Chapter 10: painful truth

It has been a couple of months into the school year and everything seems to be going as usual, but things seem to be bothering the pack members as well as Casper. It seems the one kid that was openly gay has been out of school for some time, the pack members think that it's a sickness and think nothing after that. As soon as the bell rings they go out and notice the who is at his locker taking out all of his books.

"Hey you plan on doing some extra work over the weekend?" Casper asks the who

"Yeah, I want to get a head start on it so that I can have the weekend to myself" the who says flashing a smile.

"Ok, well do you need help carrying the stuff to your house?" Casper asks

"Yes please, that is if you don't mind"

"No of course not I would be more than happy to help out" Casper says.

After Casper grabs some of the books from the who they begin to walk out of the school and down the stairs and start heading down the sidewalk. When they get across the street the who just drops his books when he sees "Faggot" spray painted on his house.

Casper picks up the books and helps the who to his house, the who walks into his house with a quickness and slams the door right on Casper's face. Casper doing the only thing he could possibly think of ran around the house looking for something, he then came across a sponge and a bucket.

He filled the bucket up with water and brought it back to the front, he dipped the sponge into the bucket and began wiping the graffiti off the wall, it has been 15 minutes since Casper started and he was already half way done, unknowing to him that the who has been watching this whole time 5 minutes later the who comes out with some sandwiches and juice.

"Thanks" Casper said as he begins to eat the sandwhich

After they had their snack Casper goes and finishes washing off the paint as the boy hands him a book. Casper looks at it a little bit but thinks nothing of it before asking.

"What's this for?"

"Oh I just thought you would like to read it"

"Oh ok, thanks" Casper says before handing the who a piece of paper.

"What's this for?" the who asks

"That's my number call me anytime you need me" Casper says a smile on his face.

Once Casper leaves the who goes inside and notices that his mother is in the kitchen talking on the phone.

"Yes but you don't understand I can't take him to pool parties or any party for that matter, I mean he is going to be checking out guys and I won't have it, I mean really why did it have to be my son who is gay"

Hearing this the who runs into his room and begins to dial Casper's number, its ringing until finally the voice mail comes on.

"Hey Casper it's me, dude please call me back when you get this" the who says in between sobs

After about 15 minutes later the who begins to write on a piece of paper before grabbing his chair and standing on it.

At the park not far from the who's house Casper and some of the pack members are out playing basketball, they were about to go another round until they hear a scream coming from a house nearby, so they are quick to grab their stuff and run into the direction of the scream. They finally get to the house and notice that the door is opened, so they quick to run inside and stop dead in their tracks because in the next room is the freshman who is now hanging from the ceiling blue in the face with a note taped to his shirt saying "Does this ease your burden mom"

Casper then just breaks down in tears as he looks at his phone and notices a missed call and a new voicemail. He flips open his cell to hear the voice mail and just breaks down even more before slamming his phone to the ground breaking it. Justin and the rest of the pack get the who down as they begin to perform CPR, the boy is still blue in the face and unresponsive, they keep going trying to revive him and check for even the slightest pulse of heart beat, The mom comes in and is in tears as she asks "Why, what could have made him do something like this, he was such a good boy and son"

The pack are all in tears as they keep trying for 15 minutes, just then the ambulance comes….

(Interview with the pack)

Casper: Hey my name is Casper and this is a new thing called interview with the pack, we will talk about some major issues in the world now, such as discrimination and bullying, a lot of people don't realize the damage they do when they bully or discriminate against someone.

Justin: people get bullied or discriminated against anything but a big factor is sexuality a lot of people who are gay, lesbian or bi get discriminated or shunned because their lifestyle, even parents and families who love their children do the same thing, some parents don't mean to, others do its hard to believe it but its true.

Jojo: We all can't live up to the expectations of the world, we are who we are, just like me and mana we are bi, and Justin is bi too.

Mana: There are people in the world who would accept them but a lot of people are still closed minded, as for this Who in the story, a lot of people like him take their lives due to the fact that they are homosexual.

Cyrus: Children from the ages of 12 yes I did say 12 up to 18 and even older than that like college students take their lives because they are tired of living with such a burden but it isn't a burden at all, you are who you are and whether or not people accept it or not you should be proud of it.

Lehua: It took a lot of bright, smart people and people who only just started living to lose their lives before bullying became an issue, truthfully alpha read an article of this 12 year old who shot himself in the head because he was bullied due to he was gay. Alpha just bawled his eyes out.

Vienna: Bullying will never stop because other people need to feel more important and higher then everyone else so they will find flaws and attack it just to feel better, well this is it for the chapter as for whether or not the who lives, you just gotta stay tuned….