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Chapter 1

It has been nearly a year since Frank Farmer last saw Rachel Marron. In fact, that was the last time he kissed her, hugged her, looked in her eyes, full of tears then. This goodbye kiss made a great impact on him. Changed his life, attitude to women, to famous people until that very moment in that vision of love.

Because love is what he had with Rachel. He was slowly – and painfully – realizing how it was to live without her. Yes, it was much more peaceful and slow-paced, also much safer – but Frank missed not only her smile, but even her anger and stubbornness. She was this bitchy diva – a real one – demanding, bossy and spoiled, used to attention and admiration. He was a quiet guy, who loved peaceful life, normal pubs rather than fancy night clubs and would never have found himself in her world. Despite the obvious attraction on both sides this relationship – if that's a proper name for what was between them – must have ended, it would simply never work out. She wouldn't give up her fame and fortune for a simple life – he could never be just a partner of the big star and it was obvious that being her bodyguard would be far too difficult in those intense circumstances.

He saw her once after that. It was by accident, because he avoided TV, radio and reading newspapers just to make certain that he didn't come across any of her movies, songs, interviews or even a picture in any newspapers.

He realized that it was bloody difficult – it was the absolute peak of her career and she was everywhere. That's why his next client was a rich, but not too famous politician, so there was no chance that Frank would meet her anywhere. He carefully planned how to delete her from his life. If only he could remove her from his memory and heart altogether, he would be a happy man.

After that kiss at the airport Frank went straight to the bar where he was holding her in his embrace a few months earlier, dancing slowly and joking about the sad song telling the story of the break up, which she eventually sang for him after they parted. Oh, he knew that! That song was everywhere, there really was no escape, he heard on the radio that it spent 14 weeks on the top of the Billboard charts. Everyone wondered who the mysterious guy is that she mentioned in one interview, that it was someone very special in her life and she will always love him. After that he decided not to listen to the radio again, it was simply too painful. It was worse for him than for her – he believed. She had a therapy in singing, had a son, not to mention her life was pretty exciting, fast-paced, filled with people admiring her and wanting her. He had no doubt that sooner or later she would meet someone who would steal her heart again. That thought made him jealous.

To forget about the kiss, the break up, her sad eyes, he ordered a whiskey – straight. It didn't numb the pain properly, so he ordered another one. After 3 more the pain was almost completely gone, so was his conscience to be honest.

He liked that. After the alcohol did its job so well, he came back to that bar the next day. And the next day and a few others. He was always sitting alone, chatting mostly to bartenders. His arm was healing quickly, after some time he could remove the bandage and start to use both arms again.

One of the waitresses was particularly interested in him. She was very pretty, with big blue eyes, long blonde hair and all the curves that made men want her. But not Frank. Yes, he noticed that she was attractive and there was no doubt she was trying to seduce him. But he wasn't up to anything at the moment and the girl – her name was Amanda – kind of sensed that.

-:You have your heart broken, right?" she asked him politely once. Frank looked at her and slowly nodded.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked quietly.

"Well, whoever she was, she just let go of a fantastic guy, even if he is drinking a bit too much recently," she said with a smile.

The girl was really very nice. Why can't I fall for someone like her? Frank asked himself. Instead, he was in love with a demanding and arrogant diva, living in a world that he hated.

"It's not that simple," he said, not looking at her. "We just didn't have any future together."

Amanda didn't answer. She took the remote and started to switch channels, trying to find some music that would improve the mood.

On some music channel Michael Jackson was just singing 'Black and White'. Amanda smiled. She loved this song, she thought it was funny. She put the remote again on the table and started to serve other clients.

Suddenly the atmosphere had changed. Frank somehow sensed that something was going to happen. The television showed the beautiful face of Rachel Marron, her body dressed in a tight red dress, with golden earrings and an elegant bun. When she sang acapella -"If I...' he knew it wasn't gonna be easy.

He momentarily froze, not wanting to be here and at the same time not being able to take his eyes off of her. It was a music video of 'their' song, he never saw it before. His face saddened, eyes started to show the pain. Amanda, who just came to ask if he wants something else to drink, noticed the expression_ on his face and asked him, "Frank, what's wrong?"

He didn't move or even blink his eyes. The waitress wordlessly put another scotch on his table and Frank drank it straight away, even though he had had enough before.

Amanda was looking at him for a moment and said, "Oh, I get it! This was your song!"

Frank looked at her with surprise in his eyes "Yours and that girl's you've split with. Every relationship has 'their song' and that was yours and hers!"

Frank was able to smile a little. She was so close to the truth and yet she didn't know the whole one! The song had finished and he was glad, it was really hard to both look at Rachel and listen to her singing. After a few more drinks he was so drunk, that he wasn't able to move. Amanda offered, "I've just finished my shift. I'll drop you home."

Frank was grateful. With some difficulties he lifted himself on his own and took a seat in the front of her car. The whole way they were silent, apart from him giving her directions where to drive. She helped him to get inside the house and prepared a glass of orange juice for him for the morning. Then they sat down and it's hard to say when and how – but started to make love.

Or rather – as he thought in the morning with a huge hangover – they had sex. He looked at this nice girl in his bed and remembered the morning when Rachel was lying there and he treated her like shit. At least that's what she said then. Jesus, even in bed with another woman he was thinking of Rachel! That's not right. He didn't know how to explain it to Amanda, that it was a mistake, that he didn't care about her and it's likely he never will. Before he was able to do that, she said, "Frank, how long were you and Rachel together?"

He raised his eyebrow and looked at her with surprise.

"How do you know her name?"

"When we made love you were saying her name all the time...I mean, it was rather painful, especially considering what we were doing..."

Frank shut his eyes with mortification. He didn't want that. Above all, he didn't remember much of that night. This girl didn't deserve it. She was really nice and sweet. She was everything he would want from the girl – if only he hadn't met Rachel.

"Amanda...look, I'm sorry, I really am. I shouldn't have done it, you are a fantastic girl and deserve better. It's not you – it's just too soon for me. I last saw Rachel a month ago. I still haven't gotten over this break up..."

"I was a bad idea to come here with you, but don't think of me badly please. I don't do it with everyone...I really like you, Frank. I hope to see you in the bar one day, ok?"

"Okay." Frank smiled, relieved.

He did show up there. One last time. He realized that he was drinking too much recently and must get a grip on himself. He bought a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and handed it over to a surprised Amanda one day.

"Thank you for everything, Amanda. You are a great girl, don't waste your time on people like me. Life's too short."

And from that day he started to heal. He got a new job – a quiet one, he was a bodyguard of a local politician who had ambitions to become an international one. He started to smile again, but was thinking of Rachel everyday. His life began to come back to its pre-Rachel order.

Everything had changed one evening, when the politician – a young black man – asked him to come with him to the charity party, organized by his cousin, an owner of the music company.

There were a lot of people – white, black, young, middle-aged and elderly, politicians and rich people,a few celebrities whom Frank never heard of.

And then he saw her. She was standing by the bar with a handsome guy, a bit older than her. He was holding her and Frank felt a bout of jealousy looking at this. It looked like the guy was paying her more attention than she was to him, but still...The thought that any guy could touch her like that made him uncomfortable. He wanted nothing more than to escape, but before he was able to do that, Rachel turned her head, as if she sensed his look and looked him straight in his eyes...