classic one. They were proud of themselves, especially after looking at Doofenshmirtz's, which was falling apart every time he tried to fix it.

Vanessa and Perry buried Doofenshmirtz in the sand and neglected to note that his toes were getting pinched by traveling-along crabs.

They collected shells among the rocks, Perry carrying the bucket, Vanessa filling it. Doof followed behind them, and found an impressive shell. He blew into it, and several clams and pink starfish and sand and seaweed came out of it.

They had ice cream and finally, Doof went off to retrieve the surfboard from floating away while Perry sat underneath the umbrella and Vanessa lay out to get a tan.

"You know, Perry, this was actually really fun. I mean, Dad didn't do anything vaguely embarrassing," Vanessa said conversationally. Perry nodded before the two of them watched two lifeguards hauling away Doofenshmirtz, who was trying to negotiate with them.

Sighing, Vanessa sat up and said, "So much for that. C'mon Perry, let's pack up. It's getting late."

Perry nodded and soon Vanessa, himself and Norm were all headed to the parking lot where Doof was waiting, arms folded, grumbling to himself about the lifeguards.

They left in Norm just as the sun set, spraying the sky with pink and orange. Between Vanessa and Doofy in the front seat, Perry sighed contentedly and decided that it had been a good day. A good, fun day indeed.

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