B Squad Adam and the chipmunks


Me and 16 others were running from the police yea coulda guessed huh? Well to put it blankly we had morphers kinda like they did only we were old style luckily we guessed that they were still following us but we vanished into the shadows . " Huh where did they go" said Jack . " Not a clue Jack" Said Bridge .

" We could have sworn we were following them" Said Z. " Where are they" Asked Syd . " When we do find them we are gonna kick there butts old school" Said Sky . " You might get your wish sooner than you may think" Said Bridge . " Alright guys here's the plan what we are gonna do is this some of these morphers we made ourselves and duplicated to work like the originals some we collected repaired and got working" Said Alvin . " Right so here it is as soon as there gone we make a break for it head back to our hide out and pray they don't find us or we switch to plan b" I said . Everyone nodded there heads and as soon as the police left we made a break for it to the hideout . " Alright great job now all we gotta do is chow down" Said Brittany .

And not a word was spoken during lunch after that they just hung around enjoying each others company . " Well I say that we need to take watch Paul your first" Said Eleanor . " Alright then" Said Paul .

" Well it seems its a peaceful night oh well at least I'm standing guard not much else huh somethings on my tracker it looks like the same people that were chasing us when are they gonna learn" Thought Paul . " Guys wake up I got something on my tracker its the same people who were chasing us earlier this afternoon" Whispered Paul . Soon everyone was up alert and dressed ready for a fight . By the time the police tracked us to our home we had our space morphers ready to go . " Simon bring the security program on" I whispered .

" Ok bringing it online" He whispered back . " Hey there they are" Said Jack . " Stop your under arrest" Shouted Sky . " Oh really" said Alvin . " Uh oh this is gonna get ugly" Said Bridge . " Simon think you can get Zord control in case they call there's" I asked . " Yea I think so just buy me sometime" Said Simon . " Alright people protect Simon" Said Theodore. " Lets rock it" I said . We all pushed 3 3 5 and hit execute transforming us into rangers . " Well I'll be sounds like it works" Said Brittany . Meanwhile back at the base .

" Uh commander you might wanna see this i'm registering 17 ranger signs" Said Kat . " 17? how is that even possible" said Commander Cruger baffled . " I don't know sir" replied Kat . " Try to shut down there morphers" Said Cruger . " I will sir but judging by how this security program was written its gonna take a while" she said . " Fine take as much time as you need" He said . " Alright ready your weapons" I said . I drew the dark shadow saber Alvin drew his Bow Staff both Brittany Jeanette Eleanor Jill Sheryl Charlene Charlie Paul Eddie Cindy Rebecca John Dee Charlie Joe Joel Megan Katy and Cindy drew there Sais Nunchucks and Axes all fully upgraded by Simon of course .

" Aw Snap this ain't gonna be easy time to show these guys what we can do" Said Sky . So he charged in with full his weapon ready and firing . " Oh crap ok people pick your targets I'm going for the red ranger" I said . And I charged in he was able to dodge my every blow but not before I got him right across the legs and it hurt like shit but not before another ranger came flying as from nowhere. " Now this could be a challenge" I muttered .

I started to attack both our swords clashing but creating electricity enough to send us flying back I did a flip in mid Air landing on both my hind paws but the shadow ranger was sent flying into a stack full of barrles . " And who knew this sucker could do that time to see what else it can do" I mumbled.

And I went on the attack once again he knew I was going to kill him so he got me near my lungs taking me out it wasnt easy but I staggered back a bit before getting on one knee I staggered back up and this time I wasn't showing signs of backing down until 5 of them started firing rapidly taking most of us out we were almost spent but not before we did some damage of our own of course in the end we were all gunned down . " Good job rangers lets get these kids hauled off" He said .

And everything went black . The next thing we knew we woke up in a cell over looking a group of people training . " Ugh guys what happened" I asked the next thing I knew the same guy that took me out had something for us . " I brought you something to replenish your strength" he offered . We took our trays and munched down on what was provided for us. As we were eating something struck me as odd . " Alright hold on you brought us food let me guess you have an offer for us" I said almost guessing what he was gonna say next . " Now hold your horses yes I do have an offer and its something that you all might like" He said .

" Alright you got our attention" I said giving him his undivided attention. " I want all 17 of you to join SPD simple as that" He offered . We all looked at each other wondering if we should say yes well mostly Alvin and the others . " Count me in for once" I said . " Good to know your on board" he said extending a paw toward mine . I accepted shaking it . " Ok guys how about the rest of you . You both either have one of two options 1 you can Join SPD and fight on the side of the law or 2 you all can rot here in this cell" I said .

The first option caught the attention of Simon Theodore Brittany Jeanette Eleanor Jill Sheryl Charlene Charlie John Dee Rebecca Cindy Katy Paul Eddie Joe Joel and Megan . " Come on Alvin this offer is only a one time thing" I said . " Alright fine as long as we have our morphers count me in" he said . " Alright now that your all on board I think its time to meet the rest of the Cadets" He said . And so we finished up and headed out we got a tour of the academy and we were stunned . " Simon you still have control over the zords" I asked . "Well partial control but that's it" he said .

" I will have to do for the moment try to get full control" I told him as the tour continued we stopped at our quarters . " and this is where you all sleep and over there's the common room you can hang out and play video games and what not" he said . " Well sorry for the intros I'm Adam as you may have guessed that's Simon Theodore Brittany Jeanette Eleanor Jill Sheryl Charlene Charlie John Dee Rebecca Cindy Katy our youngest Paul Eddie Joe Joel Megan and Alvin" I said . " I'm Doggie cruger and you will address me as Commander or Sir is that clear" he said . We all remained quite . " is that clear!" He screamed . SIR YES SIR" we all replied . " Good dismissed" he said and we all headed into the common room to find our morphers color coded to our colors now how nice is that and so our lives now start as real rangers not just some punk rangers who steal from others and run no this time we fight for the side of the law for once in our lives