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Summary: Levy decides it's time to move out of Fairy Hills and into a larger apartment next to her best friend. With Gajeel's help, the move goes even better than she expected it would. GaLe, hints at NaLu and Droy x Laki.

Post time-skip, LEMON, you have been warned.

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"LU-CHAN!" A short blue haired solid script mage named Levy McGarden yelled out as she ran into Fairy Tail's guild, sprinting towards a certain blonde sitting at the bar.

"What's up Levy?" The celestial spirit mage, Lucy Heartfilia, asked the excited woman.

"I got the apartment!"

"Really? We'll be neighbors now! When do you move in?" Lucy asked her friend as the girl took a seat in the barstool next to hers. She was happy that her fellow booklover would be moving out of the girls' dorm and into an apartment in the house next to her own, it was going to save the other mage a lot of money and give her more space for her extensive library.

"This weekend; you're going to help me pack, right?" Levy asked.

"Of course… but we should probably get some extra muscle with all those books you have."

"Hmmm, good point." The bluenette agreed, thinking of who they could ask out of all their guildmates. "Let's see; Erza went on a solo mission that involved Crime Sorciere, so she's out. Cana is out on a mission with her dad, so that's a no. Mira and Lisanna have to work, so no. Hmmmm…"

"Well, I know men aren't allowed in Fairy Hills, but you and I can always pack up all your things; I'll get Virgo to help, and then one of the guys can help us move everything to your apartment. We'll just leave everything outside the dorm for them to pick up." Lucy reasoned, realizing that finding a stronger woman to help them was going to be rather difficult.

"Okay, then who can we get to help?" Levy asked while turning to look around the guild.

"I'd ask Natsu, but I'm sure you don't want to risk that one."

The bluenette just shook her head vigorously at that idea; she didn't want to end up with her collection burnt to ashes by the fire dragon slayer.

"Gray's not much better, only because Natsu will insist on helping, too, and make it a competition," Lucy admitted, imagining what their help would result in as she watched the duo in question destroy a small section of the guild in their daily fight. "What about Jet and Droy! You know they'd help you in a heartbeat!"

"Yeah, they would, but you know how Droy gained all that weight while we were on Tenrou Island?" Levy asked; pausing as the blonde nodded. "Well, I guess he's been working really hard since the tournament to lose all those pounds again because he has a small crush on Laki."

"Really? I never thought that he'd give up on you!"

"He said that he knows I'm out of his reach because of my feelings for someone else," Levy reminded her friend, knowing she wouldn't have to risk saying the man's name aloud for Lucy to know who she was referring to.

"Okay, while that's great, don't you think that helping you move would be prefect for him; it'd be great exercise moving all those books?"

Again Levy just shook her head as she turned back around to lay her head on the bar, Lucy following suit.

"No, he just started training with Jet for this, and he's already pretty beat up from it. On top of that they're both still injured from our last mission." The bluenette explained; pouting as she realized her move was going to be harder than she thought. The two girls just stared ahead at the wall behind the bar and sighed as they tried to think of someone who was responsible enough to help them without creating havoc.

"Oi, Shrimp, what's with all the sighing?" A gruff voice came from next to Levy as the guild's resident iron dragon slayer, Gajeel Redfox, collapsed onto the stool next to her.

"Gajeel!" Levy exclaimed in surprise as she turned to look at him.

"That's it, Levy," Lucy yelled out, preventing the bluenette from saying anything more to the black haired man. "Gajeel can help us out!"

Levy's eyes went wide in shock as she looked at her best friend, and then turned back to her scowling crush.

"What do you need help with?" The large man asked, looking at Levy though she seemed to have lost her voice as the blonde next to her answered instead.

"She's moving into a new apartment this weekend and we could use some extra muscle moving all those books." Lucy explained excitedly, she knew that the iron mage wouldn't be able to say no to helping the girl that, unknowingly, had the typically anti-social man wrapped around her little finger. "Since men aren't allowed in Fairy Hills, we'd pack everything and move it outside, we just need you to then take it to her new place."

Gajeel glanced at the blonde who had explained everything; then back to the still silent mage next to him before shrugging, "sure, don't have anything better to do. That flame-head partner of yours isn't gonna be helping, too, is he, Bunny Girl?"

"No, do you think we'd trust him with all of those books?"

The iron dragon snorted in amusement before nodding in understanding. "You got a point there. So, when do you want me to meet you at the dorms?"

At his question, Lucy nudged her friend to get her attention again so she could answer his question.

"Oh! Ummm, well, how about noon on Saturday, then?" Levy asked nervously, surprised the man was so willing to help her despite how close they had become in recent months.

"Sounds good to me, Shrimp. I'll see ya then." Gajeel agreed as he picked himself up from the stool and ruffled the bluenette's hair; walking off with a wave back to them.

"Thanks, Gajeel!" Levy yelled at the retreating figure, realizing that she should probably say more than she had to him.

"Whatever," he hollered back before turning his head slightly to look at her from the corner of his eye, a grin spreading across his face as he spoke, "just make sure you're prepared to feed me!"

With that, the iron dragon let himself get pulled into Natsu and Gray's ongoing fight, leaving Levy to collapse against the bar in relief while Lucy laughed at her poor, love sick friend.

"Well, that problem was solved quite easily," Lucy teased her friend, "who says a woman needs a knight in shining armor to come to her aid when she can just as easily have an iron dragon do her every bidding."

"Lu-chaaaaan," Levy moaned at her friend, wishing the blonde didn't know about her attraction to the surly mage.

Lucy just giggled more at her friend's plight, before dropping the subject; it wouldn't do any good to have the small mage stuttering and blushing too much around Gajeel. She couldn't wait to see how Saturday turned out; she was sure something worthy of Mira's gossip would come out of the move.

Saturday came up fast for the bookworm mage, and Levy was excited to finally be moving out of the dorms and into an apartment where she could not only house her ever growing collection of books, but she could also have her male teammates over. She refused to consider the ability of having any other men over, or more specifically an iron dragon slayer, since there was no reason for him to spend time at her place, anyway.

Lucy arrived early that morning at Fairy Hills to help her friend pack all her belongings, summoning her maid spirit, Virgo, to help move boxes and furniture outside for Gajeel to take when he arrived. With it being the middle of summer in Magnolia, the morning heat quickly got to the girls as they packed. Lucy had chosen to wear some knee length denim shorts and a blue tube top that day, her hair pulled back in a pony tail, to help keep her cool. Levy was wearing even less than her normally scantily clad cohort, with a pair of tight black shorts that just barely covered her backside, and a white tank top covering her new purple bikini. The bluenette had her locks tied back with a purple bandana with the mop of hair arranged in a messy bun at the top of her head.

As noon approached the girls were glad to see they had everything packed and loaded onto two luggage carts, ready to be taken to the new place. The two mages had a chance to rest for about fifteen minutes; literally sprawled out on each cart as Virgo stood by waiting for her master to punish her, before Gajeel showed up.

The iron mage chuckled at the sight of the two women covered in sweat atop the mountains of books and furniture. He couldn't blame them for their exhaustion, it was an extremely hot day and he was sure Lucy was feeling it even more having a spirit summoned for so long. He himself had chosen to shed his normal attire that consisted of rather heavy fabric, metal, and feathers, for a more reasonable black wife- beater, tan cargo shorts, and his ever present black boots.

"Oi! You two look like crap," he teased as he walked up to his favorite script mage, and prodded her head to alert her to his presence.

"Shut up, Gajeel," Levy moaned, obviously two tired to blush at his proximity or even feel startled by his sudden appearance.

"Gi Hee," he laughed as he moved to pick up the rope to pull the cart she was on. "You can rest on that while I pull it, just point the way."

"Really?" Levy asked, starry eyed at his surprisingly considerate offer.

"Tsh, I ain't lettin' you walk around town when you look like you'd collapse before even taking a step, it'd just slow us down," he explained.

"Thank you, Gajeel!" She exclaimed, giggling when he only grunted before turning to walk down the hill towards the town.

"Virgo," Lucy moaned at her spirit, "You'll let me ride, too, right?"

"Of course, Princess," the pink haired maid agreed, "Is it time for punishment?"

"Just get going!"

When the group of mages, and one spirit, reached Levy's new apartment, Lucy was too exhausted from using her magic power for so long on Virgo's summon that it was agreed she'd rest while Gajeel stayed and helped Levy for the afternoon. The blonde mage literally dragged herself into her apartment in the house next to Levy's, glad that they were so close, and didn't even try to get to her bathroom for a shower, instead collapsing on her bed to take a nap.

"Yo, Luce! Geez, why are you all sweaty?" Natsu asked as he stretched out on the bed next to his partner.

"Ugh, I was helping Levy move all morning; if it weren't for Gajeel I'd still be helping," she drowsily explained before her tired eyes shot open and she turned to the unexpected sight of the pink haired dragon slayer. "Natsu! What the hell are you doing here?"

"I wanted to play! So, Gajeel's helping Levy out?" Natsu answered before asking about their guildmates, knowing she wouldn't kick him out even if she wasn't exhausted.

"I'm not playing with you, I just wanna sleep," Lucy whined. "And yes, Gajeel helped us get everything to her new place from the dorm. I had Virgo summoned all morning to help pack and move, too, so I was too tired to help finish up. He offered to stay in my place."

"Hmmm, that'll be interesting" Natsu hummed in thought before yawning and making himself comfortable. "Well, since you're so tired let's just take a nap then."

"Uh-huh," the blonde agreed, already nearly asleep, not noticing or caring about the arm he draped over her.

"Ugh," Levy groaned while stretching and rolling her shoulders, "that should just about do it."

She and Gajeel had just finished unloading her large library into her new three bedroom apartment, with two of the bedrooms filled solely with books. Her own bedroom still had three bookshelves full of her favorite novels, but it was a far cry from her over run dorm room, now she could actually see her floor. Granted, it probably won't take her too long to have her larger place overflowing, as well.

Looking at her watch, the script mage was shocked to see it was well past nine at night; they had been unpacking for nearly eight hours. It had only taken her and Lucy four hours to pack everything.

Then again, as she thought about it, Gajeel had begun whining for food an hour into their work, forcing her to stop and feed the man before they could continue. An hour later he decided he was bored and wanted to tease her about a box full of rather racy romance novels he had found, only to be shut up when one of those novels was sent flying into his face. After that he worked somewhat quietly for a few hours, at least until Levy decided to shed her tank top, exposing her tiny bikini top to the man. He then became distracted when he noticed a new, shiny jewel dangling from the small woman's belly button; a piercing she hadn't had the last time he saw her in a bikini a few months before. Of course he felt it necessary to play with the jewelry, either not noticing or not caring about the stuttering, blushing girl it was attached to. Eventually he got bored with the new entertainment and went back to work; leaving Levy too distracted herself to work efficiently.

Now that they were finally done, Levy couldn't help but look forward to getting a good night's rest in her large, comfy bed. Turning towards said piece of furniture, the girl squeaked in surprise when she saw the large, black haired dragon slayer curled up on top of the covers, making himself at home.

"Gajeel! What are you doing?" She asked the man loudly.

"I'm tired and the bed's comfortable," he grunted in response, only bothering to open one red eye to peer at the girl as he spoke.

"I know it's comfortable; it's my bed!" Levy whined. "And I wanted to go to sleep in my bed!"

Gajeel only grunted again before sliding over towards the wall, creating a space just big enough for the small woman to lie down next to him.

"There's enough room, just get in, Shrimp."

Levy just groaned before giving in and collapsing next to the dragon slayer, too tired at that point to fight him on the subject.

As the script mage curled her own body up next to Gajeel, he couldn't help but open his eyes and watch her as she lay facing him. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was soft, as she relaxed after the physically demanding day they had. He let his eyes drift down to her belly button and grinned at the sight of the piercing she had. He never imagined her to get something like that done, but he figured he had more of an influence on the small woman than he originally thought. The iron mage loved the jewelry on her, it was a symbol of the spark she had under her innocent, bookworm exterior; and he had to admit that it was damn sexy on her, especially since the little charm dangling down just happened to be a dragon.

Gajeel had never really thought of what type of women he found himself attracted to, at least not until he had met Levy after joining Fairy Tail; he doesn't count his fight with her when he was with Phantom Lord since he didn't really bother speaking to her or viewing her as anything other than fairy trash at the time. But, when he got to know the small solid script mage, he found himself immediately drawn to the woman; she was incredibly intelligent, unimaginably cute, strong at heart, and truly the warmest person he knew. Out of everyone in the guild, she was by far his favorite, and that was including his cat, Pantherlily. After everything they had been through, as enemies and as friends, he couldn't help but fall for the small woman; but because of their rocky past he was reluctant to make any sort of move on her.

Before his thoughts could turn towards his dark past and immense guilt, Gajeel mentally shook himself and went back to observing the bluenette lying beside him. He once again allowed his eyes to drift back up her body, finding them suddenly glued to her bikini top, or more specifically, what it just barely covered. While Levy may not be as well endowed as the majority of the women in Fairy Tail, the iron dragon found that the small mounds she did have were perfect to him; and anyway, he much more preferred what her hips and backside had to offer him than her chest.

As the dark haired man continued to stare at the woman's chest, his thoughts quickly becoming clouded with desire; he was startled by a sudden squeak from the bluenette before small hands attempted to hide away the view he had. With Levy's breasts covered, Gajeel snapped his eyes up to the girl's wide caramel colored ones and couldn't help but snicker at her blushing face.

"What?" He asked amusedly, grinning at her embarrassment as he propped himself up on one arm.

"Gajeel!" Levy squealed before rolling onto her stomach to hide her chest completely from his sight, as well as bury her red face into a pillow.

"You do realize I'm a guy, I can't help it," he bluntly explained before letting his eyes roam over her body again, coming to rest on the backside that was unsuccessfully being covered by her black shorts; the underside of the firm globes just peeking out from the bottom of the clothing.

Levy only groaned before peeking at the dragon slayer; squeaking again in surprise when she saw him blatantly staring at her butt.

"Please stop staring like that," she pled softly, only getting a flick of the eyes to her face before the red orbs once again rested on her backside.

"Told ya, can't help it… you have a nice ass." Gajeel admitted with a grunt, chuckling when she groaned again and kicked up her legs in a pathetic attempt to hide away the part of her anatomy he had just complimented. "If ya don't like it then just go change or somethin' cuz I ain't leaving, and I'm just gonna keep starin' otherwise."

Levy continued to groan into the pillow, but, to Gajeel's surprise, didn't move to change. She even seemed to be debating something with herself, which clearly told him that she didn't necessarily mind his open appreciation of her body.

"Gi Hee," he chuckled to himself before reaching one hand to gently drag up her thigh and trace along the swell of muscle exposed to him. "If ya don't do anything to stop me, I'm just gonna assume you like it."

Her legs had fallen back to the bed as he moved to cup the globe while moving his body closer to hers. As he massaged the muscle, letting it fill his palm, he bent down to plant a trail of kisses up her back, following the gentle curve of her spine. As he made his way to her shoulder and neck, he let his much larger body cover her own, engulfing her in his embrace.

Levy's face was still buried in her pillow; she was in shock over what was happening, but it was slowly being overcome with every surprisingly gentle touch Gajeel used. When she felt his body covering her own as he kissed and nipped her neck, her groans began to turn into soft moans that he only heard because of his heightened senses. Now Levy only failed to move because she honestly had no idea what to do, she had never been in this kind of a situation before, and so she had no clue on how to respond to the man's advances.

Her silence and stillness, though, were all he needed, especially when the silence was punctuated with the occasional moan. It was becoming a challenge for him to get her to react and stop hiding from him, but it was a challenge that was sure to carry big rewards once he overcame it.

"Gi Hee, I gotta say, little Levy, I never woulda thought you'd have it in you," Gajeel began roughly, trailing his hand up her back to the strings holding her top in place. "I never woulda thought that you'd actually let me touch you like this, that you might even like me as much as I like you."

With his confession made, the iron dragon quickly undid the ties and slid the useless fabric out from under her body. Even though she was still turned from his eyes, he grew even more excited knowing that she was now lying topless in bed with him and still not pushing him away.

"Levy, Levy, Levy," he chanted as he moved to wrap his studded arm under her body and take hold of one of the freed mounds, laying his heavy body atop hers more. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

As he asked, he helped her answer by grinding his hard length against her backside, groaning into her neck as the pressure helped relieve a bit of the ache he was feeling. The hand he had been using to prop himself up with, slid under the pillow and hunted for Levy's hand, taking it, and squeezing it as he wrapped himself around her more.

"It's so hard to hold back when the one thing I want most, is the one thing I don't deserve to have," he whispered to her pulling a few more moans from the girl as his body consumed her own.

As Gajeel continued to suckle her neck and play with her breasts, Levy just barely managed to soak in everything he had admitted to her. She couldn't believe that he had actually been carrying the same feelings as she did, but restrained himself because of his past. She had forgiven him long ago, she had moved on to accepting him as a friend, and eventually as the man she fell in love with.

When the large mage nipped at a sensitive spot and ground against her once more, Levy was snapped from her musings as she automatically released a louder moan.

"Gajeel…" she sighed, her body beginning to respond to the man's ministrations as her hips pushed against his own.

The iron dragon let a low groan of his own slip out, sounding almost like a growl to the panting girl beneath him, before quickly flipping the bluenette onto her back and crashing his lips onto hers. The moment his name came from her mouth, sounding so needy, so loving, and so desperate, he had to have her. As he kissed her with all the passion he had, letting his tongue wrestle with her own, he pushed himself to settle between her legs and ground against her clothed core, groaning as she pushed back and wrapped her legs around his hips to hold him there.

"Levy," he moaned as he trailed kisses to her ear and neck, his hands roaming over her body to try and feel every gentle dip and curve. "If you don't try to stop me, then I won't until I make you mine in every way imaginable."

He was giving her a way out before he passed the line of no return, he knew she had never been with a man like this, and didn't want her to feel like he was only using her. While with Phantom Lord, Gajeel had his fair share of women, but none of them meant anything to him; they were all used, abused, and then tossed aside like the trash they were. Levy was different to him, she was a ray of light in his otherwise dark existence, and he'd never give that up, he'd kill anyone who tried to take her from him.

Her answer was simple as she forced his face back to her own and kissed him as if it would be the last thing she would do in life. Gajeel could only grin like a maniac as he kissed her back before pulling away just enough to pull off his own shirt and crush her body against his again. He moaned into her mouth as he felt her hard nipples pressed against his bare chest, and moved to pinch the little buds between his fingers. When Levy responded to his actions with a high, keening cry of delight, he quickly moved his head down to capture a nipple in his mouth, nipping on it lightly while still pinching and flicking the other peak.

The bluenette's hands immediately tangled in his hair as he switched to suckle the other nub, gasping his name as her body reacted on its own and rubbed her core against his aching length. Levy was in heaven at that point, she had never imagined that she could ever feel so good, especially at the hands of the iron dragon slayer. The euphoric feelings only escalated as the large man atop her trailed a hand down to quickly remove her shorts and the bottoms of her bikini, leaving her bare to him as he picked himself up enough to leer appreciatively at her exposed body.

"So fucking beautiful, Levy," he groaned before moving a finger to trace around her wet nether lips, pulling more moans from her sweet mouth. "You're more beautiful and amazing then I deserve, Shrimp."

Despite the annoying nickname, Levy could hear the love and awe in his voice as he spoke to her as if cast in a spell. In that moment she knew she was his, and he was hers, and so she launched herself at the stunned man, sitting herself on his lap as she once again kissed him with vigor. The large mage for his part just held her tight to his body, while taking advantage of the new position and running his hands down to squeeze her back side, forcing her to push against his erection once again.

To Gajeel's further surprise, Levy ran her hands down his chest until they came to rest on his shorts, and gently rubbed the straining muscle hidden beneath. As she massaged him, the iron dragon moved to nuzzle and nip at the woman's neck, groaning as her shy hands began to become bolder in their exploration. He hissed when Levy's hands finally moved to release his length and grab hold of the bare shaft. It was almost his undoing, but he knew he couldn't just take her without some preparation first, plus he knew she was going to be nervous if he rushed her; so he let her small hands play with his hard member for a short time.

He knew the girl was smart, a quick learner, and apparently that was true in the bedroom, as she quickly figured out how much pressure he liked, as well as speed, and alternating between rubbing up and down the shaft, and playing with the sensitive tip. All Levy had to go on was his low moans against her neck and the occasional curse word that slipped through his lips. He was getting close to his own end and hadn't done anything more to the woman, he knew he couldn't allow that, and immediately stopped her ministrations on him.

As he laid her back on the bed, kissing her deeply to reassure her of his appreciation of her actions; he moved to remove his last remnants of clothing and settle back between her legs. Gajeel let his hand wander back down to Levy's soaking lips, and quickly found her little bundle of nerves hidden amongst the folds, flicking it and circling it until she was quivering under him. He grinned down at the woman whose eyes were clouded with lust before bending down to take a rosy nipple into his mouth, while at the same time pushing a finger into her opening. The iron mage worked to slowly stretch the virgin sheath, adding a second finger and then a third while working the small woman to her first orgasm of the night, reveling as her body was overcome with spasms and shook beneath him, moaning his name to the heavens.

Gajeel pressed his forehead against hers, grinning at her as he lined himself up to enter her core.

"No going back now, Shrimp," he warned her as he slowly pressed the swollen head of his member into her. "I told you I'd make you mine."

With that last possessive declaration he surged into her, sheathing himself completely as he broke her barrier. He swallowed her scream of pain with a deep kiss as he held himself still within her, knowing he should have been gentler with her if not for his enthusiasm getting the better of him.

When her sobs of pain died down, Gajeel tentatively pulled himself out, cursing slightly as her tight walls gripped him like a vice, before pushing back in slower than he had initially. While she still winced as she got used to him being inside her, she didn't cry out in pain, letting him know that it was improving for her.

"Sorry I hurt ya, Levy," he whispered sincerely while burying his face in her neck, still gently thrusting into her, "I got a little carried away."

"It's okay," Levy reassured him in a quiet voice, "you're not exactly the type to be gentle or hold back, but I can tell you're trying."

Gajeel grunted in response, before picking himself up enough to move a hand between their bodies and play with her clit in hopes it would help remove any lingering pain she felt. The extra sensation certainly did help, as the woman began to moan and buck her hips to meet his thrusts. Eventually the large mage was able to increase his speed and snapped his hips hard against hers, holding her body as close as he could without crushing it as he lost himself to her moans and quivering walls. He was getting close to completion when Levy fell over the edge into another orgasm, this time screaming out while digging her nails into his bare back. The pressure surrounding his shaft and the slight pain of her nails did him in as he came inside her with a low moan of her name, biting her neck as he rode out the wave of his own orgasm.

The large man nearly collapse on Levy in exhaustion, but managed to fall to the side before he could crush her. He wasted no time in pulling the woman's pliant, spent body against his own and nuzzling into her hair, both truly sated and happy after the night's outcome. Levy was quickly succumbing to sleep as the dragon slayer holding her managed to snag some of the blankets and cover their naked bodies.

"Gajeel?" The blue haired mage mumbled as her bed partner ran a hand through her locks.

"What is it, Shorty?" He asked, chuckling when she still puffed her cheeks in irritation, despite her obvious exhaustion.

"Just wanted you to know…" she began, pausing to yawn and burrow closer to his bare chest, "that I love you… even if you are a baka and always call me names."

"Gi Hee, good to know, Shrimp," Gajeel chuckled at her before leaning closer to whisper in her ear. "Love you, too… Levy."

With that the couple quickly fell asleep; smiles on their faces as they dreamt of what was to come of their unexpected romance that night.

Meanwhile, in the apartment next door:

Lucy and Natsu found themselves lying wide awake at nearly eleven at night, staring blankly at the ceiling above them.

"Natsu?" The blonde quietly asked her teammate.


"I don't know if it was such a good idea showing Levy that apartment, now."


The two descended into silence as they got lost in their thoughts; Lucy was happy her friend finally got the man she had strangely fallen in love with, if not a little scarred after listening to their activities for the past hour. Natsu, well, no one was ever very sure what he thought about; that is until he rolled over to face his best friend with a mischievous grin.

"I think we're just gonna have to outdo them," the fire dragon slayer said while moving onto the stunned woman next to him.

"EH? Eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?"

~fin….. or is it?~