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"Angelia?" a strong military clad soldier came to ask me. I nearly laughed. Even my infamous older sister couldn't pick me up. Guess she was too busy saving the world, making Mommy and Daddy proud.

I pulled the lollipop I was sucking on out of my mouth and glared at the man. He was relatively handsome however and I'm sure he was my sister's type. "Your Commander wouldn't even pick up her own sister. How nice to serve under one like that, isn't it?" I bit bitterly before sticking the lollipop back in my mouth. I grabbed hold of my pack as he stared at me, mouth open in slight awe. "Come on then! I don't got all day!" I mumbled with the candy in my mouth.

"The Commander is-"he began, but I wasn't going to hear any defense for my elder sister.

"The Commander is my older sister. I've grown up with her, I think I know her," I hissed at the man. I was beginning to like him less and less. He gave a frustrated sigh and shook his head leading me through the Citadel. It was beautiful, but I was a couple years out of flight school, and ready to compete against my sister. It wasn't going to be easy, but she wasn't the only Shepard. Even our parents seemed to call her by our last name. It angered me so much. As the youngest though, I wouldn't have normally been noticed. With a Military Hero as an older sister; her shadow over powered me. In my opinion, she gave Mom and Dad too much to be proud of. Barely anyone knew that I existed, which is exactly why I wanted to go on HER ship.

"What's your name?" I asked suddenly. He looked at me quickly, obviously thinking me as a threat. Great, just how I wanted to start out in the Military.

"Lieutenant Alenko, ma'am. The Commander tells me you are her sister," he nodded respectably. An admirable trait, one that I did not have. I was very bad with two things, taking orders, and being respectful to old coots that really didn't know what the hell they were doing any more than we did. But hey, I'm the new girl! What do I know? Coming from a military family, more than they know.

"Call me Angelia only. I'll break your arm if you address me as Shepard," I informed him.

"Alright…" he eyed me with questioning eyes. I could easily tell what he was thinking. She wasn't capable of that. How wrong he was. I was actually a capable fighter when it came to hand-to-hand combat. My parents made me take the training considering my biotics failed epically.

Alenko led me through the Wards and to the Normandy. I grinned at the sight of her. She was quite a beauty. I wanted nothing more than to fly her at that moment. I knew I was going to be stuck either with the rest of the crew, or at the bottom of the pyramid of pilots. Figures though, my sister never liked me very much either. She never asked what I wanted. Just what Mommy and Daddy wanted. I was sulking far too much. I hadn't seen my sister in a few years, time to reunite.

"Your sister is out, which is why she couldn't come get you, but I assure you-"

"I'm a big girl Alenko," I grinned at the man. "I can handle myself thanks. Wasn't my idea to be picked up from the docks. Rather embarrassing." I went into the Normandy and it started its cleansing process, how beautiful. This ship was one of a kind and I wanted her. I'd get her too. It's the only thing I've ever truly wanted. I pushed through the next hall and there I was. In the Normandy! I took a deep breathe of the cool air within the ship. It had a cool air system that was a bit chilly for my big baggy pants and t-shirt. My family never did agree on how I dressed…or my eating habits now that I think about it. I shrugged and stuck a mint in my mouth while throwing the lollipop away. I'd need to restock in candy before we left the Citadel.

I ran into another stranger, this time it was an alien. A Krogan to be exact. I was really small compared to people. He just labeled me a midget for life. He just grunted and moved on. I realized I didn't know where I was going through…so I followed him. It wasn't being a stalker. It was called being new and inexperienced is all. Definitely.

He caught on quickly and turned around and had the gun in my face quicker than I could see him draw it. I just raised an eyebrow at him. He wasn't going to shoot me on my sister's ship. If he was allowed on the ship he had to be under my sister's command. "What are you doing following me human? Don't you have your own things to do?" he asked gruffly. His voice was deep and he would have been very intimidating to me with the gun in my face and the size difference; if I weren't a biotic. My size made it impossible to join the Marines like my sister, so I decided to be a flyer.

"Hey big guy, I'm new here, not to mention lost, can't ya show a girl around?" I shrugged grinning. I had to admit my lopsided grin wasn't very convincing, even I knew that, and he apparently didn't think so either. He grumbled anyways and put his gun away.

"Didn't think Shepard would recruit someone so small," he looked down at me like I was a midget. Comparatively speaking, I was a midget. Not my point! I sighed in realization that my sister didn't care for my arrival. Maybe she didn't tell anyone because she didn't want me to have special treatment. As if a Krogan would give me special treatment. Hell, she didn't even give me special treatment. I could never understand my sister.

"I'm not for fighting big guy," I tried to sound intimidating, but ended up failing and just sounding like I was pissed. Close enough. "I'm the new pilot," I gave him my best cocky grin. I knew it was crooked though so that didn't particularly help my image. He didn't seem impressed either. I shrugged; at least I can say I tried right?

"You belong in the cockpit, not following me around," he rumbled. I rolled my eyes at him. He obviously didn't understand lost. Hopefully my sister didn't have too many Krogan's aboard the Normandy. Maybe that's why my sister kept him around. Because he was just like her. Never gave anyone a straight answer, or maybe it was just me?

"Which would be…?" I tried to give the Krogan a hint. I don't know if a Krogan could take a hint. They're mostly used for mercenary work and not much else. Something deadly for a dying species. Sadly they were dying because of disapproval. It should have been stopped. Now I sound like a stalker, a stalker of Krogan's. I just like history though and theirs was very sad, is sad in fact.

He pointed his thumb to the left and shoved his way past me. I rubbed my now sore shoulder and hoped I wouldn't be left with a bruise. Lucky I didn't give a cry of pain out so it proved I was stronger than I looked. At least to me it did. He probably thought all humans were weak. Except my sister, you just did not make that mistake with my sister.

I hoped that I would run into the main pilot and that he wouldn't be Krogan as I went where the Krogan pointed. At least a dozen computers lined the hallway I walked through. I could see a chair where a man sat and it had to be the main pilot. My sister said I would be assisting him when we spoke on the phone. Can't image he'd be too happy about that. I know I wouldn't if I flew the best ship in the Alliance Fleet and was told I needed help.

"Commander, I'm telling you that we don't need this 'extra assistant'. I told you, I'm the best damn pilot in the Alliance Fleet," the man said stubbornly. My sister was on the screen looking at him with her usual disapproving look. You get used to it so you tend not to notice. Not seeing her in so long made me remember how much I hated it when she looked at me like that.

"Hello Angelia," she waved to me. The man turned his head and caught a glimpse of me. He had some stubble and standard uniform. Including a hat of course. He seemed shocked to see that I was a girl…or maybe small. I couldn't really tell anymore.

"You didn't tell him I was trying to take his job?" I asked my elder sister with mock hurt in my voice. I 'tsked' her behavior as I shook my head. "Sis, I thought you'd be more caring for your crew!" The man in the chair scoffed, seeming unsatisfied with my joking and my sister frowned at my behavior.

"Angelia," she warned. "You are to assist. Now why aren't you wearing standard uniform?" she questioned looking me up and down at my less than professional attire. Well to say it easier, I looked sloppy. What was sloppy to other people though, was comfy to me. I don't understand how others can breathe in those skin tight suites. Not to mention everyone could see all of my…assets.

"Apparently they don't make them in my size," I grinned lopsided at her and pulled another lollipop out of my pocket and plucked it into my mouth. "Not that it matters really, right? I'll be in here all day while you go mucking through dirt and getting' shot in the face. Now that's the life Sis!"

"Commander, you didn't tell me you had a sister. Makes sense why we have a new-" Joker began and I knew how he was going to end. It. He was not going to pull that shit on me.

"Finish that sentence and I'll break every bone in your body," I growled. "I got here cause I'm not good. I'm great! The Normandy is the best ship on the Fleet and I want her. That's why I'm here." He gave me his best glare, but it couldn't beat my sister's by a long shot.

"Angelia," my sister growled herself. Now she gave me her glare. I rolled my eyes. I'd gotten used to it so it didn't have the same effect on me that it did on everyone else. I just got to laugh when she glared at everyone else.

"You know it's true," I shrugged. "That's why I was sent here, not because you're my sister," I nodded and stuck my lollipop back in my mouth.

"I don't want you two fighting and no one's getting fired Angelia," she pointed at me. I rolled my eyes and shrugged. "Joker, I didn't decide this," she informed him and then she was off the screen.

'Joker' huffed and turned around in his chair and went to work at lightning speed. Trying to intimidate me? Not likely to happen. "Mind telling me where I'll be staying?" I mumbled with the lollipop in my mouth.

"You're a big important pilot; you can find the way can't you?" he mocked me. He didn't even bother to look behind him. Gotta admit guy has some balls for sticking up to the Commander's sister. Not that it really mattered to me. I just wanted to kick this guy's ass for getting to the Normandy first.

"Well I could always wait here for my sister. Standing behind you. Chewing in your ear. Watching you work," I said trying on purpose to be creepy sounding so he'd just tell me already. Hopefully he didn't think it was a bluff, for his sake. Cause I'd do it if I needed to. I have no problem checking out the competition.

"Yeah, creepy," he finally gave a glace over his shoulder and stopped pressing buttons. I shrugged and gave him my lopsided grin. He sighed, "I can't really get up right now; just don't stand creepily behind me," he whined. I shrugged and threw my bad next to him and jumped in the passenger's seat.

"No problemo!" I gave him a thumb up which he raised an eyebrow at. I put my knees up to my chest and grabbed hold of the lollipop's stick for comfort. I swung my other arm around my knees and was technically hugging myself. He tried not to look at me strangely, I could see that, but he did anyways.

"Angelia," the familiar voice of that Alenko fellow called after me. "Your sis-Commander Shepard asked me to-"

I grinned at him with my famous lopsided smile. "My sister wanted me to have a babysitter? How fantastic!" I said sarcastically. I threw my bag at him and he caught it easily. "How about you show me where I'm supposed to stay on this gorgeous ship!"

"Uhh…Yes ma'am," he mumbled and waited for me to get up. I did and he had furrowed eyebrows at me. I had to smile to hold back the bark of laughter tickling my throat.

"Told you it's Angelia," I bit again before walking with him to wherever the hell this bunker I was supposed to go to was.

So I spent the next two hours sitting on my bunk and eating candy. I spent a fair amount of time eating candy of course, but that wasn't my point. I had a nice small little quarter all to myself. Suppose my sis thought this was better. Probably was. I had plenty of experience being alone. Which is why being a pilot was perfect for me. No matter what biotic abilities I have, or lack.

"Angelia. You were out of line up there," the firm tone of my sister's cut through the air. I turned my head in her direction. Some of my wild blonde hair was in my face but I didn't mind. I liked it this way. Against military fashion. It was perfect. My sister's eyes mirrored my own, bright green with intensity in them. Except her hair was as black as the night. Never understood how I got blonde hair with our parents dark hair, but oh well.

"Yeah well at least I gave him a heads up!" I exclaimed at my older sister. She glared at me like usual. "And what's up with you not picking me up at the docks? No time for family?" I crossed my arms childishly. I had to admit, I was childish. Even at the worst of times.

"I had business to attend to," she deadpanned. She really was the spitting image of our parents, truly. Usually Fiona had to pick me up once she was old enough and she hated doing so. She'd rather be studying or working out.

"Old excuse don't you think?" I reached in my bag for another candy and she walked over and stole my bag. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I cried out. No one touched my candy. They didn't. Not even my famous older sister.

"This stuff is bad for you. Not to mention you're not in uniform-"

I tugged the bag back and it flew into my arms. "I don't care. And I told you that nothing fits me! I'm too small!" I glared at her intensely. My big eyes and wild hair never really gave the affect I wanted to give out…but close enough. I just ended up looking adorable. Same thing right?

"Angelia, you are here to assist Joker. Not that he needs any help with the Normandy. Technically speaking, you have to answer to him. I've already told him this so it really wasn't a wise move to say what you did," she bit back at me. Yep, that was my sister. Making my life a living hell hole no matter what. Wasn't she the best?

"Gee, thanks Sis!" I swung my arm and grinned. I rolled my eyes and scowled afterwards, plopping my head back down on my bed and my hair moving into a different direction.

"I'll be getting you a uniform and I expect you to wear it," was all she said before she left. No hugs or kisses. No 'how have you been'. Just work. I hated the military. Don't know why I joined. At least I was a pilot and not a fighter. That would have sucked! Course my sister was a war hero! Legendary! Blah, blah, blah.

I lifted myself up from my bunk and shrugged deciding to get some work done with my new 'boss', Joker. Don't know how I'm supposed to take a name like that seriously, let alone let him command me around. Not that I'll listen to him anyways, I smiled to myself. Humming one of Queens songs I made my way to the cockpit. My sister hated that I listened to that type of music; all the more reason to love it. I plopped myself right next to Joker who eyed me from the corner of his eye. "Flight Lieutenant Jeff Moreau going to make me do petty chores for upsetting you?" I pouted, mocking him a deep manly voice.

He snorted, "Please, don't flatter yourself." He tapped his keyboard harshly and worked with speed that I knew was fueled by aggression. "I'm the best pilot in the Alliance Military and that isn't going to change with a newbie like yourself," he muttered angrily.

"A noob, like myself, has to try," I said in a sing-song voice and grinned crookedly. He stared at me like I was a weirdo, which was justified. Everyone thought I was such, so I must have been.

"I don't blame you for trying, but can't you get on another ship or something if you're so great?" he scoffed, stopping his constant tapping on the console's keyboard. His eyes were dark Hazel, I noted. Now why'd I do that? I mentally shrugged and wondered why he'd even ask such a question.

"Oh I dunno, thought I'd but the hell outta my sister," I shrugged, shaking my head at the man. "The Normandy is a hybrid ship. One of a kind. I want to be its pilot and I think I can do it. So do the higher ups apparently if they placed me here," I gloated slightly.

"Yeah, well not gonna happen kiddo," he glared at me. His eyes sparked a small green fire in the middle of his hazel eyes. Cool how they changed colors like that…

I rolled my own eyes and spun myself around in the chair. "If you say so boss," I grinned. His head followed me around and around until he shook his head and tried focusing on the computer console. I giggled and spun myself faster around in the chair.

"That's not a game y'know," he hissed finally. I reached out for the desk to stop myself suddenly and he spun over and over again. I felt my head beginning to spin with the pattern to try and steady myself.

"Spoilsport," I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Really how did you get into the military?" he asked incredulously. I shrugged and grinned.

"Good family record I'm guessing. Besides, I'll be in the cockpit all day, not doing all kinds of damage on alien asses. Doesn't matter how I act," I pulled a rope of liquorish out of my pocket. I took a big bite out of it and offered him some. He shook his head and I could tell this new job was going to be fun.