Someone Loves You More
I watched this movie the other night. And the night before that. And the night before that. I loved it and wondered what might have happened if Jenna didn't go back to 1987 and one thing led to another until I churned this out. I hope you like it!

I think I knew deep down since the moment Matt started telling me about his high school years. The way his eyes went all misty and nostalgic and wistful were a huge clue, but I still didn't see it. If I had, I'd have figured that it didn't matter. It wasn't like he'd ever meet Jenna Rink again. I was wrong. So very wrong.

In fact, I met her. The expression on her face when Matt said he was engaged to me. How she reacted when I suggested that he might move to Chicago. And, the worst part, I couldn't hate her. She had this strange air of naïveté and innocence behind the fancy dress and expensive shoes.

I should've guessed when I saw the 'Dinner 8pm Jenna' on his planner and seemed to be expecting someone other than me. I should've guessed when he didn't listen to what I was saying at lunch. I should've guessed when he suddenly loved Razzles, when he started humming Thriller under his breath constantly, when he started saying "Arrivederci" to me every time he had once just said "See ya" or "Love you".

There were so many clues and hints and signs, but when I finally put all of the pieces together, I still couldn't let him go. I couldn't walk up to him and tell him that I knew that he was in love with Jenna and that she loved him too. I couldn't let the man I loved go. I guess I was a little selfish.

Then I saw her at the back of the house before the wedding.

My first instinct was to kick her out. This was my wedding. The place where I'd be bound to the man I loved for life.

But then I saw that she was crying and looking more broken and… grown up than she had ever been before.

In that instant, I felt that she was a kindred spirit. She hadn't meant to take Matt away from me any more than I had meant to take him from her.

All of my bitterness washed away and all I felt was sad. Sad and sympathetic.

I took one step towards her before stopping. We were much more alike than either of us would have expected. The last thing she would want would be seeing me, the girl who had the one she loved.

So I walked away towards the place where the bridal march was playing.

All throughout the ceremony, I kept on expecting Matt to shake his head and say, "I'm sorry, but I can't do this," or something along those lines. Instead, besides a few fidgets and a slight hesitation before saying "I do", there was nothing.

So I said it for him.

When my turn came to say those two tiny words, I spun around to face my family and his family.

Then, two very different words came out of my mouth.

"I'm sorry."

"I can't do this," I continued, this time facing Matt. "I love you, I really do, but," I looked him straight in the eye to show him I knew, "there's someone that loves you more."

I smiled, a little sadly but mostly encouraging, and said, "Well? Go get her."

He smiled right back at me and said, "Thank you," before running to the back of the house, to Jenna.

And he left me alone to take care of the guests. Men.