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"La, la, la." A woman was singing as she packed her suitcase. The woman was in her mid thirties, with pure black hair and bright hazel eyes. The woman was tall and thin, with a continual smile on her face. It has been such a long time, I wonder how everyone's doing? She thought with a smile.

"Mama! Mama! Souta's being mean to me! He won't give me my toy back!" A little boy cried running into her room. He looked like his mom with his hair and eyes, and looked to be around three or four years old.

"Oh no. What did Souta do this time, Haru?" The woman cooed, pulling the little boy into her arms as she sat on the bed by her pink suitcase.

"He-He took my toy! He took my doggie!" Haru cried, burying his face in her mom's shirt.

"Well, let's go fix that." The lady smiled, putting her son on her hip as she stood up. "Souta! Come here please!" She called out as she went down the stairs. Her other son saw her come down the stairs, and hid in the living room. "Souta, come out, come out where ever you are!" She sing songed, pretending she didn't know where her older boy was hiding. "Where do you think Souta is?" She asked Haru with a smile, and the little boy blinked at her while he sucked his thumb. "Well how about we go this way?" She asked, heading into the living room. "Souta, are you in here?" She called out, and watched her other son hide behind the sofa. "Oh there you are!" She cooed, and Souta came to stand in front of her with his hands behind his back and eyes staring at the floor sullenly.

"Mama." He said.

"Did you take Haru's toy?" She asked with mock solemnity of the five year old.

"Y-Yes." He said quietly.

"Are you going to give it back?" She asked with a motherly look, setting Haru down in front of Souta.

"Yes." He said sullenly, and pulled a stuffed dog out from behind his back.

"Doggie!" Haru cried happily taking the dog and hugging it to his chest before running off happily.

"You that wasn't nice, Souta." The mother said calmly. "Why did you do it? You have your own doggie."

"I wanted it." Souta said simply.

"Remember, you can't take what isn't yours. That isn't nice. Now go play with your brother, okay? Mama has to finish packing."

"Yes Mama." Souta said, and ran after his brother.

"Ah there you are sweetie." A new voice said, and the woman was enfolded in a hug.

"Hey Eri, how was work today?" She smiled, turning around to kiss her husband.

"The usual. This research project is becoming harder and harder. And you?"

"The band's still number one on the charts." The wife grinned, happy the rock band she had been managing for the past five years was still the best. The couple lived in Japan, and their lives were happy ones. Two sons, wonderful jobs, great friends. But still, the band manager mother had a promise to keep.

"Do you have to go, Miko?" Eri asked quietly that night, watching his wife finish packing her suitcase.

"I have to silly!" She laughed, folding a pair of jeans. "My friends and I promised to meet again in twenty years, I just have to keep my end of the bargain. Besides it's just a few days, I'm not running away you know." She joked, kissing him lightly as she placed her suitcase by the door. She was heading out in the morning, and happy of it.

"Marcus, did you finish recalibrating the-"

"Mr. Esquivel, with all due respect, I finished that hard drive last night. Chill out sir, it's operational, it's online, and the information packets patched through perfectly."

"I know, but-"

"Sir, you deserve a time off. Without your help none of this would be here!" The technician laughed, motioning to the lab they were in. Rafael Esquivel sighed rubbing his forehead. His hair was a light brown, and a pair of red glasses sat on his nose. He wore a white lab coat with a shield on the pocket, and the clothes underneath it were wrinkled and messy. He was the leader and creator of Protectia, a research lab government funded that did absolutely everything from cracking codes to manufacturing technology to creating military software to hack into enemy computers and everything in between. "You need to take a break, sir. Go home, and you said yourself your wife is pregnant. You're stressing yourself out, sir. Please go home?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You're probably right." Raf grumbled. "I should go home." He sighed, and then something seemed to click in his brain. "Marcus what's the date?" He demanded urgently.

"The 23 of April. Why? Something due tomorrow?"

"The 23? That only gives me two days!" He cried in shock. How had the date escaped his notice? How could he forget his promise?

"Sir?" Marcus questioned.

"Get me a plane ticket! I need one to Jasper, Nevada! Hurry up!" He shouted over his shoulder as he threw his lab coat into his office. "What are you sitting around for? Get that ticket for me! You're absolutely right, I need time off. As my own boss, I'm giving myself the week off. Tell Mr. Octavian he's in charge for the rest of the week. Wait, Octavian is my second in command, right? Or is it Bansi? Whoever it is, get them in charge, okay? I need to go home and pack. Make sure that ticket is on my front door in the morning or you're fired!" He called as he raced out of the building. Five seconds later he ran right back in. "Oh, and call Agent Fowler and tell him I need to borrow a 'coptor. Tell him to leave it in the Jasper Desert, okay? I'll meet him there in two days, you got that?" And once again Raf raced out of the building and to the waiting Camaro.

"Hey Raf, how was work?" The car beeped.

"I can't believe I forgot!" Raf cried as he buckled up and the car pulled out. Since Protectia worked for the government, Agent Fowler had pulled a few strings and let the duo stay together over the past twenty years. In some ways it was a good thing, you never lose your best friend and, well, technically your first car, but at the same time, it was saddening. Things weren't the same. Jack and Miko and him had all gone their own ways. Bee had come with him to Washington, D.C. while Miko had returned to Japan and Jack had moved off to Europe. Only Raf had been able to keep his guardian and Autobot, and while that was great, things just weren't the same.

"Forgot what?" Bee asked carefully as he drove onto the highway. The last time his friend had said those words, Raf's latest experiment had blown up because he had forgotten a key stabilizing ingredient. This time, Raf didn't look like something had gone boom, but you never could tell.

"My promise! I forgot! I can't believe this!" He groaned.

"What promise? What did you forget about?" Bumblebee beeped, looking at Raf curiously.

"We promised we'd meet up again." He said softly, a smile playing on his lips. "After twenty years." He whispered, shaking his head with a smile. "Twenty years." He repeated, slightly shocked.

"Who promised?" Bee asked confused.

"I'm gonna be leaving you here with May, okay? Watch over her while I'm gone, alright? She's so sweet, I don't want anything to happen to her. Especially since she's pregnant, now. She's already trying to figure out a name. It's a girl, did I tell you that? Mary's thinking about the names Olivia, Nina, or Daphne. What do you think? I want Emilia, it sounds so pretty, or Serena. But it looks like it's going to be Daphne." He said, avoiding the question. They had promised, it was just them. And then maybe surprise everyone.

"They're all pretty." Bumblebee replied, happy for his friend.

"I'm so happy about this! I'm going to be a father soon!" He said happily, and Bee turned into his partner's driveway. "Well, I'm going to the airport in the morning, so you don't need to worry about picking me up. Okay? Bye." He said simply and went into the small ranch styled house.

"Raf, is that you?" A bright voice called, and a short petite woman stuck her head out of the kitchen. Bright blond hair framed the woman's face, bright green eyes peered out from a tan face, and her customary red apron was around her waist. "It is you, come here! Come here! I've been experimenting again." She said sheepishly.

"What is it this time? A suicide from chocolate again or one of your amazing entrees?" He grinned kissing his wife. Mary Esquivel was a cooking genius. Her desserts were to die for, her main courses better than a royal chef's, and her drinks were the best you could ever have.

"An entree, it's a French one. I got the recipe from Luisa when she came back from Paris." Mary replied, and inhaled the aroma of her cuisine. "I think I did something wrong though." She coughed, and the smell of something burned entered Raf's nose.

"Yeah, I think you might've." He coughed.

"Oh well, I really wanted to make you something different." Mary sighed, throwing whatever the dinner had been away.

"You always make the best, sweet heart. I have to tell you something." He began, and Mary looked at him questioningly. "I need to go to Jasper for a few days, do you think you'll be alright if I go?"

"Sweetie, I don't live and die by your being her or not. I'll be fine. What do you need to go for? Business?"

"Ah, sort of. I made a promise to a few friends twenty years ago. We all promised to meet up again."

"You forgot about it didn't you?" Mary laughed. "You better go pack then, I'm guessing Marcus is getting your plane ticket?" Raf nodded. "Okay then, I'll have perfected me French cuisine by the time you get back." Mary grinned.

"Promise you won't burn down the house?" Raf asked carefully, only to be rewarded by a giggle from his wife.

"I make no promises."

"Oh good grief." He groaned, and went to pack.

"Good morning sleepy head." A voice said quietly, and Jack opened his eyes to find Sierra standing over him with a cup of coffee.

"Oh hey. Did I sleep in?" He asked guiltily, sitting in.

"Kinda, but you needed it. I pushed back the town meeting for you, the last one exhausted you." Jack rubbed his eyes and looked out the window. A serene landscape stared back at him, filled with rolling hills, cheerful trees, and a bright blue sky. This was Borbona, a small town in Italy. Back in the States, he and Sierra had gone to the same college. One thing had led to another, and since he didn't have to lie to her anymore, they had started dating. The urge to travel had overtaken the couple and after a tour of Italy they had decided to stay. They had traveled through different cities, and in the city of Paris they had gotten married. The city of love had won another couple, and the duo stayed long enough to learn of a tiny town called Borbona. It was tiny, only 660 people, but they had fallen in love with the quaint landscape. After settling in, Jack had run for mayor.

And won.

"Yeah, thanks Sie." He smiled, getting up and taking the coffee from her. "You really are the best." He told her, kissing her.

"I know." She replied, leading him to the kitchen. A plate of scrambled eggs waited from him, and he ate it gratefully. "Oh, and Antonio d'Aglo stopped by. He wants you to let him expand Borbona. That man is going to ruin Borbona! I can tell. All he cares about is money, he will ruin this town if you don't stop him soon."

"Okay, thanks for telling me. What's today's date?" He asked, something fuzzy coming into mind. He was supposed to remember something, but what was it?

"Oh my sleepy pie, you really need more sleep. Today's the 23 of April."

"Oh my gosh, I forgot. I made a promise to some friends a while ago, I need to go back to the U.S."

"Excuse me?" Sierra asked surprised.

"Remember Miko and Raf from high school? We promised to meet up again in Jasper after twenty years, to see how everything turned out."

"Oh. Um, alright. Do you want me to come with you?" Sierra asked awkwardly.

"It's fine, you don't have to." Jack shook his head. "I have a favor to ask of you, can you run the the town for me? Please?"

"Of course I can. Um, I'll get that ticket for you." Sierra said, getting up to make a call.

"Do you want to go, Sie? You haven't seen your parents for awhile. All your friends?"

"No it's fine, you can go." Sierra said dismissively.

"No, you've gotta come Sie-Sie. You know you want to." He smirked.


"You want to, don't pretend you don't want to."

"But who'll run the town? And what about d'Aglo?"

"I'll let whoever's going to run the town worry about him. It's gonna be fine, Borbona'a going to be just like we leave it."

"You sure?" Sierra asked dubiously.

"Perfectly, I'll leave Maria Antonietta Di Gaspare in charge, she was the last mayor anyway. Go pack, we're going back to the states."