Cry of the Wind

What the hell is he up to now? Kagura thought to herself. Her hands were tied behind her back, the rope knotted around a small hook nailed to the wall. Her ankles were also tied together by rope but even tighter, the rope was securely hooked to the floor as well.

"Kagura" It was his voice. Naraku soon appeared in front of her, his ruby red eyes gleaming. "Naraku! What's this about?" she asked impatiently. Naraku smirked and knelt down in front of her bare feet.

"You have lovely feet, Kagura" he whispered and lightly brushed his fingers along her soles. In response her toes clenched, "What are you doing?" she asked.

"You sure ask a lot of questions"

"Na- Oh hehehe" Kagura giggled as Naraku's index finger moved back and forth along the arch of her foot. "Don't do that! Stop!"

Naraku grinned and began scurrying his fingers fast along Kagura's helpless feet. The wind sorceress burst into laughter. "No!No! Please! Hahahahaha" she begged through her laughter. Naraku's fingers were relentless on her poor feet. "Please! Stop! Hahaha"

"Oh? Can't take it?"

"N-no more! Please no more" the wind sorceress begged followed by loud fits of laughter. Her cheeks were dark red and tears leaked from the corner of her eyes.

Naraku chuckled and then stopped the tickling. Just when Kagura was about to catch her breath and relax, he cruelly went back to assaulting her feet with his wiggling fingers.

"Oh- hahahahaha No! No! Please! Hahahahaha" Kagura's laughter was more like screaming now.

Perhaps I've found a new way to punish Kagura" Naraku thought to himself.