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Jace and I finally made it back to this ship after a few hours drinking with Garrus and his pals. They were a pretty good bunch and looked out for each other. I had no qualms with Garrus for being a vigilante, I supported it in fact. Omega was a shithole and Garrus was giving people some hope. I only warned him not to cross paths with Aria, but Garrus said he wasn't that reckless. Timmy would probably be mad that we didn't immediately leave with his best operative, but I wasn't going to leave without seeing Garrus. Timmy could just deal with it; plus I guess it made Timmy and me even for Kai Leng trying to kill me. The guy was a maniac and lucky me, I had to stay on a ship with him for a week. I was going to do whatever it took to make sure that I didn't end up in the same situation as last time. I'd probably end up sleeping with a shotgun. Kai Leng was just too powerful; it was like he was a robot or something. Maybe he was a cyborg sent back in time to beat the shit out of me.

I rolled my shoulder trying to ease the tension out of my shoulders that was starting to build up at the thought of having to spend a week with Kai Leng in a relatively small ship. Jace didn't notice and I let him climb into the airlock first. I stepped into the airlock behind Jace and it shut with a swoosh. I sighed; hopefully he would just stick to his own while we flew to the rendezvous point.

"I'll go hang out with Phillip, tell him the trip was worthwhile," Jace grinned and went to see Phillip in the crew's quarters. I resisted the urge to follow because I wasn't going to be like a lost puppy dog just because Kai Leng decided he had a tiff with me. I also didn't want to be alone though so I went left and made my way to see Kyle.

"Hey Ladybug, how was the dusty streets of Omega? Lined with just the right amount of red sand?" Kyle called cheerfully. I stood next to him and his co-pilot as they started leaving the docks.

"Yeah, perfect this time of year. The gangs were real friendly too," I leaned on the back of his chair. I could almost see over his gelled hair to the controls, but not quite. He was lucky Timmy didn't really care what we wore because we weren't entirely Cerberus or else he'd be in a Cerberus uniform with his sunglasses off, no gel, and no piercings. I smirked slightly at the thought, he would have been miserable. "So where's our new cargo we'll be delivering to Timmy?" I asked briskly even though it bothered me severely.

Kyle shrugged, "How am I supposed to know? It was your job to get him here and now we just drop him off. Who cares what he does in-between." My stomach twisted. He could be anywhere, waiting silently until the perfect moment to pounceā€¦ I shook my head, God was I paranoid or what? He wouldn't dare do something like that again on a ship full of backup. Would he? I didn't even know this guy's history, how was I supposed to gage his moves. If this was a test, I would so be failing. Maybe all I needed was a few hours of peaceful sleep. It was a little early to go to sleep, I'd probably get up in the middle of the night again, but I think I deserved it after a long day of near death experiences.

"Keep up the good work boys, I'm exhausted," I patted the back of Kyle's chair as a goodbye and headed for my bunk. I actually slept with the rest of the crew unlike on the Normandy. It was a sort of nice camaraderie here. None of the crew members were especially crazy like I was used to, but I'd make do.

The little Shepard girl didn't even realize I was watching her on her own ship. Was this little girl really supposed to be Commander Shepard's little sister? If I could expect this from her elder sister, I wasn't impressed. Of course that wasn't very surprising coming from a family of alien lovers. Why the Illusive Man wanted me to test the little girl to see if she was ready for Project Phoenix was beyond me, but orders were orders. I got the job done no matter what. The Alliance called me ruthless, but that was the only thing that got the mission completed.

The little girl was probably at her most vulnerable asleep, which was good to test her reflexes, but I stopped myself. My welcome might be cut short if I try that, her buffoon of a friend would attempt to fight me and I'd be left no choice but to kill or disable him. The Illusive Man wouldn't approve so I simply watched her to see any signs of night terrors. It would be highly irregular if she didn't have them. She watched her father die at eight years old and her sister die at twenty four.

So far she stayed put, wrapped up in her sheets in shorts and a t-shirt. I hadn't seen her face until now due to her helmet, I expected her to look more like her sister or mother. Instead she had pretty enough blonde hair with freckles. She didn't look like any "savior of the galaxy" or a bred military brat by any means. Her face finally scrunched up as the first signs of movement. She itched her nose, rolled over onto her stomach and curled up around her pillow. I could see some blue on her back and decided to investigate. I didn't have any record of her having a tattoo. I raised her shirt a hair with two fingers so she wouldn't wake and call that buffoon in here. It was a large print of silver and blue displaying Normandy. Looking closer you could see SR1 below it in smaller print. I was not impressed.

I woke up with a jolt in the middle of the night. It was one of those falling dreams except I was falling from the Normandy SR-1 onto Tuchanka. Usually I didn't have dreams which meant I usually didn't sleep well. The room was dark and mostly everyone was asleep except for a few people on night shift. I could hear Jace snore from the top bunk and Kyle wheeze from the bed across from me. I wiped some stray drool from my chin because that's fucking beautiful and stood up, popping my joints while stretching.

I didn't bother getting dressed in what I called my uniform during the night cycle because I ended up working alone. I wasn't going to go through all of that work just to look good all by myself. I grabbed my sweatshirt simply because it got chilly in the shuttle bay and headed down there. I liked working down there because of its solitude and wide open space. I listened to my bare feet pitter patter against the cold floor of the ship until I was in the shuttle bay.

I went over to my small work station that was made up of a couple laptops and a table and started getting to work. I had to send in design updates of the new Normandy in-between missions, but at least Timmy was allowing me to help design the Normandy SR-2. Timmy always ignored that I had already named the ship when he was going to give that honor to Shepard, but I already knew what she was going to pick.

I cracked my neck and started playing music loudly to work to. I remember annoying Jeff with my "bad" taste in music, good memories always came back to me while listening to music. I could just relax and let go while working or dancing. That's exactly what I did.

I didn't get much work done- not because I was dancing more than working (even though I so was) - but because I was scared shitless and immediately stopped the music and looked behind. I had seen a shadow of a man. Of course Kai Leng was there, standing behind me when I decided to work alone in the shuttle bay. In the middle of the night. In not too much clothing. God, I'm so stupid. I thought that he would keep to himself, I didn't forget about him or anything. He just stared at me with those cold, dead eyes. Yep, I'm going to die right here. No, maybe I can talk my way out of this. Just play it cool. "Heh, scared me there," I laughed nervously. Maybe he was just creepily sleepwalking around the ship?

"You have slow reflexes," he said cynically. I raised an eyebrow at him. What the hell was he talking about? Is he saying I didn't react very fast when I saw him standing behind me like a serial killer? Well fuck it; if I was going to die here I was going to get some answers in the process.

"Excuse me? What's with you anyways Leng? You attack me in a ventilation system and decide its fine and dandy to kill me then act like I'm a lab experiment? Is this some sort of test or something because Timmy could have had anyone pick your ass up, but instead he chose three fighters to be a message boy?" I demanded answers and as my temper rose, my fear of him evaporated. If I was angry and not afraid, I could take him down. Well that would be easy enough; I'd just have to remember that he tried to kill me. Yep, easy enough.

His cold, unemotional stare now turned into a nasty glare. I just smirked because I'd seen worse from my own family. Glares ran in the blood of the Shepard women. "The Illusive Man thinks you and your team could be used for a project. He will brief you when we get to the secured station," he bit at me. I wasn't sure if he wanted to strangle me or say more about the project, but I didn't say anything. My anger had left and I felt that sense of dread. What did Timmy have in store for me? And why in the hell did it involve an assassin like Kai Leng? Oh yes, I had a good many reasons to be scared. I didn't intend to show him that however, so I shrugged.

"Guess I should have expected something like that. After all I've been working for Cerberus for a while now," I leaned against my workstation table. Hopefully Timmy wasn't going to dispose of me and my crew, but reward us. Maybe this all is a test, a test of loyalty to Cerberus? I could just tell him that I wasn't loyal, but I would get the mission done like I have been doing since I started. "Let's get the show on the road!" I announced loudly to the shuttle bay. I still didn't feel safe around Kai Leng so I didn't want to be stuck down here with him and left. I'd just ignore him, I don't think he was ballsy enough to assault me again.